News team hits streets

Ottawa County Register focuses coverage across the Edison Bridge
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 31, 2013


The Ottawa County Register was started in response to demand.

Several thousand county residents already read the Sandusky Register every day, and that number has grown the last few years as the Port Clinton News Herald scaled back its services and manpower. 
There have been requests from many county residents for more coverage from the Register as the News Herald reduced its staff and its product, and shied away from the more difficult, hard news stories.
The decision earlier this year by the Gannett chain to close the newspaper offices in the city prompted an even larger response. Many residents were unhappy with the company’s decision to move its operations out of the city and away from the county. 
“We’re going to be getting even less news from them,” one Port Clinton resident told the Register recently. “We need a hard-hitting newspaper that gets us.” 
Alex Green, who now lives in the Lakeside/Marblehead area, is the Ottawa County Register’s reporter. He will be making daily calls and drop-ins across the county from Port Clinton to Oak Harbor getting to know the community better. 
“I appreciate the citizens’ desire for more substantial news and I will work tirelessly to provide it,” Green said. 
Chief photographer Luke Wark has been with the Register five years and hails from Curtice, Ohio. You’ll be seeing more of Luke in the days ahead, and more of Angela Wilhelm, a photographer with the Ottawa County Register.
“It’s exciting to be part of this new newspaper,” Wilhelm said. “I like it we’re expanding.”  
Eighteen other newsroom employees, another 140 other employees at the Register and another 300 contractors round out the team that supports the Ottawa County Register. 
Matt Westerhold, managing editor, said the Ottawa County Register will tell the stories about residents and what they care about from Port Clinton, Marblehead and Lakeside, to Catawba Island and the islands, Elmore and Danbury townships, and everywhere in between. 
“The good, the bad and the ugly,” he said. “Alex has already been out and about now for more than a couple weeks and is getting a good feel for the county.” 
Got a news tip? Call Alex Green at 610-216-4238, or email him at
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Erie Countian

So Luke Wark "hails from Curtis, Ohio"? I'm pretty sure it's CURTICE, Ohio. Enjoy, Ottawa County! This is the type of accurate reporting we in Erie County have come to know and love..."the good, the bad and the ugly" for sure!

Jason Werling

Yes, Ottawa County, please enjoy our extended coverage and join our commenters who help us edit our copy on a daily basis.

Erie Countian has been an avid reader and commenter at our site regardless of the typos that arise.

We hope we will have more people sign up to our community. And who knows, maybe someone will sign on with the name Ottawa Countian and have a conversation with Erie Countian.

Erie Countian

Ha ha! I did say we "know and love" you all, didn't I?! And we WILL need an "Ottawa Countian" to compliment MY brilliant comments on this side of the bay. ;)


One thing you can say about the Register staff, they can take criticism, not.

Jason Werling

Sam- One thing you can say about the Register commenters, they can sometimes speak like Yoda.

Bottom Line

Apparently the Sandusky register is a 7th grade girl.

Capt. Ford

I can just see the hardhitting news stories coming, rampant public urination, and of course our own peninsula with only 2 ways in and out.....oh the traffic woes....


Do not forget Christy chapel road. We have 3 roads.