From donor to wife

Chance meeting pays off for couple.
Associated Press
Oct 26, 2013


A central Indiana woman who promised to donate one of her kidneys to a man she barely knew has married him three years after his successful transplant surgery.

Chelsea Clair and Kyle Froelich met at a 2009 car show when he was 19 and she was 22. Clair learned that day that Froelich had a serious kidney disease — and she told him then and there she would give him one of hers.

She underwent the necessary tests and ended up being a near perfect match. Three years ago, she donated one of her kidneys to Froelich.

The Indianapolis Star repored that the couple was married Oct. 12 at the Danville Conservation Club, the venue that hosted the car show where they met.


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Yea and a friend of mine In theClude area has a Son that married and he did the same for his wife as well , Now thats love , And true love


I like these "feel good" stories. Wish for more of them.


I like this story, also, and wish there were more of them. I have a friend who donated one of her kidneys to her husband. Yes, that is true love!