Grand jury charges priest with soliciting sex at park

An Ohio grand jury has indicted a priest on a felony charge of soliciting sex at a Cleveland park.
Associated Press
Oct 26, 2013


The Cuyahoga County grand jury also indicted the Rev. James McGonegal on charges of abusing harmful intoxicants and public indecency.

The 68-year-old McGonegal was arrested earlier this month after he allegedly solicited a park ranger who was in plainclothes at a park near downtown Cleveland.

Police reports say McGonegal told authorities he has tested positive for HIV.



Charge him with attempted murder as well.

pigeon farmer

He will be transferred to another parish and free to continue on as he always has. I wonder how many little boys he has infected while ministering the word of god? The deep pockets of the vatican will buy him the best attorney available. Money is no object. I sure hope he washed his hands before communion.


Yup the church is against homosexuality, yet you hear about these priest committing these CRIMES pretty regularly now a days. Crimes against children, and soliciting sex. I sure hope he didn't molest any boys and infect them as well.