UPDATE: Willard standoff hostage identified

Gunman killed self after shooting hostage in head
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 31, 2013

UPDATE, 2:30 p.m. Thursday: The woman killed in last night's hostage situation is Kimberly Kelley, a Willard police dispatcher confirmed.

The dispatcher did not confirm the woman's age or hometown. A news release is expected soon with those details.

UPDATE, 11 a.m. Thursday: Willard police have confirmed the woman shot in last night's hostage situation at the Family Dollar has died.

They have not yet identified the woman. Dispatchers said a news release will be issued.

The gunman- Shawn Schuett, 19, of Egypt Road, just north of Willard, shot the woman in the head before turning the gun on himself.

Check back for further details as they become available.

ORIGINAL POST, Wednesday: Police said a gunman shot a hostage in the head at Family Dollar in Willard before turning the gun on himself and firing a single fatal shot to the head.

Shawn Schuett, 19, of Egypt Road near Willard, was pronounced dead shortly after the hours-long standoff.

Schuett held two Family Dollar employees hostage. One hostage managed to flee out the back door when Schuett began firing, but the other hostage — a woman whose identity has not been released — suffered a gunshot wound to the head. She was taken to Mercy Willard Hospital, and a medical helicopter was called in to transport her to another hospital, police said.

The woman's medical condition at this point is unknown.

The incident first began late in the afternoon, when Schuett forced a woman, at gunpoint, to drive him to the Family Dollar store. He let the woman go unharmed when they arrived at the store. At about 5:18 p.m. police began receiving calls from witnesses who saw a man enter the store with a gun.

An hours-long standoff ensued, with law enforcement officers from multiple agencies involved.

According to police, Schuett requested only one thing during the standoff: General Tso's chicken. Police acquired the chicken, but they never gave it to him.

At about 8 p.m. one of the hostages came running out the back door, yelling that Schuett was firing shots.

Police smashed out the front windows of the store to gain entry, at which point Schuett shot the remaining hostage and himself.

Pick up Thursday's Register for more on this story, including details from Schuett's family members, who explained how he acquired the rifle. 


Dont Worry Be Happy


Good 2 B Me

I cannot imagine what could cause a person to sink to this low of a level. Sad story.


Bath salts.


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Why didn't the cops give the guy the General Tso's chicken?


Had high sodium and msg in it....


Speaks to your character, VoteNo...or is it HTRJ, Jon? Jane? Little?

Be careful, Karma is a B.


Before you open your sarcastic mouth, it's a legitimate question. Obviously the guy is off his rocker and maybe not getting what he asked for was the last straw.


Vote no, just ignore her. Kal-el is always trying to call someone out on here. Show's how miserable her life is. I understood the point you were trying to make immediately while reading it. Maybe if he got the general tso chicken the cops could have taken him out while giving it to him. Obviously she can't comprehend anything.




I agree with you VoteNO, it was a legitimate question and I wondered the same thing. Maybe they were trying to use it for negotiation and it turned out differently than they expected. Very sad..


Apparently, they ordered the food for him, but he shot the hostage and himself before they could deliver it. That's what the Norwalk paper said.


Kal-el you have no character. Your ignorance has been displayed all over this site.

Whiskey Tango F...

Another sad story for heroin county ohio... Is it time to do someting other than rehab and release?


Ya think they have it easy now? The U.S. Attorney General is looking to free up prison space by making it even easier on "non-violent" offenders. The junkies will really have a field day. Time for bars on our windows (as if we are the criminals). My advice is to make it readily available to them on every street corner so they don't have to steal and can quickly o.d.

red white and blue

Amen whiskey tango f


Comments from the "shawn supporters" in the norwalk reflector state he was a sweet loveable teddy bear that went off his medication. Meanwhile the victim just did what a good citizen should do and showed up for her shift to work, inadvertantly getting shot in the head. You know if it was me I wouuld have been more p.o.ed that it happened at closing time than the beginning of my shift if it was going to happen, but that's just me. RIP, I'm so sorry this happened to you.




Injured woman DIED.

From the Grave

Nothing is going to change until these idiots start showing up at the Country Club, and shooting lawyers and doctors.


And judges!


There is no place actually safe any more. No matter where you are this can happen. I was at Walmart last week and there were loud noises from a guy hammering shelving into to place. As I stood in line at check-out a lady in line too said gee thought somone was shooting and I said yes so did I. We said you just never know in this world it can happen.


the woman who died was not dana goodsite it was kim kelly it is a very sad situation for shauns family to they had no control of what he did lets be a little considerate of their feelings the world has changed so much in the last 20 yrs the generation growing up now must be cautious n i do agree heroin is an epidemic but coming together to help the ones who want help their should be places to help them jail n prisons are not the answer the answers arent killing them off or sending them to a desserted island isnt the answer many of you dont know how difficult it is coming and getting away from heroin u have to want it not be made to do it god is the only one who can judge anyone we r here to help one another not bash eachother we may not agree what ppl do but that we can not control god please comfort these families give them strength to get thru this this is so sad for everyone god bless the loved ones


thank you for the correction. RIP Kim Kelly. Unfortunately through assorted friends and family I know junkies and none of them seriously want help, they say they do while they rob everyone around them blind and leave a trail of heartbreak (some attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings while doing so). Its a monster that I have yet to see anyone overcome...maybe in their next life they will know better than to get that first taste.


I am so sorry for this victim, no matter who it is. However, I could not even read your post. All the sentences ran together. I gave up about half way through.


Me too, grandmasgirl. That person should learn punctuation. So sorry for the loss of life!


had no problem reading it the words were spelled correctly


Guns kill not people...how does that go? He looked like a people to me....


Fox 8 has reported that the female victim has passed on from the mortal plane.


some people never beat the addiction but their are many ppl who do also a person has to be sick n tired of that life n with the right help it can be over comed i'm sorry that u have not personally ever met anyone who has beaten it i know many who have i will say that many ppl are not fully educated on this epedemic of heroin it is a sick thing that takes everything from u when u allow it n while u r on it u do things and say things that u never would sober more ppl need to become aware of how to help ppl that truley want help if u dont want help then it is worthless to try to make a person change but everyone that uses there is a reason behind it a bad experience or something in that order n once u try it it has a hold of u but i can say that ppl can break free from that addiction but they have to really want it n be sick n tired of being sick n tired its s ad that ppl just bash ppl that have struggled with any addiction when they know nothin about it more ppl need to be educated on it instead of assuming