UPDATED: Have you seen this man? He has been found

Missing man, 84, was found in West Virginia this morning.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 22, 2013


UPDATED- According to the Erie County Sheriff's Office, Jack Smith has been located in West Virginia.

He was located in Hampshire County at 9 a.m. after a deputy there had located his disabled car on the road . Smith was experiencing a medical condition and was taken by rescue squad to an area hospital.

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Jack Smith, 84, of the 2600 block of Alpine Trail, was last seen at about 2:30 a.m. Monday in the Sandusky area, driving a silver 2003 Pontiac Grand Am. His vehicle has an orange ball on the antenna and quite a few bumper stickers on the back. The Ohio license plate number on the car is 383 XUD.  

Anyone with information can call Erie County deputies at 419-625-7951

Deputies said they stopped Smith's vehicle at about 2 a.m. Monday on the west end of Sandusky. The car's license plate light was out, so deputies issues a warning. During the traffic stop, Smith told deputies he was headed to get gas and then headed home. About 15 minutes later, deputies saw him pumping gas into his car at a convenience store on Cleveland Road. 

Another 15 minutes after that, a Sandusky police officer pulled over Smith's vehicle in Sandusky for the same license plate light violation. The officer issued Smith a warning and sent him on his way. 

He has not been seen since, deputies said. 

Smith's family said he has no serious medical issues, but he does get disoriented when he drives at night. He ran into a similar problem about two years ago, deputies said, but he later made it home. 

Deputies said the family is concerned because no one reported seeing him all day Monday. As of late Monday night he was still listed as a missing person.  


Tsu Dho Nimh

Prayers to the family that he returns home safely.

Kottage Kat



Maybe he was distraught over constant police harassment?

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Interesting...he's pulled over on West side. 15 minutes later deputies see him pumping gas on Cleveland Road. Same deputies followed him to Cleveland Road?? Is that convenience store gas station open after 2a.m.?? Is this normal route for same deputies to cover West side & East side? Did they follow the guy? Has there been an actual search for this man? Has the bay been searched?


Friendship on Cleveland Rd is open 24/7


No it is not. I worked at shell for 2 years and they close the same time we do usually... 1 AM winter weekends , midnight weekdays


Maybe they leave their pumps open at night, but that is dangerous


You know the cops are hungry to get something going at 2am..They will pull you over and say "You went left of center"..Even though you never did..Very common line i heard when working 3rd shift.


States he was initially stopped by deputies, presumably Erie County, and later by SPD.


You know it sure would be nice if whenever I try to upload anything from this web site to Facebook it actually worked. This site is the only one I have problems with. And before anyone asks, yes I am a subscriber, pay extra for the e-paper and like the page on Facebook.Sure would be nice to share this gentleman's picture to get it out there. My rant is now over.

Peninsula Pundit

right click, 'save picture', worked for me.

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'save image as', sorry.


this article is about a missing man!!! does it really matter when the gas station is open??? c'mon people


They found him in WV....now maybe he will stop driving and keep us all safe!

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I don't think it says in here why he headed to WV. Just because he is eldery makes him no better or worse a driver. By way of your small statement maybe we should just round them old people up and lock em in a home huh...


actually he's going to live with this family now because he drove to West Virginia and instead of his house so yeah that's round up all the elderly duh.....he had a little flag on his car to find it in the parking lot because he had memory loss lets think about that a little bit you can't find your car in a parking lot maybe you shouldn't drive. the only reason they found him in West Virginia is because he had a car accident hmm yeah no driving for him but there's a lot of 16 year olds in 20 year olds and 30 year olds also shouldn't be driving memory loss no one should drive! Your comment is just plain stupid!


duplicate post sorry


Maybe y'all should change the headline, so we all know he was found safe!!

looking around

Glad he is safe.

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In case of missing person, every detail is essential for purposes of developing "time line". Hence, my question concerning gas station business hours. I'm so relieved this gentleman has been found.

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He was fine Sunday at breakfast?


My family is from southern West Virginia and to know that this man #1 was able to navigate the roads there is just incredible!! Since most of West Virginia is mountain territory, the roads are very treacherous, typically one side of the road having a normal sized ditch and the other is down the side of a mountain - usually straight down!! My second issue with this situation is my parents are the same age as this gentleman and both are now no longer able to drive, my mother having lost her ability to drive in the last year. If the family knew that he had issues driving after dark why was did he have access to his keys? Taking away his car would be a big thing that he would notice but taking the keys - just the car key - would be a small thing he wouldn't see and it might be just the answer. He would have to call someone to say, "hey I can't find my car keys but can you come and take me to where ever" and then they would know he would get to where he wants to go and back home safely. Using just simple moves can allow him to keep his independence but still keep him safe. Grateful that he's at least been found and hope that whatever happened that he had the accident in WV was nothing major and he'll be well enough to be brought back home soon


Glad no one was hurt. Hope he quits driving.


So glad they found him! I can only imagine how worried his family must have been!