(Fixed) Word on the Street: Is Sandusky becoming too dangerous?

We asked a few area residents if they think Sandusky has become too dangerous in light of the recent gun violence. Watch this video to hear their thoughts and jump into the conversation by commenting below.
Jasmine Pace
Jun 16, 2011

We asked a few area residents if they think Sandusky has become too dangerous in light of the recent gun violence. Watch this video to hear their thoughts and jump into the conversation by commenting below.



 Hey Register Word on the street is your Videos rarely play correctly!


Compared to  10 years ago ..YES!  

 Your  town has much more shootings and gun play now, simply because of the thugs/drugs/ ghetto riff raff that is moving in your town...  you also  have a dead police officer.

What do you think?


Yes, Sandusky is becoming more and more violent.  the reason is drugs, and more drugs and that includes alochol.  Much of the violence stems from corhorting youth and problems with minorities. I would continue to report all of this vilence FRONT PAGE every single day until the silent majority finally take a stand and control their neighborhoods and families.  Good work Sankusky Register!

brutus smith

 When you take away hope from people just to make the rich richer, this is the result. 


Really Brutus? Take a look at the names of the people doing most of the violent crimes in Sandusky.  Those of us who grew up here know the names well.  This has nothing to do with hope.  It has everything to do with multiple generations on welfare with nothing better to do with their idle time but cause problems.  Not all but most of the idiots recently involved in these shootings have families that have been on welfare for generations.  They have chosen to make this a lifestyle instead of a helping hand.  Now that Sandusky is mostly metro rental units, a great deal of residents are on public assistance.  With too much time on their hands, this is what they do.  You need look no farther than most big cities to figure this out.


Brutus, you really are an idiot...typical liberal dogma "it's not my fault I didn't go to school and learn something productive"  it's not my fault I keep having babies and don't know who the daddy is"  It's not my fault I don't make enough on welfare so I can buy a new car and new house"  Only liberals fail to take ownership for their own shortcomings, promote and support doing nothing but weekly trips to SSI or whatever, and decry success due to their own failures.  Now you tell me how the rich get richer by having what used to be a wonderful place to live,
Sandusky, turn into cesspool?  Your rambling comments have never made sense and this latest one might just be the dumbest ever.

Jack Frost

The problem is the courts, the officers risk their lives to arrest these low lifes and then the judges give them a free pass. If the victims are closed mouthed about who's doing the shootings and stabbings, lock them up for obstruction. Everyone of these losers are wanna be gang members, Hancock St., McCarther Park, Pioneer Trail, and Larchmont. Small time hoods. Have the judges put some serious time on these punks and let them fight it out in prison. These guys will belong to Bubba in the big house. Also, like Fla. test everyone for drugs before you hand them a welfare check. If the Governor really want to put some money back in the budget, that would save millions every year.


This is a trick question right?


If you're going to continue with these "on the street" videos, for heaven's sake, get a better microphone!! I'm tired of listening to the wind blow!


Video was bad partly because it was done on a windy day.  Can you redo the man on the street video in better weather conditions, maybe in the downtown area away from the water?     


Please don't call me an idiot if my opinion differs from yours. I was not born here but I am very familiar with the area. I always thought that when someone shoots, kills with a screwdriver, assaults someone with a hammer, that it was a choice.


I can't agree enough with Florida and their drug testing for welfare idea. If your on drugs, your cut off and on the street. I'd be willing in my taxes to pay for one free bus ticket to a city of choice, with no return options. Return to the city you got kicked out of, and face instant arrest and incarceration. One more thing is a mandatory death penalty for gun related killings, and mandatory life sentence for gun related assaults. I am smart enough to know that none of these options will be seen in my life time. But after all, it's just my opinion.

Outside lookin in

Sandusky ....What did you think was going to happen?  You got a crooked Prosecutor, the Courts are closed to the citizens, the atheist/government run schools are a mess and the government run agencies are not only protecting the drug dealers but also making money off the influx of drugs into Erie County.  Bad people can't succeed unless Good people do nothing!

Red Baby-Shoes

Outside lookin in is severely misguided. The goverment is and always has been run by extremist chritians who all hate people that don't belive the exact same thing they do.

But honestly we need to start taking a stand. But if we were to defend ourselves against these criminals we would be the ones being charged. I don't like the excuse that they do it because they are poor either. I am low income also. Know what I do? Work. I don't do drugs, don't steal and never disrespect others. Get a job and stop blaming society. Ugh sorry for the rant but I hate criminals >.<


Is this a question about SandusKy, Ohio, or Sandusy?  I am confused... sorry, couldn't resist.


Now, WHAT do you liberals expect?  Here is YOUR example of social justice and progressive liberalism.  Let's review.  When businesses began to close down because of UNIONS, it SHOULD have been a CLUE.  When people began moving OUT and each TEN YEAR census showed a decline of taxpaying families and individuals, it SHOULD have been a CLUE.  When the city became a collection of abandoned, broken windows, commercial and residential buildings to PROVE your monuments to liberal success, it SHOULD have been a CLUE.  When the drop out rate in the liberal, UNION public school system spiked which resulted in the liberal agenda to "dumb down" the standards, it SHOULD have been a CLUE!  When all your products of liberal socialism required taxpayers PAY for these drop out pillars of society (more money for more babies, welfare, food cards, section 8 housing) YOU were NOT giving enough so they had to resort to a higher income bracket called CRIME and "spreading the wealth around."  When liberals in DENIAL BLAME the city commissioners for NOT waving the MAGIC WAND to change (hope and change) people and make them responsible, it SHOULD have been a CLUE.  When liberals who look in the mirror and convince themselves how wonderful they are and BLAME the police, BLAME firearms, BLAME knives, pipes, drugs or the tooth fairy for YOUR misery, it SHOULD have been a CLUE.  With ALL these CLUES, what is the REAL reason for the degradation, depravity, SHAME and FAILURE of a once great city?  I present to you the product of your OWN ignorance and your DENIAL to face the TRUTH.  Why?  Because you liberals EXPECT government to give you paradise while YOU do NOTHING and then BLAME.  If YOU want to change this city around, then YOU do something about it!  Instead of BLAMING renters and city commissioners, YOU do something instead of whining and complaining like typical two-bit losers.  "Duh, I DO be doin something, I'z be payin my taxes."  Sorry freaks, making yourselves "FEEL GOOD" by paying more is NOT working.  When the PEOPLE decide they had enough and decide to do something in conjunction with LE and government services working as a team, THEN there will be some semblance of RESULTS.  Until then, there will NEVER be any improvement and the city will finally morph into the ultimate liberal "sanctuary city" of criminal deviance.  Good luck with that!  You are ALL the results of your own FAILURE and it is speading like cancer.  Don't believe that?  Go to Detroit, Toledo, Cleveland and take a look at the success of liberalism.  Get a CLUE!  Ha! Ha!          


I am curious, Taxpayer, are the six letters that make up the word liberal even visible on your keyboard anymore?

The Bizness

 This is for TAXPAYER

And what do you think we should do to change the current situation? 

Unions once served a very important role in American society because they made workplaces safer, gave workers rights, and demanded proper pay. All of which I am sure you recieved at some point in your life due to the work of unions in the past. Sure now they have become pretty damn strong but they still can serve an important role.

As for cities struggling I blame white flight and urban sprawl.  Mostly white affluent people thought that just because  crime was happening the whole city was going to hell so they left even though it really wasn't necessary. So people moved out to the subarbs with their cars which caused demand to go up for gas, which raises price for gas...now China and the rest of Asia is goign through the same process which is causing evne more demand and we all knwo that higher demand cuases higher prices when supply is not being met.  So your conservative friends want to keep drilling and drilling instead of implementing a strategy to allow every house to have a 600 watt wind turbine on their house which could power electric cars and drive our demand for oil down.

You bring nothing construction to these comment sections instead you spread hate and slander.


A better idea would be  to  take away  their Wic,  Metro and F ood stamps away until they sang like canaries, or threaten to clip them ( both genders) -- no mo' baby  pumpers.  Which  when ya think about it,  Would be a good thing.......

brutus smith

 A better idea would be to have jobs for a lot of these people. Living wage jobs. Would you rather see more people on the street or less? Right wingnuts like 8 ball, can't wrap their mind around that. When we had good paying jobs there were less people milling around. What's so hard to comprehend about that?



How much is a living wage?  Who do you expect to pay for this entitlement? Those big bad  horrible corporations or the government?


For the haters: Doug Leavell's parents have NEVER been on welfare and have been married over fifty years!

R U Kidding me

I don't know about guns and other crimes, But I will say those loud motorcycles are getting out of hand. There so loud at times I can't here all the gun shots in town.


Tarriffs to bring jobs back, then forced rehab (prison with medics). I too hate the snich mentality on the street.


This video was pointless.. but anyway.. its sandusky and all other surrounding cities also.. i havent lived in sandusky long, and i came from a small town that i thought was always small and safe but even that has become drug infested and robberies and people breaking into others houses... its all towns and most of it has to do with drugs or alcohol.. its ridiculous.. get a job like everyone else and buy your own things instead of stealing!!


Oh, for god's sake, Brutus! Are you personally so envious of anyone who has more than you do that you spend all of your time assuming the fact that there are both rich people and poor people causes all ills? I'm far (VERY far!) from rich, but I don't shoot people, I don't steal, and I don't blame everybody and everything but myself when something goes wrong!

As for jobs with a "living wage," I know what THAT'S super secret code for: Another raise (preferably a substantial one) in the minimum wage. How about trying THIS on for size: If you don't want to work a minimum wage job, get yourself some above-minimum-wage SKILLS!

Of course, that would involve not only staying in school but paying attention while you're there. It could also have someting to do with vocational or college training. Oh, and wait! One more thing: It might have a little bit to do with EFFORT! Which is probably why some of these third and fourth generation social programs offspring don't bother.

Most wealthy people got that way because they had a better idea than you, or because they worked a lot harder than you, or both. Inherited money is another story, of course, but that's an accident of birth and not something those BORN wealthy should be punished for. I realize if you had your way that everybody with too much money (and YOU get to define "too much" I'm sure) would have to give everything above a certain amount away. Know what happens if you impose that? The smarter, harder workers won't bother. Yeah, THAT'll bode well for the future!

By the way, Brutus, if you're looking for something above minimum wage yourself, I'm pretty sure ideas like yours qualify you to work in the Obama administration. Job security ain't too hot, though...

brutus smith

 sam a, where did I say I was talking about myself? Put down the bottle before you blog. And you complain teachers make to much money even though they have this education you say other people need. sam, it's 2011, not 1960.


So NOW it is the BLAME of "white flight" that the city will soon be deemed a combat zone?  Ha! Ha!  I have read a lot of liberal, crybaby complaining before by losers, but this one WINS the liberal "peace" prize for EXCUSES.  So WHAT do YOU mean by "white flight" as the CAUSE for all this decay and urban FAILURE?  Hmm??  I just KNEW it had to be the BLAME of someone.  THIS time it is the BLAME of "white" people??  Man, I could NOT make this stuff up.  I present to you the intelligentsia of critical thinking by a liberal individual who is so miserable in their own ignorance they no longer have ANY cultural or social options.  Absolutely incredible.  BLAME white people for everything?  Ha! Ha!  Thank you for helping me PROVE my points.  Hey, how about BLAMING the tooth fairy as well?  "Boo, hoo, hoo!  I am so miserable from all my liberal values and failures.  I don't get enough entitlements.  It is the BLAME of white people.  It makes me weep!"  Ha! Ha!   

The Bizness


  I am not blaming white people for anything, affluent people simply thought they were living in an increasingly dangerous area so they left and took the money with them. This isn't an opinion it is a fact. There are so many social, economic, and political reasons for crime that is pointless to even argue on whether an area is becoming too dangerous.

Obviously you have never had any training in urban geography or any other sort of social geography because then you would understand. Just wait till the days that suburbia become ghetto's because people can't afford to live 50 miles from their work anymore so they move back to city centers.

I simply was asking what YOU would do to help crime problems. I have no idea what I would do other than keep spending my money in Downtown Sandusky because that is what I think will help the city. What will you do to keep the city of Sandusky a thriving community? Please I think everyone on this website is curious as to your ideas.



How about we have a discussion. I am very interested in your "living wage" concept. Please explain what that encompasses. 

Is this a right for all American citizens? What salary would be expected? Would people have to work to receive this ? What other benefits come with this living wage? Health Care? Retirement?

Who's responsibility is it to pay for this "living wage"?  Private businesses or government?

Would this "living wage" differ from state to state depending on the cost of living? My guess is a "living wage" would be different in NYC rather than Sandusky.

Do you tie it into home and car ownership also? How about cell phones and flat screen tv's ?

Your input is required to have a discussion.