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For jobless over 50, a challenging search for work
Associated Press
Oct 23, 2013


When Charlie Worboys lost his job, he feared searching for a new one at his age might be tough. Six years later, at 65, he's still looking.

Luanne Lynch, 57, was laid off three times in the past decade and previous layoffs brought jobs with a lower salary; this time she can't even get that.

They're not alone. A new Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll finds many people over 50 reporting great difficulty finding work and feeling that their age is a factor.

After Worboys was laid off and his hunt for another teaching job was fruitless, he sought counseling positions. When those leads dried up, he applied for jobs in juvenile detention centers, in sales and elsewhere. He finally settled for part-time work, all the while still scouring online listings and sending out applications each week.

"They're looking for the younger person," he said. "They look at the number 65 and they don't bother to look behind it."

The AP-NORC Center poll found 55 percent of those 50 and older who have sought a job in the past five years characterized their search as difficult, and 43 percent thought employers were concerned about their age. Further, most in the poll reported finding few available jobs (69 percent), few that paid well (63 percent) or that offered adequate benefits (53 percent). About a third were told they were overqualified.

Still, some companies are welcoming older workers, and 43 percent of job seekers surveyed found a high demand for their skills and 31 percent said there was a high demand for their experience. Once on the job, older workers were far more likely to report benefits related to their age — 60 percent said colleagues had come to them for advice more often and 42 percent said they felt as if they were receiving more respect in the company.

People of all ages have been frustrated by the job market and the unemployment rate for those 55 and older was 5.3 percent in September, lower than the 7.2 percent rate among all ages. By comparison, unemployment among those 20-24 was 12.9 percent, and among those 25-54, 6.2 percent.

But long-term unemployment has been rampant among the oldest job seekers. Unemployed people aged 45 to 54 were out of work 45 weeks on average, those 55 to 64 were jobless for 57 weeks and those 65 and older average 51 weeks.

Younger workers were unemployed for shorter periods of time.

Sixty-three percent of those who searched for a job cited financial need and 19 percent said it was because they were laid off. Far smaller numbers searched because they wanted to change careers, find a better salary or benefits, escape unhappiness at a prior job or simply get out of the house.

Lynch, of San Gabriel, Calif., hated taking a step down after the earlier layoffs, but this time only one interview has come from 70-some applications.

"It's starting at the bottom," she said. "And frankly, I'm getting too old to be starting at the bottom."

Bob Gershberg, a corporate recruiter in St. Petersburg, Fla., said unemployed people, regardless of age, have had trouble getting rehired. But he said older workers have faced an added layer of skepticism from employers.

"They'll say, 'Give me the young guy. Give me the up-and-comer. Someone with fire in the belly," he said. "But there's always been a bias against the unemployed. They say, 'If she was so good, why'd she get cut?'"

Sharon Hulce, who runs a recruitment firm in Appleton, Wis., said she's found some employers are concerned that applicants in their late 50s or 60s may not stick around for the long haul.

And Kerry Hannon, who authored "Great Jobs for Everyone 50-plus," said managers may be leery of a lengthy resume from someone they can't afford, salary-wise.

"They'll look at your background and just figure you'll be insulted," she said.

About 4 in 10 who have been on the job market said they felt they lacked the right skills or felt too old for the available jobs. Many reported trying to improve their skillset (20 percent) or present themselves with a fresher resume or interview approach (15 percent) to make themselves more marketable.

Bret Lane, 53, of San Diego, was out of work for 22 months until finding a job over the summer through Platform to Employment, a training program. He lost count of how many jobs he had applied for — it was easily in the hundreds. Once, after seeing applications would be taken for a janitorial job paying $14 hourly, he got up at 3 a.m. to get an early start. There were already 400 others in line.

"I wasn't getting any interviews. I wasn't getting in front of any decision makers," he said. "People in our age group are very discriminated against."

One in five respondents in the AP-NORC Center poll said they personally experienced prejudice or discrimination in the job market or at work because of their age. That doubles to 40 percent among those who have sought a job in the last five years.

Faye Smith, 69, of Dallas, Ga., said she needed to find work after losing much of her savings in the downturn but felt the hesitance of employers when they saw the dates on her resume.

"You could tell when they found out the age," she said. "There's a change in the face and the demeanor of the person."

The AP-NORC Center survey was conducted Aug. 8 through Sept. 10 by NORC at the University of Chicago, with funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. It involved landline and cellphone interviews in English and Spanish with 1,024 people aged 50 and older nationwide. Results from the full survey have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4.1 percentage points.


Associated Press Director of Polling Jennifer Agiesta and News Survey Specialist Dennis Junius contributed to this report.



AP-NORC Center:


Matt Sedensky, an AP reporter on leave, is studying aging and workforce issues as part of a one-year fellowship at the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, which joins NORC's independent research and AP journalism. The fellowship is funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and supported by APME, an association of AP member newspapers and broadcast stations.


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This is sobering. Waiting for the "experts" to tell these jobless folks how to go fwd.

Stop It

Let's hear it sprinkles!


The "expert" wrongheaded Progressive-socialist answer is OF COURSE:

ANOTHER big govt. billion-dollar project funded with printed and borrowed money.

Free mkt., small govt. ideas like reducing onerous regulations and lower taxation on corps. should be excluded from ANY consideration.


For some reason, younger people think just because we're older we're a) stupid b)slow c)forgetful d)brain dead and probably a few other things that make us unemployable. Got news for you-you're the stupid ones.


How exactly does reducing onerous regulations and lower taxes help an over-50 job applicant? Please explain.


Re: "Please explain."

Allow millions of individuals making free mkt. decisions to work out the details.

As a sport metaphor: Govt. should be the referee, not the coach and owner.

Unlike Progressive-socialist central planners, free mkt. capitalists don't think that they have all the answers and believe in people to make their own decisions for their own benefit.

As I wrote: Furgitaboutit and get a big expensive govt. program together to "fix it."

"Let govt. do it" is the only answer the simple minded Statists know.


Try answering the question now! Rant, rant, rant and ain't said a da*n thing!


Re: "Try"

I did "answer the question," you not unexpectedly didn't understand.

You socialists "claim" to have all the answers; you tell me.

BTW: Rockford, IL is an "arm pit of the universe." I'm not surprised that the job mrkt. s*cks there.

Dr. Information

Good posting Contango. Normal people get it.


Nothing but rantings from a drunken nobody and approval by an idiot.


No you didn't! You never do! You just love to rant. Take a break!


Re: "No you didn't!"

I did.

Typical; you want all the answers of the universe packaged pretty and tied up in fancy bows which is why you're a dumbed down socialist.

Answer the question: What would YOU do to "fix" the problem?


Unlike when gov't "fixes a problem... when the private sector does its work, you can't tell them what to do. It is up the the corporation, company, or owner to do what they think is right and will make their company a profit. When you cut regulations you open up more ways for them to do so. When given an opportunity to profit most companies will figure out ways to expand. When they expand they make more profit and need more workers for that expansion. When gov't restricts them the less chance they have to make profit, the more chance they WON'T expand, and may draw in their heads and get more effiecient for more profit.

The gov't can go in and force companies to make 20% of all new hires over 50, but will that make those under 25 happy? Would it be right? The gov't can make such thing happen but what then are the consequences of doing so? those over 50, who have a higher voting rate will like it, but those under 50 who have a lower voting rate won't like it.

Cut back on regulations and get more jobs across the board. That is the free market way. Put the regulations and taxes back to what Clinton had. You liked it when Clinton was president didn't you? LOL

Really are you ...

Head in the opposite direction of where you find yourself currently heading. Are you Losing a job/ career path, getting tired of trying to find a job, tired of bending over backwards for a company or business that does not appreciate your hard work? The older generation people, like 30 year old plus, that have been outside the Ohio border. What have you liked from other states or countries? Instead of trying to find. Create. For instance, Norwalk use to pride itself in being a childs place. What is there to keep kids occupied? Parks, a recreation center, a bowling alley, and a movie theatre. Absolutely not putting these places down, but thanks for staying. When I was in Tennessee, there was a place called "Family Fun Center." Something like that would fit nicely in that relitively empty Giant Eagle building. When I was over in Germany, there was an indoor go kart track. It was clean and very nicely planned out. Put one of those in one of the vacant factories. I have to say that I miss Meeks Pastery, something like that would be nice again. Sorry I have not tried the Confectionary place on Main Street yet. These are just a few of my thoughts, bet there are a lot of things that people have seen elsewhere that would compliment this area very well.

It is all about changing the way you look at life. Change it from an I can not and I wish thought process to a I can and an I will thought process. Retrain you outlook. YouTube and watch some of Anthony Robbins videos. See if you can find that extra motivation, inspiration, and desire to make change for the better. You could be your own boss and have people working for you.

The Big Dog's back

He gets paid to rant. He takes the opposite side of us no matter what.

Darwin's choice



your lips / my azz


Deertracker1 Commie0. Thanks for my government check/military.

Dr. Information

Contango wins every battle. Who are you to judge you military wannabe?


Put your lips away. Don't you get tired of puckering up?


Dr. Idiot , were you ever in the military ? If not, shut up.


Some of us older people worked real hard and put ourselves in a position where we can't get laid off. We also invested over our lifetime and are not worried about the future except for health issues.

It was my responsibility to maximize my income producing years to make the retirement years relaxing.

Some people didn't. It was their choice with the education level they chose. Also, the type and income produced from the job they chose.

Brains and hard work 1 Waiting for the government to support you 0

Thanks, Mom and Dad for instilling in me a work ethic.

The Big Dog's back

So everybody is born with high IQ's and rich parents?


"So everybody is born with high IQ's and rich parents?"

Care to point out who said that... besides you?

Dr. Information

Don't worry about Big Dog, this person has some issues, we normal people see that.

Also ignore deer and coaster, they are the same posters just posting under different names. You have to laugh at the conversation this person has to have going on daily in their head with the alter egos.

All these people want is a response. Just move on past them. Ignore what they post or respond to.

There can be some good convo/debate on here. EVERYONE just has to ignore the clowns that name call and post off topic crap.


This sounds a little self righteous to me. What is the purpose of the safety net that we all support? Certainly there are folks who are left unemployed in an economic crisis. I would think that workers over 50 should be at the height of their earning years. This should be the time to prepare for retirement instead of being replaced by cheaper, younger employees.


Re: "I would think that workers over 50 should be at the height of their earning years."

As is said: If you're looking for guarantees, you were born in the wrong universe.

As I pointed out: The article is about people in Rockford, IL. IMO it's been a pit for decades.

For one: When the interstate was being built, they wanted it outside the city not through it.

So development left downtown and moved to the east side of town.

Hence, many of their economic problems were self-inflicted.

In fact, the whole state of IL is in economic difficulties. Overall, it's a poor example.

Since deertracker is unable to answer a direct and clear question and I answered your question, care to take a stab?

What would YOU do to "fix" the problem?


My answer to your problemsssssssssssssssss!
1) Find and discard all bottles of Kesssler's hidden around the house including the garage and those buried in the backyard.
2) Immediately enter detox and complete a rehab program.
3) Beg the doctor for a frontal lobotomy.
4) Go somewhere and sit down and shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Problem fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Third request: What would YOU do to "fix" the (on topic) problem?


@ sprinkles
You are Assuming that you are the only person that made it. You really need to climb down off of that high horse before you fall off. Material things are just that! Material! Be proud of your success not bitter!



Not on my high horse, just offering insight. You don't have to be rich to be a success. But, you have to drive and a will to move above your present station in life.

I presently counsel nine teenagers in regards to this philosophy. Anyone that is self sufficient is a success in my book. Where you go from there is a personal decision.

We talk about personal responsibility. We talk about career paths. I help them apply for further education and help them locate funding. Sometimes I supply that funding. I only help those who want to help themselves. I don't waste my time trying to change multi generational entitlement mindsets.

Are you interested in helping me make lives better?


I already have made many teens' and adults' lives better. I did more than just preach to them I opened up my home to many foster children from months old to teenagers. I fed them, gave them a safe and secure place to live and sleep and nurtured them. I have also helped many adults re enter society and change their lives by employing them. You know, giving them the ability to help themselves. The difference between you and I is I never judged them or patted myself on the back for helping them and I never will. How can you know if someone has a "multi generational entitlement mindset" if you don't bother to waste your time? Like I said, get off your high horse. To whom much is given, much is required. I have never been "given" anything but have "given" much. I don't need to make others feel inferior so that I can feel superior. If what you say is true, I say Thank You on their behalf but that's all you get. Good will always come back to you.



Played the help everyone game to begin with. Years of frustration trying to help those who don't want to help themselves changed my philosophy on assistance . Don't waste my time with those (multi generational entitlement individuals) who expect some else to solve their problems.

I can effect many more individuals in a positive manner when they have a desire to put for effort. I find it more rewarding to
maximize the number of lives I impact .


That's the problem! You were playing and not really trying to help someone but instead trying to make yourself feel good. Are you really trying to impact other's lives or just your own?



Sorry it is a game to those milking the government entitlement. Their goal is to receive as much as possible free without putting forth any effort. I just won't be a part of it anymore.

Truthfully we are very similar. We both take the time and effort to help others. We are both very passionate about that effort. We just approach the problem from different mindsets. Your not wrong. I'm not wrong.


The problem is you think everyone that receives help is "milking" the system. That is not the case. However, there are those that do "milk" the system. One of my four brothers is living proof of that. Calling him a bum is an insult to real bums. Our mindsets are different when it comes to assuming people do not want to better themselves. Some do, some don't but you can't lump them all together!


I know that their is a valid use of government entitlement as a temporary safety net during difficult times for all of us. These programs initially were developed to be temporary in nature. This is not the case with millions of Americans.

Multi generational entitlement. These above mention programs have become a lifestyle. In 1975 I attended a college class on urban studies. The teacher spent a majority of the time filing us in on how "milk" the system. That was 38 years ago and my first experience in this alternative lifestyle. As a young man I worked in that lifestyle. Grandparents, parents and children all preaching the gospel of letting the government support you.

Through generations this lifestyle has become life for millions of Americans.

I support those who want to better themselves. I won't waste my time with those who have accepted entitlement as a lifestyle.

2cents's picture


Dr. Information

erie mom, This is why you cannot rely on the government to take care of you, because when the crap hits the fan, you are done. Its been proven over and over again, they don't care about you and I.

We should all demand that Social Security be done away with and that the government pays us back every single dime we paid in. Its legalized robbery and as of right now, there is an end date that will hit where the money will be gone. Whats going to happen then? Are we going to be told, sorry the pot ran dry, for those that paid in and never got a dime back, think of it as a donation to the betterment of this country? Or will the Dems want to raise taxes so they can pay for something that people paid into? Double dipping? YES

Problem is, the generation that it will effect (mine) are to busy out working and taking care of their families and 99% of people are ignorant to so much going on outside of their daily lives. The government lOVES this btw.


Politics has gutted civil rights over the years. There was a time when it was against the law to discriminate against older Americans. Now a business just needs to prove that there could have been a different reason. Most often the business will show a legitimate savings to payroll. Think about it. We didn't fire him because of his age. We fired him because we could hire an employee who would work for less.


Re: "We fired him because we could hire an employee who would work for less.

And you of course never look for a bargain, but always pay top dollar for your food, clothes, and other consumer products?


More facts. Most Americans hate truth. Dr a. flunked medical college. But he never served - sing Mary sing. Or elect Jenna Jameson, she's GOP all the way.

Dr. Information

More opinions from the discharged.


I got this 1 deertracker..Flat tax, profit sharing (helps morale when all benefit) fair pay for fair days work, make all tax abatements come with stipulations that are upheld, + more.