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Food stamp benefit decreased for Ohioans this week.
Associated Press
Oct 31, 2013

About 1.8 million Ohioans will see their food stamp benefits decrease slightly on Friday, which advocates for the poor say is going to hurt.

The 2009 economic stimulus bill temporarily boosted the federal food stamp program for its 48 million recipients nationwide. The boosted benefits expire at midnight Thursday, resulting in automatic 5.5 percent cuts to monthly distributions.

For a mother with two children, the reduction means about $29 less per month. For a family of four, it's a cut of about $36 a month, to $632.

"Thirty six dollars is significant," said Marilyn Tomasi, spokeswoman for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. "It might not be significant for some, but it certainly is to a struggling family who is hungry. You could have a whole chicken dinner once a week for that."

Lisa Hamler-Fugitt of the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks said she expects the program will end up taking more hits. She said a farm bill in Congress could cut food stamps by up to $40 billion over the next decade.

The federal food stamp program distributed $242 million in benefits to Ohioans in July, according to the most recent data from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

Many families that receive food stamps also rely on groceries and support from food banks and other charities to scrape by, said Michelle Riley, CEO of the Foodbank Inc. in Dayton. She said she fears there will be more of a need now for those services, which are already struggling to meet the enormous demand placed on them by the recession and persistently weak economic conditions.

"When you talk about $193 million in direct benefits being cut from the economy, that's a huge deal," Riley told The Dayton Daily News. "You can't balance the budget on the backs of poor people — that has a ripple effect."




I don't pay much attention to what other people are buying at the store, but I have noticed the prices have gotten crazy high on a lot of things. I went back to "old school" and stopped using the convenience foods so much. With or without help, a lot of people are feeling it.


On a bright note Social Security got an increase no matter if you are struggling or not. Based solely on age. Geez...



The non- strugglers are taking their Social Security.

That means George Bush got a raise in his SS.


I am now struggling however I will take my very small increase as the government did force me to pay the tax. If I would have had a choice I would not have paid to the government because I did much better in saving and investing myself.

I can collect from the government until I die and my children will not receive anything after that the government will keep the excess. The remains of my personal investments will be given to my children after my death


Actually how much you receive from SS is based on how much you or your spouse contributed over your/their time working. Of course there are other ways to receive SS that Congress has added on. But it is based on contributions, not age... Congress has added ways for children to receive SS... It is not just a simple process...


My wife and I spent two hours yesterday making up (15) two serving loaf containers of lasagna. We freeze them and take them out when needed. The cost per serving was about $2.50 including packaging and freezer bags.

We buy food in bulk and break it down into two serving size meals. We can vegetables and fruit to use throughout the year.

If anyone is interested in learning these cost saving measures I will be more than happy to help you with these old fashion ways.


I guarantee that for that price you did not use whole grain pasta, which is the only healthy choice.
Fresh vegetables and fruits are much more healthy than canned. Fresh, then frozen, then canned. Tomatoes are sometimes the exception because if they are concentrated in a canned version they contain more lycopene.
Did your lasagna contain meat? If so, what type?
It kills me the number of people on this board bragging about their cost-saving ways, but when you look at the food, it isn't healthy food. Someone made a comment about freezing beef and noodles, meatloaf, spaghetti and meatballs, and baked beans. None of that is healthy. It's all red meat (which you should have no more than two six-ounce servings a week) and refined carbs. Healthy means fish, skinless white meat chicken and turkey, whole grain pastas, breads, and cereals, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Smcc Student

Chill out... he never said it was healthy and this way works for him. I believe that this man has the freedom to use whatever ingredients he wants in his lasagna, or are the liberals trying to regulate that to?


You apparently needs a lesson in reading comprehension. He and another poster are bragging how they can teach others to reduce their monthly food budget. They were stating that it is easy to feed a family of four or five for $600 per month. I am merely pointing out how their examples are not healthy, and how it is not possible to feed a family of four healthy foods for that amount.
He can eat whatever he wants. So can anyone else. But their examples do not even follow the recommended dietary requirements, so to suggest others do it is not appropriate. They are not nutritionists.
You don't seem to be learning too many Christian values at that so-called Christian school if you are going to start on the liberal-bashing. Don't forget, Jesus was a liberal.

Smcc Student

Christian Values? Must you bring my religion in to this? Once again a common defense mechanism of the left. Next you'll call me racist for disagreeing with you.

The irony in it all is that you bash the first good person to share their discoveries on how to make affordable and filling food, but the people who you, and the rest of the left are defending (Generations of Entitlement Families) are putting everyone's taxpayer dollars to work buying cheese puffs and candy. But the left won't criticize them because that's 90% of their voter base.


Sorry, but you brought your religion into it with your name. I am not defending anyone. I am merely pointing out the examples that people are giving are not healthy. And it is expensive to eat healthy food. It's people's own choices what they eat and don't eat, and I don't really care. I have no problem with a family of four receiving $600 a month in food stamps if they qualify for them, especially given that many of those people are hardworking people struggling to make it. Do you realize how many people in the military qualify for assistance? Six hundred dollars a month for food for a family of four isn't a lot of money. While I would hope they would buy nutritional food with it, I realize that most do not. However, if they did, they would have less food because it is much more expensive. Anyone saying it isn't is lying.
Prove to me that 90% of the left's voter base are generations of entitlement families. That is not true and you know it. Explain to me why the poorest states in the country are republican. There are plenty of educated, middle-class people who vote democratic, and there are plenty of tea-baggers that receive welfare. When Repubs get their noses out of people's bedrooms/private lives, provide equal rights, and quit giving WELFARE to corporations, I might vote for a moderate one. But that's not happening because the Tea-baggers have hijacked the party.
You need to quit listening to Fox news.

Smcc Student

90% was sarcastic and I did not expect anyone to take it seriously but sometimes you never know who you're talking to.

Re: "Explain to me why the poorest states in the country are republican."

- Because half of their income is taxed and "handed-out" to the generations of entitlement families in Democratic states.

^ Just pointing out that was also sarcastic because you have a trouble understanding my sarcasm.

The real answer is that they aren't truly repub. states.

- Ky, Ar, Nc, Mt, and Wv have governors that are democrats and three of these states have Democrats controlling a house in their legislative branch. That being said are they actually republican? Turn off Jack Cafferty on CNN.


As stated earlier his food is 100 times better for you than the food most of the Snap card users eat.



So you would be really upset with the purchases at Bay Meats today. Remember it's the first Monday of the month and the SNAP cards get refilled with your money.

Yes, SNAP cards purchased, in front of me today, T-Bone Steaks, Ribeye Steaks, Ground Round, Pork Sausage Links, Frozen Frog Legs and Frozen Processed Breaded Chicken Breasts.

Yep, they used your money to purchase these horribly expensive and unhealthy animal muscle. What's up with that?


I really don't care what they purchase. It is the other people on the board that do. I was merely pointing out that their examples are not healthy, and if they want to tell SNAP recipients what they can and can't eat, then they need to emphasize healthy foods, not the crap people have been using as examples, which includes nothing but red meat and refined carbs. But they won't do that because to eat a healthy, well-balanced meal is expensive.


Yeah because the candy, chips, McDonald's, pizza, pop, ice cream that Snap card users can get free is much more healthy.


No, but I don't care what they purchase. Just trying to point out that things like regular pasta and red meat are really not any healthier than ice cream and chips.


Whole grain pasta tastes like crap all the "healthier choices" costs 3 times more. Some people will not eat fish, If you can afford the higher dollar amounts. go for it. I don't live near a wally world.

BTW: My grandparents ate those kind of meals most of their lives and they both lived well into their eighties with minimal health problems.

Gee go figure.

Booze and artificial sweetners aren't healthy either but that doesn't stop people from consuming boatloads of the stuff.

FYI: I wasn't bragging; I was merely making a few suggestions. excuse the hell out of me.

You must have folks who were rich , mine weren't and we had to learn how to stretch the meals.

I wasn't bragging: I merely made a few old- school suggestions.

Take 'em or leave 'em.


People were complaining because those on food stamps are buying the wrong things. Then they give examples of things that are still the wrong things. That is what I was trying to emphasize. I don't care what you eat. But you made my point for me when you said healthier choices cost 3 times more. So what do these complainers expect food stamp recipients to buy?
Yeah, my parents and grandparents ate like that as well. One died in her 60's, one had heart problems starting in mid 50's, and my own father, although still living, has a multitude of health problems. So what is your point? Many of the overweight, unhealthy people are those 30 and over who grew up eating and still eat red meat and white bread and pastas.
Old school diets don't solve anything.
I am done commenting on this. People still don't understand my point, which is what difference does it make if food stamp recipients are buying chips and ice cream, or red meat and white bread? It's all unhealthy, but it's all cheap, and people complain. But then if they buy healthier, but more expensive foods, people still complain.
Before anyone makes anymore judgmental statements about those who receive food stamps, do some research into the number of those who are working, including those in the military. Yes, there are people that abuse the system, just like anything else. But these stereotypes about people receiving help are ignorant and nothing more than right-wing propaganda. You don't punish or label everyone because of a few bad apples.


I make Bean soup and vegetable from scratch how is that unhealthy? And Baked Beans , gee, beans that's on the food pyramid list. Again, healthier than ready made.

When all is said and done YOU can't get out of this world alive, anyway.


Baked beans usually have a considerable amount of sugar, sometimes ketchup (which contains high fructose corn syrup) and usually some sort of pork fat for flavoring. Perhaps your recipe doesn't.

Smcc Student

I don't think king Obama and his worshipers on the left understand that at some point in time, the government will run out of other people's money.


Neither did Bush and his worshipers on the right when we went into unfunded war based on lies.


And was supported by Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, Kerry. You dems always seem to forget that.


Supported by them based on lies by Bush and his cronies. You repubs seem to always forget that.

Smcc Student

Just like the lie about keeping our Doctors and current Health Plan if we like it right? Or did Obama never say that a million times. Oh, and let's not forget the Benghazi Scandal which Obama, Clinton, and the liberal media have done a tremendous job of covering up by the way. Easily an impeachable offense


Gee, my family still has our doctors and current health plan. The liberal media is another fallacy. Try reading the facts that someone posted about the article about the family's increase in healthcare costs. Not only is the family lying, but so is the article.
And what does Benghazi have to do with overspending billions of dollars?

Dr. Information

So Bush was over in the ME doing his own personal intel? Bahaha. What a misinformed person.

Smcc Student


According to what you said, you must have bought your insurance before march of 2010. If you haven't heard yet, Obama changed his statement of "you can keep your plan if you like it" to "you can keep your plan if you like it IF you bought it before the Law was passed".

Gee, your family is pretty lucky. Now just open your eyes up to all of the people who bought in to this lie and thought they were fine, Only to open their mail boxes to find cancellation notices from their insurance companies because they do not meet the minimum "regulations" for their current policy. Now Bobby, (name used as example) forced to buy a new plan because he was kicked off his is paying a deductible that went up a couple thousand and increased premiums for insurance that he doesn't need! That's right! He's paying for these "extra's" or "free-by's" that cost him money. For example, alcohol counseling, Drug counseling, and maternity insurance which he will never need! Unless he falls in to depression and gets pregnant! Both unlikely

Back to the original point about the family lying about losing their insurance and rising premiums. Tell that to the 900,000 in California and the millions more scattered throughout America, or is that just a myth to?


What does this have to do with food stamps? And in my world, I would have single payer health care like the rest of the western world does. To me, it a basic human right.