UPDATE: Willard standoff hostage identified

Gunman killed self after shooting hostage in head
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 31, 2013

UPDATE, 2:30 p.m. Thursday: The woman killed in last night's hostage situation is Kimberly Kelley, a Willard police dispatcher confirmed.

The dispatcher did not confirm the woman's age or hometown. A news release is expected soon with those details.

UPDATE, 11 a.m. Thursday: Willard police have confirmed the woman shot in last night's hostage situation at the Family Dollar has died.

They have not yet identified the woman. Dispatchers said a news release will be issued.

The gunman- Shawn Schuett, 19, of Egypt Road, just north of Willard, shot the woman in the head before turning the gun on himself.

Check back for further details as they become available.

ORIGINAL POST, Wednesday: Police said a gunman shot a hostage in the head at Family Dollar in Willard before turning the gun on himself and firing a single fatal shot to the head.

Shawn Schuett, 19, of Egypt Road near Willard, was pronounced dead shortly after the hours-long standoff.

Schuett held two Family Dollar employees hostage. One hostage managed to flee out the back door when Schuett began firing, but the other hostage — a woman whose identity has not been released — suffered a gunshot wound to the head. She was taken to Mercy Willard Hospital, and a medical helicopter was called in to transport her to another hospital, police said.

The woman's medical condition at this point is unknown.

The incident first began late in the afternoon, when Schuett forced a woman, at gunpoint, to drive him to the Family Dollar store. He let the woman go unharmed when they arrived at the store. At about 5:18 p.m. police began receiving calls from witnesses who saw a man enter the store with a gun.

An hours-long standoff ensued, with law enforcement officers from multiple agencies involved.

According to police, Schuett requested only one thing during the standoff: General Tso's chicken. Police acquired the chicken, but they never gave it to him.

At about 8 p.m. one of the hostages came running out the back door, yelling that Schuett was firing shots.

Police smashed out the front windows of the store to gain entry, at which point Schuett shot the remaining hostage and himself.

Pick up Thursday's Register for more on this story, including details from Schuett's family members, who explained how he acquired the rifle. 



Again, I'm not assuming....I've seen it firsthand. I've seen a mother choose heroin over her angelic little boy time and time again, she has been through treatment numerous times, has "wanted" help so desperately and she's sitting in county yet again on the same old charges. My nephew came to my house to detox off heroin and opiates so he could get in a halfway house, I hid all my valuables and prescriptions, he went to meetings, got a sponsor, I showed him tough love to help him through only to find that he was huffing nail polish remover in my bathroom so he went elsewhere. Incidentally when the halfway house finally had a bed for him (which has been his main goal for 6wks) he showed up effed up and was consequently turned away. Seeing is believing and no, I am not a believer though if it means anything I have the utmost respect for those you speak of that are able to remain clean.


OMG. Another person who doesn't know what comma's, periods, and Capital letters are for. Again, Didn't read this one either.


Same person as before.


Wow, a simple sentence would do wonders.

Prayers to the victim and the victims family.


thank you "goodlife" for clearing that up!! Last thing people need to do is NOT have their facts straight. RIP Kim and prayers to her husband and children. Very sad situation regardless of the man's problems.


And yet people wonder why my husband ALWAYS has a gun with him while we are shopping. (he is also a police officer). Could you imagine the look on "Mr. I didn't take my meds" if he came around the corner and a CCW holder was there? The more people who are having a "bad day", "forgetting their meds", "struggling with addiction", "at the end of their rope", "making a bad decision" this is going to happen MORE and MORE. You see it on the news and in the paper almost daily. What is SAD...is you never know when you will run into one of these people.


To those worried about their safety understand that there are those who adhere to ancient ways. Trash does not do those things in our zone. Remember who killed Alice White? Crap is still doing time. You pay. fh They know we own the night. Value every day & try to live free. Its that E-z.

Lin Williams

She HAS been identified, as the Norwalk Reflector stated! Thoughts and prayers going out to the families on both ends of this tragedy! Time to step up people and take our communities back! This is so out of control!


I heard that he had some kind of mental illness and not that he was a heroin abuser but I suppose we will get more news as time goes on.


Apparently the medication he had gone without was Methadone.


"I heard that he had some kind of mental illness"

"Reed said he didn’t think his cousin was “stable enough” to have a gun. Family members at the scene said Schuett had mental issues and struggled with depression."

I hope to follow this story later. I am curious about which prescription drug the young man was taking for his mental illness and depression.

An innocent woman was murdered. My condolences to her family and friends.

The shooter obviously had mental issues. Perhaps he too was a victim also. My condolences to his family and friends also.

I have done a lot of reading about mental illness and prescription drugs that are supposed to help mental illness. For some, the drugs work but for others, the drugs cause the violence against innocent victims. Until the true facts come out, my comments are my opinions based on the reported news.


Rumor on other pages is that the "medication" he was on (not on) was methadone.


Heres the picture of the MURDERER.

The Rudy

This is so sad. My heart goes out to the Kelly family. I also feel bad for the shooter's family. Mental illness is a terrible thing.
Incidents like this are one of the reasons I conceal & carry my gun at all times. You just never know when you'll need it, and like any other insurance is of no use if you don't have it when you need it.


I am 35 years old and I was an IV heroin user/abuser. The problem with opiates, (Heroin, percocet, vicodin, oxys, etc) is that when you try to get off of it/them, you physically get sick. And I can tell you that it is the worse kind of flu like illness you can imagine. So the problem is this: its easier and much faster to feel better "and I dont mean high I mean unsick" by using the drug again. I am a very strong willed person and when I was trying to get clean, the thought of taking my own life crossed my mind hundreds of times a day. Luckily I stuck it out I was horribly sick for almost 2 weeks I had sores all over my body from the restlessness that I was going through on top of the cold sweats, vomiting, diarrhea, & headaches. So anyone that is or knows of anyone trying to fight this addiction, its not easy. It will probably be the hardest thing a person will go through in their entire life but its worth it I promise. For everyone involved in this horrendous ordeal, and for anyone trying to fight the opiate addiction, my thoughts and prayers go out to you.


"the thought of taking my own life crossed my mind".....that is THE statement of the night......you OWN life....not the LIFE of an INNOCENT bystander. That is my question numerous times everytime something like this happens, why do LUNATICS like this always find the need to make a statement by killing innocent people. If you want to off yourself, by all means, go ahead. But WHY kill the lady at the Family Dollar??? What statement does that make? What point? Did it make you feel better?

Coram Deo

To: YouMustBeJoking

Thank you, thank you, thank you...for being a light in the dark world of drug abuse! I am so grateful for your courage in speaking out and sharing the HOPE that there is freedom from addiction; that with help and pure grit an addict can get to the other side to health and wholeness. Please keep being a voice in the community that there is freedom from this scourge. Please consider being on a speakers platform with the StarFish Project in Huron County. You sir or ma'am are my hero.


Ladydye, I'm so happy that you have created this lovely false sense of security with your gun toting husband. You should look up a story that happened either in one of the Carolina's or Virginias. Cop is sitting in his car in the middle of town stuffing his face with his lunch. Random man gets out of his truck, prances up to the cop car, shoots the cop, prances back to his truck and drives away. The cop had a gun...what good did it do him? If someone wants to kill you, they will. The element of surprise always works.


Yep. I will live in my lovely world with my gun toting husband. I feel a bit safer with him by my side than sitting in YOUR world waiting for the 911 operator to tell you to stop prank calling. I might at least have a fighting chance. Would you rather have NOTHING? You rather live in that world with NO guns? Where NOONE but the bad guys have the guns. Yes my husband is a cop, my husband is prior military, he has training that most people do not. He watches his surroundings at ALL times. He sees things and notices changes in behavior constantly. I also know that my husband is one of those people that would lay his life on the line to save another. Be it mine or another. (Oh and just a FYI, my husband eats his lunch at home, so rest easy he is safe. Thanks)


Only a psychologist can diagnose her and her hubby’s disorder. Sounds like they are suffering from paranoia and anxiety. Suffering from persecutory delusions and convinced that they are about to be attacked is no way to go through life. They should both seek help now, before their psychosis develops to full blown schizophrenia.


So you think my husband and I suffer from a disorder? My husband is a police officer who carries a weapon on and off duty and you think he is delusional? Is EVERY police officer who carries a weapon suffering from these disorders? You are the one who has issues. I have no mental issues other than dealing with people like you are under the impression that no one should carry a gun, other than the criminals and thugs who ILLEGAL obtain/use them.


The TSA officer killed at LAX was a "behavior detection officer" who was charged with spotting suspicious behavior in the airport. Still feel secure?

While defensive gun use may occasionally occur successfully, it is rare and very much the exception – it doesn't change the fact that actually owning and using a firearm hugely increases the risk of being shot.


Yes I will always feel more secure than you. Thank you for your concern. I have complete faith in my husband and his training. As for TSA agents...I have seen the training and education that most of them have. You only need a high school diploma (or GED)to apply. I think my 16 year old son has a better grasp on it than they do.