Stamped out

Food stamp benefit decreased for Ohioans this week.
Associated Press
Oct 31, 2013

About 1.8 million Ohioans will see their food stamp benefits decrease slightly on Friday, which advocates for the poor say is going to hurt.

The 2009 economic stimulus bill temporarily boosted the federal food stamp program for its 48 million recipients nationwide. The boosted benefits expire at midnight Thursday, resulting in automatic 5.5 percent cuts to monthly distributions.

For a mother with two children, the reduction means about $29 less per month. For a family of four, it's a cut of about $36 a month, to $632.

"Thirty six dollars is significant," said Marilyn Tomasi, spokeswoman for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. "It might not be significant for some, but it certainly is to a struggling family who is hungry. You could have a whole chicken dinner once a week for that."

Lisa Hamler-Fugitt of the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks said she expects the program will end up taking more hits. She said a farm bill in Congress could cut food stamps by up to $40 billion over the next decade.

The federal food stamp program distributed $242 million in benefits to Ohioans in July, according to the most recent data from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

Many families that receive food stamps also rely on groceries and support from food banks and other charities to scrape by, said Michelle Riley, CEO of the Foodbank Inc. in Dayton. She said she fears there will be more of a need now for those services, which are already struggling to meet the enormous demand placed on them by the recession and persistently weak economic conditions.

"When you talk about $193 million in direct benefits being cut from the economy, that's a huge deal," Riley told The Dayton Daily News. "You can't balance the budget on the backs of poor people — that has a ripple effect."




Yes, people had their food stamps cut. A lot of other people also took PAY CUTS too. Lost jobs. Took lower paying jobs. Cost of food has gone UP. Gas is still over $3. Everyone is feeling it. Maybe some (I said some) will need to stop buying the Redbull and lobster.


Don't forget the iPhones & $200 pairs of shoes! And the Cadilac they use to haul there free groceries home. How can the food stamp users afford all that?


You must be like 100 years old!


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I know of a mom and teenage daughter who received $175 monthly. The mom is on disability temporarily while going to school to obtain her associate degree. They were struggling with the amount before. I've taken food to them on occasion,now because of the cuts,they will only be receiving $155. The mom supplements this by spending $150-175 out of her pocket. Her rent is $425 and utilities are $57 for gas and $57 electric.She only receives $748 in disability .She only eats 1meal a day so her daughter can eat. What is she supposed to do? She's trying to better her life and show her daughter a positive role model. So,it's not always trying to get over on the system.


You and other friends might have to kick in a little more. I have stood behind people in line using food stamps. Most often or not, they have chips, ice cream, pop, and other non-essentials in their cart. Maybe this woman and her daughter can plant a garden. Grow some of their own food. It is good that this woman is trying to better herself, but I wonder if she will "give back" when she gets on her feet.


wow. I would LOVE if I could get on disability and go to school to obtain my associates. Instead, I have to work, take care of my child, and go to school, buy all meals (around $400 mo) and pay for it all myself. And my electric/gas bill is triple what she pays!! Oh and I wonder if she gets more help than that.... metro? free school lunches for daughter? medical card? Guess what.... I pay all that out of my own pocket. No one drops food off at my door. And with all her free time not having to work... yes I agree with grandma.... Plant a garden!


If she's on disability, what makes you think she can physically plant and manage a garden?


Probably half of the people in this country that are on disability are in better shape than most people think.


RNR - maybe the gov't can take some of the land they are paying farmers not to farm and let people on foodstamps plant gardens!


She has 3 serious medical conditions that up until 4months ago prevented her from leaving her apt, debilitating Crohn's disease,diabetes mellitus with an average A1C of 10 and Hep C + from a blood transfusion.Watch what you wish for-3years ago, she had a life,worked,supported her kids,same as you.She worked for 35 years before this and you're going to be a smarta**- she would LOVE to be able to go back to work and support her family. As for free time ,where do you figure she has free time? She doesn't even have a car-public transport and a bicycle. God,you're an a**!


OMG. She's the type of person who should be getting more help- not less.

Illnesses happens so fast sometimes and people need to realize that some of them are not visible from the outside.

The Big Dog's back

The right wing death panels. Starve them to death.


Hmm! Kinda on right track, starve them so they have no energy to pop out more mouths to feed.

Bottom Line

Right yeah the plan is that they starve. Because God forbid they work like me for what they get. And don't give me an example about the exception. I'm talking about the majority rule. Free loaders reproduce more free loaders. Exponentially.


And exactly what evidence/data/proof do you have that the majority are freeloaders, and that the minority are the example given? What if you are wrong?

Dr. Information

Ive seen MANY people on food stamps. Hardly starving.


The Democrats voted for this.
Might want to do some research.


Okay, okay I will ferking admit it. I am awaiting major surgery. Cannot work and am addicted to ramen noodles and hot dogs ...though I do delve down to salads cause they are easy and I love them. I have been approached by "multi-benefiting families" to buy their food stamps which is tempting but I have always refused...I do know that some always don't. This pi**es me off and I have no names to back them up, only suggestions. The exponent of this is congress which is wealthy beyond means nor reservation. Neither are right, what shall I do?????? Pay for another golf club membership in congress or another pair of nike's in their district!?????


@OK WTF Hopefully you can get your prolapsed sphincter in your judgmental a$$ repaired.


nice talk

Stop It

From the person who condemns every gay person to hell.

Ben Crazy

Cut it more and then they may get a job like the rest of us! wouldnt that be awsome.

Bottom Line

Well said


Many of them already work, some of them work two jobs.

The New World Czar

The increase in 2009 was TEMPORARY with time limits.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

It would be refreshing if the cause of the need of these programs were addressed instead of the symptoms. Also, for the language describing such problems be used more responsibly.

If I fell off a boat in a swamp and were drug back on board covered in leeches, what is going on is as if everyone else on board gave me transfusions to replace the blood lost by the copious leeches instead of removing the leeches. When I ask them, "Why don't you remove them from me" their answer is "we don't want to touch slimy things or get dirty, instead we'll just keep putting clean blood into you to replace what you are losing".

The above isn't comparing recipients to leeches.

So instead of getting into the cause it is easier to just throw money at people who, for one reason or another, can't take care of themselves expecting them to take care of themselves. It boils down to one side shouting HUURRRRR and the other shouting DUURRRRR at each other while pundits throw out one-liners such "third-rail, third-rail!" like monkeys flinging poo.

It comes down to education. Not more of what we have now as that apparently isn't working in the aggregate. More education delivered in a different way covering topics that are actually relevant to living as many are clearly having problems just doing that. Algebra is important, but it is more important to learn how to be a wise shopper, how to fix your own things around the house, etc. Especially how to be financially literate and responsible about money, not just groceries.

What I have personally seen as an even larger problem than any of those is the root cause: nobody asks questions! We see it from political leaders in Washington to an individual going to a hopefully more trusted environment like their doctor's office. Yes, you may need a certain drug but please do yourself a favor and ask your doctor and/or pharmacist about it. Why? How does it work? Are there alternatives? How long will you have to take it or what can you do to get off it earlier? Understand your surroundings and what is going on around and inside you.

I have heard that due to the ACA doctor's offices are asking questions about whether or not you rent, etc. Demographics that aren't necessarily medically relevant. Do you just fill out the form blindly or do you ask why they need that info? And, if you don't want to give it to them, how you can indicate that on the form?

Don't agree with someone here or elsewhere? Why? What are they thinking that is so different? What common ground do you share to start a productive conversation?

In this case and to bring it back home to be relevant with the article: How can the PEOPLE be helped, not just sustained on a minimal budget which even that may be abused if only by a minority of its users.


I love reading your input on articles. Again we go back to education. Couldn't agree more. And so glad you touched on the subject of people asking questions. So many are "dumbed down" and refuse to open their eyes to their surroundings and everything happening right before them. Again, education.

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The Hero Zone

Thank you, I take that as a genuine compliment. I wish I wasn't the only one. I know I am not here, but I wish there as as much effort into finding solutions that help ALL instead of scoring political points that are meaningless to at least half the constituents in any district.


At the gas station the other day a lady used her snap card for 2 bottles of Pepsi. She used cash for her cigarettes and lottery ticket. Don't feel sorry for this girl getting her benefits cut.