Schools vie for innovation grants

Hundreds of schools and educational ventures in Ohio have applied for grants from a new $250 million innovation fund established by Gov. John Kasich.
Associated Press
Oct 29, 2013


The Ohio Department of Education said Monday some 570 applicants representing 420 different organizations applied for “Straight A Fund” grants. Winning ideas must significantly boost student achievement, reduce spending or target an impressive share of resources into the classroom.

State Superintendent Richard Ross said the overwhelming number of applications means competition will be intense.

Final decisions are expected in mid-December. Each proposal will first receive separate fiscal sustainability and value scores, and then a panel of grant advisers will vet them.

That group will recommend finalists to the seven-member Straight A Fund governing board. The board’s selections must be approved by the state Controlling Board.



Wow, this IS news. You rarely see the word "innovation" used in an article about a Republican politician, unless it's prefaced with the prefix "anti-"...

Food For Thought

Being snarky or do you just have a problem with intellectual honesty problem?


Snarky? Perhaps. Intellectually dishonest? Absolutely not.

It's common knowledge that conservatives are anti- innovation, anti-change, anti-education. Didn't you get the memo? These are the defining characteristics of your own party. Sheesh...


Innovation? How would it be if we actually taught kids the basics? How would it be if we recognized that some kids are smarter than others, while others play a much better game of football? Maybe we could teach them that hard work has rewards, or that dishonesty has repercussions!

Nah. Let's just give 'em all laptops and tell them how EVERYbody's special!

Really are you ...

ToI be innovative, one would have to challenge the text books. That is how it is taught in grade and high school, memorization, no outside of the box thinking. Further education focuses more in depth analysis in a certain field or on a certain subject. Still the person bettering themselves in a certain field are restricted by previous studies, texts, and laws of that field. But some things have changed. When I was in high school Pluto was a planet, now it is not. It is good that technology is being challenged, some areas are easier to make changes in than others.