Pregnant teen wanted more from card

A pregnant Sandusky teen was arrested at NOMS Healthcare Center Thursday afternoon after she threw a table at her boyfriend and then punched him in the parking lot, according to a Perkins police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 26, 2013


The girl, 17, 400 block Fulton St., was charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

The girl was at a doctor’s appointment with her caseworker and boyfriend, when she became enraged her boyfriend only signed his name to a “get well” card, without writing anything extra on it, the report said.

The girl first blocked him in the exam room, then allegedly pushed her caseworker hard in the chest after her boyfriend made his way out. The force knocked the worker back into the wall, causing her to bump her head on a computer monitor, the report said.

The girl then followed her boyfriend into the lobby and allegedly threw a table at him. NOMS employees watched through windows as she began punching him in the parking lot, the report said.

Only when officers arrived did the young couple begin kissing and hugging near their car, the report said. The girl was charged and taken to the Erie County Juvenile Justice Center.



Ghetto babby on the way!

Dwight K.

Ah don't you just love today's society

Stop It

That relationship won't last long. Way too young, way too hormonal and way too much passion whether it be good or bad.


Yep. She sounds ready to be a mother. (eyeroll)


Pregnant teen that rails on her boyfriend over a card. Yeah the baby doesn't know what it's in for.

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God would do the child well with a miscarriage!

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Wow, 17, pregnant, caseworker, fight over a card, sounds like one heck of a happy start to life. I see this lasting forever!


And to think that my hard earned tax dollars are funding that!


Oh wait ~ I worked hard to earn my wage that got taxed and she somehow is entitled to those tax dollars that I give up every week. Sad. Sad. Sad. And a small child is going to be born into that mess by no fault of its own.

Colonel Angus

Keep abortion safe and legal.


The baby is doomed; it needs to jump ship while it still can. or we'll be hearing of its' demise in a couple years from now.

First this chick goes off on him then they're hugging and kissing. They're just gonna be the world's best parents

[ insert heavy sarcasm here ]


For the child's sake, I hope she puts it up for adoption or takes it to the nearest fire station. If she gets upset about a card, I can't imagine how upset she'll get when she's up every two hours with a crying/fussy baby!


No, the relationship won't last long. Know what WILL be a long time? The 18 years (minimum) the rest of us are going to be stuck paying for a child that obviously has non-productive, not remotely qualified to be parents parents!

Yes, the girl SHOULD give the baby up for adoption. But since that would be the mature, responsible, and loving thing to do, it won't happen. The best possible outcome would be for the baby to be born in jail and taken from its mother at birth. Sure, we'd still be stuck footing the bills, but with different people raising it, at least the poor kid might have a chance!


Why would she give it up? ... she's got a cash cow with all the freebies the rest of us are paying for.

They need to be sterilized and idiots like them.


I feel bad for the boyfriend.


How much did that doctor visit cost? Who is paying for the caseworker and medical care? At least she has a car so she can get to work! Her stupidity, immaturity and pushing caused someone else to be hurt. She should be charged with assault. Here comes another generation of cash cow with freebies. Do what's best for the kid and give it up for adoption.


Getting free healthcare and attitude too.