LETTER: State-run media part of 'hit' on Toyota

It's amusing to watch the state-run media and their breathless excitement over the Toyota's recalls. We shouldn't be surprised being
Sandusky Register Staff
May 13, 2010


It's amusing to watch the state-run media and their breathless excitement over the Toyota's recalls. We shouldn't be surprised being that the media is the mouthpiece for Obama's state-run auto companies, GM and Chrysler? Is there any connection that Toyota is not unionized? Does anyone believe the state-run media's excited reaction is not connected to these facts?

Now the media is reporting rumors, as news, from a so-called disgruntled Toyota employee that Toyota is covering up problems and circumvents U.S. laws. Again, we have to remember just who's pocket the media is in or who they work for. There is no longer an objective media in this country. They are now the equivalent of Russia's Pravda and do the bidding of the state.

As a retired executive of a Toyota subsidiary, I can speak from knowledge that Toyota will solve its problem. Its commitment to quality and its management systems are second to no business. It is the model for all companies who wish to become the best. It will resolve these issues and come back stronger than ever. You can bet on it!

Ralph Kraus



pigeon farmer

Let us join at the gazebo and pray to sarah palin.

Chung Lee

State run media? Clearly not a fact but an ignorant opinion. If this is hit job by state run media....why has Fox been following this so closely? Chung Lee pretty sure it is overt tea-bagging racism. Look at those pitiful crowds of teabaggers and ask yourself where is the diversity?


You know, it’s funny. I don’t know how many times raving conservatives have accused George Soros of being MY buddy. I honestly don’t know who he is. I’ve never taken the time to research him either. I know he’s really rich or something like that, right? I hear and read his name taken in vein. Who is this guy that you think he has so much influence over “liberals”.

brutus smith

Blah, Blahba, Blah. Which one is run owned by Liberals?????? Source please.

Richard Bebb

Heres a correaltion for you, MSNBC gets their talking points from Media Matters, isnt that right Copy and Paste?? Do I need to say anything more.

And on a side note for those of you who are against the free speech win for America in the recent Supreme Court decision, better check your buddy George Soros.



When one is a flaming liberal himself, one tends not see the obvious liberal slant from the drive by news networks.


Wow! This guy needs to lay of the paranoia pipe. The only state run media I am aware of is PBS. I doubt Oscar the grouch and the Cookie Monster go out of their way to bash Toyota. Well, the number 6 and the letter A, now that’s a different story…

Has nobody noticed that the 24 hour news stations have 24 hours to fill? It's not about media bias (in this instance) as much as it is about filler. You didn’t have these problems back when TV went off the air at night.


To say that the media is "State Run" is pure nonsense. To say that the media tends to promote a liberal agenda is appropriate.

brutus smith

Name 1 major news network that's owned by liberals. Name 1 major newspaper that is owned by liberals. And before you say NY Timess you better fact check.

The New World Czar

The onslaught of the media in this charade on Toyota is nothing more than a diversion created by our ever-bumbling administration in DC.