Barneys boycott

Sharpton threatens store action over profile suit.
Associated Press
Oct 26, 2013

The Rev. Al Sharpton threatened Saturday to boycott luxury retailer Barneys if the department store doesn't respond adequately to allegations by black shoppers that they were racially profiled there.

"We've gone from stop and frisk to shop and frisk, and we are not going to take it," the black civil rights leader said. "We are not going to live in a town where our money is considered suspect and everyone else's money is respected."

Two black Barneys New York customers, Trayon Christian and Kayla Phillips, said this week they were detained by police after making expensive purchases.

Christian sued Barneys, saying he was accused of fraud after using his debit card to buy a $349 Ferragamo belt in April.

Barneys said Thursday that it had retained a civil rights expert to help review its procedures. The CEO of Barneys, Mark Lee, offered his "sincere regret and deepest apologies."

Kirsten John Foy, an official with Sharpton's National Action Network, said he would meet with Barneys officials on Tuesday to discuss the racial profiling allegations.

"The only theft that took place at Barneys was Barneys' stealing the dignity of these young people," said Foy, who joined Sharpton at his weekly rally at the organization's Harlem headquarters.

Sharpton said black New Yorkers should put shopping at Barneys "on hold" if the retailer's response is inadequate.

The profiling claims also incited criticism on Twitter and an online petition asking rapper Jay-Z, who's collaborating with the luxury retailer for a holiday collection, to disassociate from it.

Macy's was also hit with a lawsuit alleging racial profiling this week.

A black actor on the HBO drama series "Treme" said Friday he was stopped by police because of his race while shopping at Macy's flagship Manhattan store.

Robert Brown said in his lawsuit that he was detained by police June 8 after employees contacted authorities about possible credit card fraud.

Macy's didn't comment on the litigation but said in a statement it was investigating.

Some Sharpton supporters who attended Saturday's rally said they had been profiled in stores, too.

Shane Lee, 51, said he went to the high-end store Bergdorf Goodman to buy shirts last year and the sales staff would not assist him.

"Instead of helping me, they were staring at me," said Lee, who is black. "I felt so uncomfortable that I just left."

A Bergdorf Goodman official did not return a call seeking comment Saturday.




What money did this young girl have?


Isn't it funny how when they talk about sharpton they always say that. I to want to know what money she had.


Oh, just perfect. Now stores will be afraid to report possible credit card fraud if the shopper isn't white because they'll be afraid of accusations or racism. I WANT stores to report possible credit card fraud! Don't YOU?

Meanwhile, the REAL fraud here is Al Sharpton. In it for the money? Yes. But I suspect that, knowing Sharpton's past history, he's in it JUST as much for the opportunity to be the center of attention yet again!


You would think that after all to you racism is dead. I'm not biting my tongue either


Learn the facts before you start your rant Sham! There was no FRAUD. NONE! The kid made the purchase and was arrested for what? Blacks do have credit cards and we do wear expensive clothes.


I don't suggest the kid was guilty. There was a suspicion of fraud. It was checked out. He was let go. The end.

Would it suck to be questioned concerning something you didn't do? Yes. But if you're a suspect, SHOULDN'T you be questioned? Lots of people suspected of a crime for whatever reason (car's the same color/kind, clothing matches description, had access to a certain place, etc.) are questioned. That's not to suggest any of them are necessarily guilty, either.

My POINT, however, is that with accusations of racism flying every which way, stores will hesitate to question ANYthing. And, as a result, more people of EVERY shade and hue will get away with fraud or theft.


This was about RACE! It was wrong! If you want to avoid fraud, simply ask for a photo id with the card! No need to do anything different than what the store policy dictates!


I do not know why any one listens to Al Sharpton at all. He is a mean nasty racist of the worst kind.


Get lost!


What do ya mean "our money"


Re: "We are not going to live in a town where our money is considered suspect and everyone else's money is respected."

IMO, Malcolm X had the right idea: Blacks should only shop at black owned stores.

God bless capitalism.


Just wondering if I, a white male, walked into a liquor store in the ghetto section of Harlem and tried to by alcohol would in any way be discriminated against. Probably get my a$$ beat but hey thats ok.


Just wondering if you could be anymore stupid?


Not possible!


Really? Are you saying that racism doesn't exist on the opposite side? People like Sharpton flame the fires of racism.

Stop It

Personally, I'd just call you stupid.


Its their store if you don't like it don't shop there.


A couple thoughts...

Conservatives dislike being called racists, but let's face it, about 1/3 of the comments in this thread are stunningly racist.

It's a classic Republican ploy, to accuse liberals of the very thing they are guilty of: being a racist.

I think Sharpton is an idiot, too, but that doesn't erase the inescapable truth that racial profiling happens, and it is proof that racism still exists in America, albeit in a less outward form than 50 years ago. When people attack the messenger, instead of the message, it's because they know they don't have a very powerful argument against the message.

My question to TeaParty folks: would you hate Obama and Sharpton as much, if they weren't black?

Bottom Line



That's cool. I was just doing my job to provide an alternate opinion to the usual TeaParty Hate Fest that we see here daily. You see, when they say "we need to take America back", what they really mean is "we need to return to the days when white folks were the majority voice and minorities sat quietly in the back of the bus". Maybe they would be happier if they just realized that America now is what it has always been: a constantly evolving country of immigrants. Oops, sorry, I know immigration is a dirty word for them - my apologies!

Darwin's choice

Your job? How much does it pay to be an azzhat? Troll! Everything in your unicorn/democrat world must be thrilling.....


Dummies Choice - always the idiot.


Most of the ones who "say if you disagree with obama you would be called a racist" are only trying to hide it. Every since Glen Beck and O'Reily have made that claim repubs has been using that as a call. That from a man Beck that plays with pee.


Yes. I'm pretty sure Sharpton would be a blowhard regardless of his skin color, and I'm just as sure Obama would jam his red policies down our collective (ha, ha) throats whether he was black, white, or green.


According to Al Sharpton, just being born white means you're most likely a racist.

Dr. Information

Coaster you are just a bumbling fool of no knowledge. In your world, if you disagree with someone who isn't white, you are racist. You are an incompetent poster and you show your true colors again.

Immigration has been happening since America was discovered. I can never remember hearing anyone say ship anyone who isn't white out of America. ILLEGALS, need to go through the system we already have in place or be shipped out. Pretty simple.

Hey, don't worry though Jay Z is bound to make some solid cash from Barneys even after these allegations.
Jay-Z -- under increasing pressure to back out of a collaboration with the luxury store Barneys New York after it was accused of racially profiling two black customers -- said Saturday he's being unfairly "demonized" for just waiting to hear all of the facts.

The rap mogul made his first statement about the controversy in a posting on his website. He has come under fire for remaining silent as news surfaced this week that two young black people said they were profiled by Barneys after they purchased expensive items from their Manhattan store.

An online petition and Twitter messages from fans have been circulating this week, calling on the star to bow out of his upcoming partnership with Barneys for the holiday season, which will have the store selling items by top designers, inspired by Jay-Z, with some of the proceeds going to his charity. He is also working with the store to create its artistic holiday window display.

But Jay-Z -- whose real name is Shawn Carter -- defended himself, saying that he hasn't spoken about it because he's still trying to figure out exactly what happened.

"I move and speak based on facts and not emotion,


Jay is being a sell out! Everyone knows what went down but him. Please? SELL OUT!!!!!!!!!! He doesn't have to sever ties just speak what is real like he does in his music.

Dr. Information

So if he was a true "black" he would pull the plug, thus pulling the plug on making millions of dollars? Know what they always say. Money talks, BS walks.


He is not making millions or any money at all but Barney's is. His intent to help those get a better education that cannot afford one . I just think he should speak to what's real.

Simple Enough II

Hmm, After reading the article, I see there were only a couple of snipets from theso called offended all the rest of the story was typical railling from sharpton's group. And yes, they way you dress, the way you talk or present yourself is taken in consideration by others, like it or not that is how it is, you can't change that.