Oh, deer: It’s that time of year

So beautiful in the forest, so delicious in a stew, yet so dastardly on the road.
Shawn Foucher
Oct 22, 2013


So goes the tale of the Ohio deer, whose forays at this time of year are better suited for horror stories than much else.

Particularly when it involves a motorist.

Just ask Erie County Deputy Greg Hall, whose SUV slammed head-on into a eight-point buck Monday morning at U.S. 250 and Fox Road in Huron Township. The collision demolished the front end of the SUV, putting it out of commission until it can be repaired, Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said.

Hall was not injured. The county is on the hook for a $2,500 deductible, with insurance picking up the rest.

In the past 12 months, about 790 drivers have struck a deer in the Register’s coverage area. That’s 201 crashes in Erie County, 115 crashes in Ottawa County, 216 in Huron County, and 255 in Sandusky County.

At least 18 of those crashes resulted in injuries, and one was fatal. In July, Dale Brundage, 62, of Berlin Heights, died after he struck a deer while riding his motorcycle on Mason Road in Erie County.

The vast majority of vehicleversus-deer crashes are in October, November and December, with November far and away seeing the most crashes.

In the past week alone, sheriff’s offices and police agencies have logged more than a dozen incidents where vehicles struck deer, or where deer carcasses were found on the road after an apparent crash.

“They’re unpredictable,” Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said. “People need to be aware and drive accordingly.”

With farmers harvesting fields and the rutting season approaching, deer are out in large numbers.

Drivers should call 911 if their vehicle strikes a deer, Sigsworth said. Dispatchers will send out a patrolman or deputy to complete a crash report. The sheriff’s office also can send people to pick up the deer off the road.



I hope he was cited, like when everyone else gets cited for hitting a deer


i wasnt cited when i hit one

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Me either, and I hit two at the same time a number of years ago. There were four dead ones on the turnpike eastbound Sunday afternoon. I put those deer whistles on, see what happens, it will probably call them to me :O


Hmmm. If you read the DNR book about deer hunting it states that ALL deer are owned by the state of Ohio until harvested legally. So if you hit a deer on the road does this make the state DNR liable? The own the deer and their deer was on the road.

Señor Clown

I've been pitching that logic for years, but I can't get much support for the idea. Seems completely fair to me.



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OH NO! The da-- deer now have Obama phones too : )


and health care!

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I see, that's why there are so many. They all have free birth control and SNAP cards now, don't work so they wander the streets all night : )

Pterocarya frax...

Your mother must be so proud of you.


I totalled my car hitting a deer on 250. No citation. Never heard of anyone being cited for hitting a deer.


If the state controls them, they should be held liable.
If your animals get hit on the road, you are liable for damages.
They should also be held liable for all the crop damages that deer cause also.


Hit a deer, win a Turkey!