LETTER: No county help for ferry

Did anyone else besides me notice what happened to the prices to ride to Kelley's Island after Neuman Boat Line went out of business
Sandusky Register Staff
May 13, 2010


Did anyone else besides me notice what happened to the prices to ride to Kelley's Island after Neuman Boat Line went out of business?

My family used to enjoy frequent trips to the island to bike, visit the state park, and participate in local festivities.

After Neuman folded, it wasn't long before the discount provided to residents disappeared and prices rose across the board.

There is no need for taxpayers to help buy Mr. Palladino a new boat and boat lift for a return of only $6,500 a year for 15 years.

If this does end up happening, however, the taxpayer should have a right to the additional profit generated from this boat. We should also ride free or at a greatly "reduced" price on our new boat line. I agree with trying to foster small business growth.

However, it's called private enterprise for a reason. Let the Kelleys Island Ferry Boat Line buy its own boat.

They may raise prices further, but maybe it will become profitable enough for another company to figure out a way to transport cars and people to the island more cheaply.

In the end, free enterprise benefits us, the consumer, more so than government involvement will.

Roger Blevins




You know what bothers me is that all these so called fly.by-nights comeinto sandusky so they can plan all these big plans , and then for one so called reason they cant see it through
The only reason that they come to sandusky is cause sandusky is one that will hand out money to any idea at the TAX PAYERS EXPENSE AND THEN THEY LOSE IT
Its about time that if these people want to open something , such as the boat , then they need to talk to bank and ask them for the money
I am thinking that at todays rates they would have to really make money or face forfitting it to the bank
But if they get it from the city then they just write it off and make the tax payers flip the bill for it through higher taxes for something that they may or may not get any use out of .
Its time for Sandusky to take a stand and say no to these people and if they say yes , well then the council should have to pay for any money that isnt paid back.
If you do that then maybe the city wouldnt be so free with tax dollars , just look at the cost of the police chiefs appeal , its all ready cost well over a million dollars and most of them i would bet didnt even stay in sandusky . it went to out of towners and making them richer.
You all reay have the pelee islander that comes in and they have even cut back on trips that do the same things as what this person is wanting
So why place a burden on the boat that is striving to make it by bring in another boat that isnt even needed . WAKE UP SANDUSKY AND DO THE RIGHT THING AND SAY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

T. A. Schwanger

RE: Columbus Ave::
Allow me to answer a question with a question.

In past posts, you have tried to beat up on the "schwangerites" by demanding they put up their own money for parks etc. but yet you think the owners of the proposed boat yard and island transport, with more money than myself and ten of my neighbors combined, should receive free government (mine and yours) money?

brutus smith

Good letter Roger, I totally agree it's supposed to be free enterprise. If we are going to give taxpayer dollars to private companies, then we need to have a interest in them. People who get welfare and food stamps are dictated to as to what they can own.

columbus avenue

So what you are saying is that the owners of these fiscal black holes called ferry lines are not entitled to make a living?