Kasich chooses Gee to lead review

Former Ohio State University President Gordon Gee was tapped Monday by Gov. John Kasich to lead a review of ways to improve the value of higher education.
Associated Press
Oct 22, 2013


Gee was president of five leading U.S. universities before retiring from Ohio State in July after remarks he made disparaging Roman Catholics and Southeastern Conference schools became public.

He recently led the National Commission on Higher Education Attainment in charting a strategy for improving college retention and attainment.

“I don’t know what they’re doing in other states, but in our state if we hold hands and think differently we can begin to impact our costs to make sure we preserve these great institutions well into the future” the Republican governor said.

Gee said delivering value in higher education is “the question of our times.”



OMG! This guy was fired for being unprofessional and making ignorant remarks on more than one occasion, and our idiot governor chooses him for this position! The sooner Kasich is no longer governor, the better!


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Yes. Both are overpaid & un-aware of how everyday people exist. Both are valid reasons why most in "authority" need pay cuts.

Dr. Information

Great pick up. Gee turned OSU into such a nice campus and really put them on the map.

He said some comments in jest, just like everyone else has in their life. Big deal, the man is an education genius.


He may be a genius, but has no common sense. And I expect more from a professional at such a high level. Perhaps you don't.