Boy arrested after throwing apples

An 11-year-old boy was arrested Wednesday after a neighbor complained about two boys picking her apples and throwing them at cars.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 25, 2013


Boy arrested after throwing apples

An 11-year-old boy was arrested Wednesday after a neighbor complained about two boys picking her apples and throwing them at cars.

The boy, a Broadway Street resident currently living on Forest Drive, was charged with persistent disorderly conduct.

The boy and a friend were plucking apples from a woman’s fruit tree Wednesday evening and lobbing them at homes and passing cars, according to a Sandusky police report. When the woman emerged from her house to chastise them, the boys began cursing and aiming the apples at her, the report said.

Officers found apples scattered throughout the area and on the pavement. The boy’s grandmother was not surprised when officers told her about the incident. She cited several recent behavioral problems, the report said.

The boy admitted he threw the apples, but he denied aiming them at any specific target, the report said. He was arrested and taken to the Erie County Juvenile Justice Center.


sandtown born a...

Grandmother once again doing the job of a parent! If you can't raise/ support them keep your legs closed and quit having them.


I agree. However, the nitwit in office likes to support people who are turning child birth into a profession.


So you have an office ?


Funny 4shizzle. You show your ignorance by being an oBUMa supporter. At least my office isn't next to yours at Morons 'R Us


Fox News channel is number one.


What does this have to do with politics princess? Was he even in the office 11 years ago? Snap out of it. All this CONSTANT bashing of the President is just dumb!


Right , my thoughts exactly.

I'm surprised that the other idiot , Dummies Choice , hasn't posted a political spin comment yet.


Since neither one of you (tracker and shizzle) are intelligent enough to figure this out, let me explain it to you at the level of a Second grader:

Sandtown wrote, "Grandmother once again doing the job of a parent! If you can't raise/ support them keep your legs closed and quit having them."

I replied to it with my opinion, which is also an ACCURATE account of the truth. People are having multiple kids so they can get more money from the government, and abuse the system rather than work. I'm sure there are better, more detailed videos out there, but here's an example of the abuse taking place:

oBUMa is allowing / encouraging this to happen


The article written and all the crap from your head don't match .
You're just another dumb Republican.


Once again, thank you for proving your ignorance.

As I clearly stated, TWICE, I was replying to the comment made by Sandtown, not the article. Way to resort to name-calling when you have nothing else to say. Of course, your opinion is usually an ignorant one.

First of all, how old are you, 12?
Secondly, nice grammar.
Finally, are you one of "Barry's Boyz" who is taking advantage of the system, and did I hit a nerve? If so, I PITY your children.


Well, Princess denny , I was responding to YOUR ignorant comment.

Do you think that a comment page is for private discussions?

You are another arrogant and ignorant Republican.


Politics princess? Answer please. One vide is not representative of an entire country. Change the channel!


Learn how to spell, and I MIGHT consider your opinion.


Did you ever do anything the least bit illegal when you were a kid? Are you suggesting that the boys would be great kids if they were being raised by their mother or grandma is doing a terrible job? C'mon, kids of all economic backgrounds get into trouble. Everyone is so quick to blame mom but when she opened her legs who was between them? Both are equally responsible.


Are you suggesting that, because somebody did something once, it's totally understandable that somebody else did something similar? Are you SURE?


Past behavior usually predicts future behavior or "monkey see monkey do". As kids we got into all kinds of mischief. Right or wrong it happens! Were you a perfect child? Is there such a thing? The kid was arrested and locked up for throwing apples. What more do you want?


You're right about the past behavior predictor. And you're also right that kids get into mischief. I'm not arguing about the arrest; I couldn't ask any more than that. Instead, I'm arguing with the notion that since neither you nor I were perfectly well-behaved children at all times that this kind of "mischief" ought to be tossed off as "boys will be boys."

The only way that behavior changes is if there are repercussions (or rewards) for that behavior. In this case, here's hoping the repercussions provide a lesson. They're young; could work. What DOESN'T work, and what DOES serve as a predictor for future behavior that's far more serious is to let this kind of thing slide because, well, we ALL did stupid stuff when we were young!

For the record, I got caught throwing carrots at cars when I was about that same age. My dad ensured I couldn't sit down for a week afterward. Guess what? I didn't steal carrots from the garden OR throw things at cars ever again. Imagine that!

Darwin's choice

"monkey see monkey do" great analogy for you and shizzle......

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Stop It



Like I said in a previous comment. Stop sparing the rod and spoiling the child. A good ol' A$$ whippin is in order. Be it from grandma or any one of the others in charge of this boy. Some of these kids have so many "parents" and "grandparents" they don't know who to listen to.


An elm switch would take care of that behavior ,real quick.

I only had two or three whippings .. it didn't kill me.

and I didn't grow up to do drugs , hate my parents / step parents or go to jail. Or pop out 8 kiddies I couldn't pay for.

My god, I must not be normal.

Stop It

I used to get poplar switches. It took me many more times than you and!, I had to get them myself.


Spanking? That's old school... take away their Xbox instead. Now that's a real punishment!

Stop It

It's the technology. Switches (about a 4 foot tree stick, very green and pliable) to X-boxes and cell phones. 1960's to 2000's. Way back, they used to start fires by rubbing 2 sticks together. :)

When my kid got too old to swat, it was grounding or take away the tech.


Why am I not surprised at who is defending the kid?

sandtown born a...

I don't remember reading his race or name? He must have assumed


Libs and lefties will blame this on Johnny Appleseed!!!