Baby named ‘Scarlet Gray’

OSU fans show their school spirit.
Andy Ouriel
Oct 22, 2013


Judging by her vibrant wardrobe, Scarlet Gray King is saddled with a squad she must root on for life.

But based on her cheerful disposition and willingness to don a certain onesie, she’s OK with the decision. It perfectly suits her name.

Parents Justin and Kim King named their 3-month-old daughter after The Ohio State University’s famed color scheme.   “We were talking about names to begin with, and we just happened to come up with Scarlet,” Justin said. “I’ve been a fan since I was real young. I probably haven’t missed a game since I was in high school, and we always watch them.”

Alongside family members at her Anderson Street home, Scarlet typically sits wide-eyed near the family’s big-screen TV every Saturday the Buckeyes play.

“She is always up during games,” Justin said. “ She doesn’t watch it, but she is usually in her scarlet and gray colors.”

Scarlet’s name is fitting, considering:

• Her sister, 3-year-old Violet, is also named after a color. “That was a coincidence,” Kim said.

• It keeps a family namesake intact. Scarlet’s middle name would’ve been Ray, had she been born a boy, as that’s the middle name of Justin, his father, and his grandfather.

Adding a “G” out front seemed logical, as it maintains King’s lineage and creates a unique name for a Buckeye fan.

And, unlike boyfriends and clothing, Justin and Kim aren’t worried about Scarlet’s football teams changing when she gets older.

So what happens if she does decide to swap the Buckeye colors for Michigan’s blue and maize, or Michigan State’s green and white?

“She doesn’t really have a choice,” Justin said. “She’ll always be a Buckeye fan.”


yea right

people and their dumb names.. across the big pond they have laws to prevent this..the id 10 t's just dont realize the impact later in life.." hi im Scarlet Grey your president..hahaha what a joke

Jason Werling

yea right- Do you go by your middle name or just "yea"?

I'm sure Scarlet won't know the difference in her run for president in 40 years.

What a "dumb name" to pick for a child? There are no other people I can think of named Scarlet besides the lead character from that unsuccessful movie from the 1930's.

Oh, and that actress Scarlett Johanssen who hasn't amounted to much.

Wasn't there also a Scarlett from G.I. Joe?




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Hey yea right...Who the hell do you think you are?! That is a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl! Go back into your hole...

Dwight K.

This name is normal compared to some you see...and gray is the middle name not the last


She doesn't have to use her middle name if she doesn't want to, as she grows up. I think its cute. Scarlet Ann Gray would have been over the top!


Good one Justme! Attention Gray families.


I like the name!

Erie Countian

I love the name! No one will think anything of it unless they have any knowledge of Ohio State. It is cute and not weird in the least. It sure beats "Maize Blue"! Beats it almost every year, actually. ;)

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Jean Grey seems to be a successful name!


My neighbor's daughter is Scarlett Grace. Maybe not as obvious; but a little more feminine.


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Raoul Duke

As long as they take care of the kid, what do I care.


Well at least it's not a fruit or a direction.

yea right

like i said across the pond they prevent dumb things like this..i bet you would name your kid..creamofsomeyoungguy....all one 10 t's

From the Grave


From the Grave

I like Grave instead of Gray.


My best friend who has lived in Erie County his entire life and most of those years in Huron, Milan, Castalia, and Bellevue named his daughter Scarlet Gray Greenawald like 5 years ago. Good job ripping the name off.


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