Stamped out

Food stamp benefit decreased for Ohioans this week.
Associated Press
Oct 31, 2013

About 1.8 million Ohioans will see their food stamp benefits decrease slightly on Friday, which advocates for the poor say is going to hurt.

The 2009 economic stimulus bill temporarily boosted the federal food stamp program for its 48 million recipients nationwide. The boosted benefits expire at midnight Thursday, resulting in automatic 5.5 percent cuts to monthly distributions.

For a mother with two children, the reduction means about $29 less per month. For a family of four, it's a cut of about $36 a month, to $632.

"Thirty six dollars is significant," said Marilyn Tomasi, spokeswoman for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. "It might not be significant for some, but it certainly is to a struggling family who is hungry. You could have a whole chicken dinner once a week for that."

Lisa Hamler-Fugitt of the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks said she expects the program will end up taking more hits. She said a farm bill in Congress could cut food stamps by up to $40 billion over the next decade.

The federal food stamp program distributed $242 million in benefits to Ohioans in July, according to the most recent data from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

Many families that receive food stamps also rely on groceries and support from food banks and other charities to scrape by, said Michelle Riley, CEO of the Foodbank Inc. in Dayton. She said she fears there will be more of a need now for those services, which are already struggling to meet the enormous demand placed on them by the recession and persistently weak economic conditions.

"When you talk about $193 million in direct benefits being cut from the economy, that's a huge deal," Riley told The Dayton Daily News. "You can't balance the budget on the backs of poor people — that has a ripple effect."




Pretty presumptuous. Maybe they pack their children's lunch everyday for school and feed them breakfast before they leave in the morning. Oh, that's right, people who receive these benefits are lazy and entitled. They wouldn't dare make sure their children are fed well at home instead of relying on the crap they feed them in school.


Statistics are on my side. The number of children receiving free and reduced meals at schools have increased over 50 percent in the last 4 years. Follows the same increased stats as adults receiving benefits in the last 4 years.

For some kids those meals are healthier than the junk food they get otherwise.


More than half of the kids in Sandusky schools receive free/reduced breakfast and lunch. You are kidding yourself if you think these people are feeding their kids breakfast and packing lunches when they can get 2 of 3 meals paid for by taxpayers.



Over 80% of the kids in the Sandusky School System are on free or reduced breakfast and lunch.

I remember when it was only lunch. Now the entitlement crowds get 2 of the 3 meals per day . By the end of the decade it will include dinner. Some kids now get sent home with food for the weekend.

It's a never ending drain on the responsible working portion of society.


These entitlement programs were started to be temporary in nature. Help those who needed help so they could bet back on track.

But through generations of entitlement these programs have become a way of life. No need to improve yourself just live off the government. These generational entitlement individuals have also learned to manipulate the system. Have more kids, get more money.

These programs need to be returned to there original purpose.


It'll never happen because Dems use them to buy votes.


The dirty little secret is that those recipients in Red states are likely Democrat voters.

Overall, a Pew Research Center survey conducted late last year found that about one-in-five Americans (18%) has participated in the food stamp program, formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. About a quarter (26%) lives in a household with a current or former food stamp recipient.

Of these, about one-in-five (22%) of Democrats say they had received food stamps compared with 10% of Republicans. About 17% of political independents say they have received food stamps.

The share of food stamp beneficiaries swells even further when respondents are asked if someone else living in their household had ever received food stamps. According to the survey, about three in ten Democrats (31%) and about half as many Republicans (17%) say they or someone in their household has benefitted from the food stamp program.
-Pew Research


So you are saying that only the DEMS in the red states get stamps? Do you realize how RIDICULOUS that sounds? Republicans LIE! If they are talking they are lying!


Read the posting nimrod, do the stats show that only dems in red states use stamps? My god sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a child.


Knuckle I believe you are correct. The dems have enslaved these individuals. They are eating out of the hands that feed them and will not change for fear of losing what they have.


Deertracker is a perfect example. Even when shown proof he closes his eyes and pretends that he didn't see it. These people will never figure it out until the money runs out and they have finally support themselves. Nah, you will probably just find their carcasses on the lawn of people who are self sufficient when they try to steal what they have.


Sprinkles, I would like for you to name a family that has been on food stamps for generations! Just one!



Do you want four generations or three generations?

I will only use last names.

Smcc Student

@Donut, He won't respond because he can't. This guy worships Obama blindly, In his eyes obozo does absolutely nothing wrong.

From the Grave

There's no shortage of hatred in the world, that's for sure.

Simple Enough II

i wuldn't say hatred, but frustration of abroken sysyem and folks of low morals who abuse systems set up to help folks on limited basis. Look if you are willing to live off the system instead of making your own way and being a positive part of the community you live in, then why in God's green acre would I want to have my tax dollars go to support you and your kind?


Hatred, ignorance, and lack of understanding and empathy... Unfortunately, this door swings both ways.


When I was a teenager and my parents were struggling at times to keep the family above water there was only one thing to do and that was get a job to help out. Seems as this is above young people nowadays as they are only taught by this society to take and not give. Sacrifice is a real hurdle at times but makes you a stronger and prepares you for this harsh world as we know it can be.


I'd like to know where all these jobs are that people are telling others to get. Funny, because for every job I know of, there are usually at least a hundred applicants. Sometimes five times that. And even if they do find work, it will most likely be part time and/or minimum wage work, which still leaves them below the poverty level and still qualifies them for food stamps. There are many working people in such a position. But then some of you still complain. I don't get it.


You must be mis-Informed! Haven't you been following the messiah network? Obama has created 100's of thousands of jobs since he became president!


It is you that is misinformed. The private sector created those jobs.


Really. I thought that he said "that you didn't create that job, the gov't created that job". You know during his campaign.


He was making the point that they created their business with the help of government infrastructure and that is very true! Again, you are misinformed.


I was wondering how the government obtained the funds to finance the infrastructure??? Does the government still have all the heavy equipment they used to build the roads and other things.

It is said that the government can give you anything you want by paying for it with your money.


When I built my business outside of Sandusky I had to pay for water, sewer and roadway to my building which sits about 100 yards off of the roadway. The gov't paid 0 of that.

Any infrastructure that has been built by the gov't was paid for by me, you and the taxpayer. The gov't used OUR money not theirs.




Here is the where the blame for the cuts belongs. From the liberal Cleveland PD. Looks as though those greedy teachers like coasternut and his wife are stealing food from kids mouths.


Informed is right about the job scene. Many adults have been forced to take the lower-paying jobs that the teenagers used to do. Not because they want to, because they have to. There is a shortage of jobs that will pay enough to sustain a family, regardless of education or experience. So telling someone to "Get a job" is not the only answer. Many of the food stamp recipients already have a job or two or three. Maybe some of these mega-corporations who outsourced many of the available jobs could ante up a little more. Oh, but no. The CEO's wife needs a new $20,000 dress or something.


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