Doctor: Man accused of killing baby not competent

Castile, accused of stabbing cousin to death, to be re-evaluated April 16
Courtney Astolfi
Oct 25, 2013


A doctor concluded Denzel Castile, the suspect in the May stabbing of an 11-week-old girl in Sandusky, does not fully understand his criminal charges.
Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Tygh Tone on Thursday morning held a competency hearing for Castile, 19, who remains in the care of the Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital. Castile did not attend the hearing.

In a statement to the court, the doctor assigned to evaluate Castile’s mental state indicated the teen could be rehabilitated and brought back to mental competency, with sufficient treatment. The court plans to reconsider his ability to stand trial again on April 16.

On May 16, Castile fatally stabbed his cousin’s baby, Athena Castile, at a relative’s Dewey Street home, according to Sandusky police.

After a brief scuffle with family members and officers, Castile was arrested and charged with aggravated murder, felonious assault and assault on a police officer.

A week later, Firelands Regional Medical Center staff issued an order to send Castile to the Toledo psychiatric hospital, where he has remained since.

Castile’s family members have said he displayed a noticeable change in mental status after his first year at college. He was attending the University of Toledo, and returned home for the summer when he allegedly stabbed his infant cousin.

The Erie County prosecutor’s office is considering the possibility of the death penalty for Castile, should he be found guilty if he goes to trial. According to Ohio law, prosecutors may seek the death penalty if a murder victim is younger than age 13.

Athena was the daughter of Jenisa Castile, 19, of Norwalk.



Eye for an eye.

Señor Clown

"...Could be rehabilitated and brought back to mental competency, with sufficient treatment"

That's what I'd expect a doctor who is billing the State to say.

Clark W. Griswald

He's at a state psych facility, so I don't think the doctor is billing the state.


Fry him.


If you remember his family knew he was mentally unstable and try 'd to get him the mental health he needed to no evail......this is a sad sad story


Yeah, they said he was "slipped something in a drink".


The doctor knows best. Thats fine and dandy. Just make sure they give him a shot to calm his nerves before they put him to sleep.

From the Grave

How many degrees do you need to figure that out...


I don't know what is going on in this world. But something is! I believe that this man/child is probably incompetent. However, what is causing all this? Is it the chemicals that we put in and on our food? Is it the family lifestyle? Is it TV or social media? There are lots of people walking around who could snap at any moment. Maybe a higher power is trying to tell us something.


While my heart bleeds for the families involved, especially the infant, you raise some very good questions. What is it that's making people sick and or crazy? I believe it is chemical and something we ingest.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

If my opinion being "in the trenches" with the younger generation, social media, and video games (etc.) is that there is a lack of context in many peoples' lives. can I explain this better?

Ok. For those who have grown up with something, anything, they become aware of it as a part of their life experience. When someone else grows up and isn't aware of what seemed obvious there is friction in the best case and events like these in the worst. Just because I can reason with story elements, violence, and sexual content doesn't mean that my child (if I had one) can. But, there's just a kind of "lazy expectation" that it should be just be there.

Look at many in politics. How many use generic phrases like "common sense" and "middle class" and just expect you to know what they mean. Maybe an older sibling knows how to avoid getting in trouble with social media but just presumes a younger sibling or friend can do the same thing. A parent who is comfortable with guns can just presume a child would learn the same responsibility.

Look at movie ratings. How many people actually realize that the 13 in PG-13 isn't just a magic number that means on your 13th birthday everything becomes crystal clear? What's with the PG part? "Parental Guidance". Meaning, based on the content in the movie, it is suggested that a parent be present to explain what is going on in a movie. So that the parent says "now just because that character said X you shouldn't", "yes, that person dressed in those clothes but you should wait a bit longer before you do too", or "while Y character hits people in this movie it isn't ok for you to do the same".

Guidance. Context. Helping others understand life and realize the inter-connectivity of it all. For those of us who seem to have it, it is confusing how others can't. But, talk to a social worker sometime especially about abused or neglected kids and you'd be amazed at the "basic functions" a kid can lack when not brought up at all. Without context, yes, a kid may think it's fun to shoot people because what else have they learned? To what other standards and expectations are they held?

I hope that helps a bit, grandmasgirl. It doesn't make crimes like this any more resolved-feeling but it could be another piece of evidence in what it takes for us to make sure we are taking care of ourselves and our own family and neighborhoods.


Oh, please. By DEFINITION, anybody who would stab a baby to death isn't quite right in the head! Normal, rational people don't do things like that. Do you know who DOES do things like that? People who have hair-trigger tempers. You can rehabilitate all you like, and you can pretend somebody is "cured." But the sad truth is that you can't ever tell what might cause another such incident.

What if he "snaps" again? What if he "forgets" to take his medication? What if this is just one symptom in a likely-to-escalate issue? Answer me this: After he's "cured," would YOU let this man babysit? I didn't think so...

Unless we want more dead bodies laying around town, this is one man who ought to be locked up for the safety of ALL of us! I don't care if he's locked up in an institution for the criminally insane OR if he's behind bars in a prison cell somewhere. The operative term here is "locked up!"

sandtown born a...

The headline reads accused? I didn't think there was any doubt what so ever.

sandtown born a...

So we have 3 baby killers in the court system at this moment, Tie all 3 together nice and tight and take them for a one way boat ride to the middle of Erie.




I just don't think it is that cut and dry in this case. My niece knew this kid and said he was a very nice guy that he did not get into trouble. I believe her.

Tsu Dho Nimh

He was, always upbeat and smiling. There doesn't seem to be any motive for this crime. I am not excusing what he did or suggesting that he should not remain in some type of custody. Unlike the other 'baby killers', he doesn't have a history of anger issues or violent behaviors that escalated to this level.


My daughter went to high school with him and she said the same thing, he would do anything for you. What he did was wrong, and there's no excuse for it. However, he's going to be permanently damaged by it psychologically. and even though he does deserve punishment, he doesn't deserve the death penalty IMO. It just makes you wonder how much drug use is occurring in high school, and who is using drugs in high school, like marijuana.


Okay, this young man is obviously seriously mentally ill. They don't keep people in psychiatric facilities unless that is the case--this isn't the 70's. He probably has paranoid schizophrenia or something, which usually begins to manifest itself in young adulthood. You people wanting him to fry are disturbing me. This person is ill. I don't mean sociopathic like most of the child killers. I mean psychotic. While I'm not saying he should just let loose to walk around society, he needs ongoing treatment and supervision for the rest of his life.
It most likely isn't because of something he ingested, like a drug. Mental illness, such as schizophrenia, has been around since ancient times. And it can happen to anyone. Many schizophrenics seem to be completely fine until the first psychotic break occurs.
I feel for everyone involved.


So it's OK to keep him out of jail? He was good in the past, somehow he snapped and killed a baby and he should be put in a hospital? It's not like he robbed a store... he murdered a defenceless baby. I say stop making excuses and shove a giant needle in his arm!


According to reports, his family saw signs of his illness starting and tried to get him help. I didn't say he should be free walking around. Paranoid schizophrenics don't tend to rob stores. That is an ignorant comment.
I am not making excuses for him. In this country, we don't execute mentally ill people when the illness caused the crime. That's why there is an insanity defense. I realize that defense is often abused, but this case is a prime example of why it exists.
He has been in a psychiatric hospital for five months now. Do you realize how uncommon that is? He is truly very ill. And that is not something he can help. So should we be like Nazi Germany and execute all mentally ill people?
People are still so ignorant about mental illness. It amazes me. Do you know anything about psychoses? Educate yourselves!
I feel for this entire family.


I bet that if all charges in this case disappeared , He would be as sane as the Judge And The Doctor that made this decision

I am sorry , but it just seems strange that another guy in Erie County killed a girl and went this same way and now there is not going any Justice done . I have my doubts that there is anything wrong that a lethel injection cant take care of .It just seems to me that he must have been doing all right while away at Collage and now all of a sudden , he is insane ? Common get with it people
Collages are going to be paying close attention to the students that enroll at their collage , so I dont believe a thing the family says when they say something was different when he came home in May
I am sure that they dont want to see anopther death , and I cant blame them , They are just tring to do something t protect him , and they might have noticed something different about him , and they wereuppose too . Thats what collages do , the collages train you not only for a job , but also a way of life

Bottom Line

How typical of so many people these days to make excuses for someone's actions. God forbid we take responsibly... It doesn't matter one damn bit if, before this, he was the nicest kid in the world. It doesn't change the fact he violently murdered a BABY. And some of you are out there trying to blame the chemicals. Blame television. That's the new American way. Who can we blame? He was competent enough to get to college. He's certainly able to accept the consequences of his actions, which should be a needle.


You people still don't understand schizophrenia. It takes a seemingly normal young adult, and over the course of a few weeks or months, turn them completely psychotic. It comes on suddenly. People often are very high functioning beforehand. That is one of the tragedies of the disease.
A psychiatrist does not keep a person hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital for five months if that person is not crazy. Especially not someone who killed a baby.
If all of this is in fact true, he is not responsible for his actions. Period. He will suffer from this disease the rest of his life. And there is nothing to blame except the illness. Unless Firelands Hospital was at fault for not hospitalizing him when the family took him there to be evaluated.
Have any of you ever met a truly crazy person? From the remarks on this board, the answer is no.
Again, educate yourselves. This isn't a case of someone who lost their temper, who is an addict, or who is just plain evil (sociopathic). This is someone who is legitimately psychotic.