Holy roller: Empty bus crosses U.S. 250

No one was injured Sunday afternoon when an empty, parked church bus rolled down a steep parking lot and across four lanes of a normally busy U.S. 250.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 21, 2013


Erie County Sheriff’s Sgt. Dan McGlothlin said a Mt. Harvest Church of God bus was parked in the church parking lot with its emergency brake on. It had been parked there since it was used the night before.

“Something went mechanically wrong with the bus,” McGlothlin said.

The church sits on a hill at the intersection of U.S. 250 and Ohio 113. There is a steep incline down to U.S. 250. The 1992 church bus was not hit by any other vehicle when it rolled across the highway and ended up in a ditch across from the church.

The emergency brake was still set, Mcglothlin said. There were no citations issued.



Wow. Church buses typically wait until they're loaded with people before they crash. I'm interpreting this as a sign from above.


It was God's will.


"Look What Jesus Did!!, Look What Jesus Did!!, Look What Jesus Did!!"

Kottage Kat

Praise the Lord this could have been tragic.

The Answer Person

See? He does have a plan.

The Answer Person

Unfortunately, not a roadmap nor GPS.


New meaning to Jesus take the wheel


I love the headline!

thinkagain's picture

Imagine being the lucky individual called to cover this exciting breaking news story.

I guess they have to insert some kind of filler between pro homosexual articles…

Licorice Schtick

Resident homophobe weighs in with nuggets of wisdom. Wonder what % of articles here are "pro homosexual"?

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One of our many resident Christaphobe’s asks an easy question, the answer is 100%. I’ve yet to see one with an opposite viewpoint.


Sunday's sermon: Take the wheel and control the path of your life.