Woman charged for texting while driving

Perkins police cited a Sandusky woman for texting while driving Tuesday, after her vehicle drifted left of center on Columbus Avenue.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 25, 2013


Alexis Leech, 36, of the 1100 block of Buckingham St., was pulled over at 5 p.m., after her car swerved while passing a Perkins police officer, according to a police report. The officer noticed Leech allegedly looking down at her lap as he passed by. 

The officer turned around and activated his cruiser’s lights. He also noticed her head was still cocked down and her car drifted out of the lane for a second time, the report said.

Leech allowed the officer to check her phone, where he found a text time-stamped one minute prior to the traffic stop, the report said. Leech said she’d been reading the text, and she apologized for the incident, the report said.

The officer issued citations for texting while driving and driving left of center.



Her license should be suspended. Give her the same punishment as you would a DUI. She was driving impaired and could have killed someone.


I agree. Texting while driving is happening far too often and penalties should be more serious than just a citation. Plus, her apology means nothing if she's allowed back behind the wheel and next time, heaven forbid, kills somebody. She's 36, she should know better.


So why wasn't she charged with failure to control, driving left of center, or some other citation Perkins police officers are infamous for tacking on? Oh wait, it wasn't 11 PM or later.


"The officer issued citations for texting while driving and driving left of center.".. It states that at the end of the article.


Good to know. Didn't see that sentence when I first read it.


I guess the rules don't apply for cops? I was almost hit by a Perkins cop just the other day when he took a wide right turn onto Perkins from Strub. Sure enough he had his cell phone in his hand.

Simple Enough II

I believe the law was written to make them exempt.......How nice huh!

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Stop It



In the past month almost every single policeman I have passed in their cruizers have been on a cell phone. Some were even laughing it up. I think they need to put down the phone and WORK! How can they ticket others for weaving when they are doing the same thing? HYPOCRISY!!!


You kids these days and yer' new-age cellular walkie-talkie phones, always texting on those no-good things! Get off my lawn!