Couple arrested after scuffle in First Street field

Two Columbus-area residents were arrested Saturday evening after a caller saw a man drag a woman by her hair through a First Street field.
Courtney Astolfi
Oct 22, 2013


Robert Simpkins, 32, of Hilliard, was charged with domestic violence, assault, obstruction, operating a vehicle under the influence and fictitious plates. Cecelia Pendergrass, 27, of Columbus, was charged with domestic violence, assault, obstruction and disorderly conduct intoxicated.

Shortly after 6 p.m. Saturday, Sandusky police went to First and East Farwell streets to find Simpkins and Pendergrass standing near their car, according to a police report. Both said they had been arguing.

When officers pointed out the grass on Simpkins’ shoes and feet — and grass stains on Pendergrass’ sweatshirt — the two denied they’d been in a physical fight, the report said.

Later, Simpkins said Pendergrass assaulted him, showing officers a small scratch on his head, the report said.

When officers asked about Pendregrass’ grass-stained clothes, she said the marks were caused by her poncho when she was at Cedar Point, the report said.

While the pair were at the Sandusky police station, Pendergrass began kicking the wall of her holding cell. She and Simpkins also refused to let officers photograph their injuries, the report said.

Both were taken to the Erie County jail. Simpkins’ bond was set at $11,000, while Pendergrass’ was set at $7,000.



Nothing says "We weren't fighting" Like a woman with a black eye.

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Every time I click thru this article it seems like her eye swells shut more and more : )

Silly people, just add booze!




Reguardless of what happened, No woman should get her @%$# beat like that by her boyfriend.