Perkins Twp. schools create new position

Perkins Township School District announced Tuesday morning that it has named high school principal Chris Gasteier as the district's new communications director.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 7, 2011

Perkins Township School District announced Tuesday morning that it has named high school principal Chris Gasteier as the district's new communications director.

The move is in response to community feedback, according to district officials.

"Community comments given through the district community survey, discussion at public Board meetings, and individual conversations with community members have indicated a significant need to improve district communications, especially a sense of listening to the community," officials said in a statement.

Gasteier will take on his new role immediately. Mark Dahlmann, former high school assistant principal, will return from retirement on Aug. 1 to take up leadership at the high school.


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LOL!  More wasted money from Gunner!  When Gunner goes you will get many YES votes on the levy!  Get rid of Gunner and watch the levy pass!  Simple as that.


So let me understand.

Teacher and support staff take a pay freeze for two years and the administration adds another beauracratic position costing the taxpayers over $100,000 in wages and benefits?

The assistant principal retires and they hire him as the principal?  Don't you just love education double dipping?

The place is out of control.


Nothing worse than double dippers!!!

Get some new blood in there!




Creating another high salary position sure doesn't sound like the board is getting the message that we the taxpayers are tapped out.  You can't get what we don't have!!!  But maybe that just illustrates that the current board and superintendent are not listening, a major part of communication.  Guess they are only hearing what they want to hear...another characteristic of arrogant bureaucracy.

And if Dahlmann needs to work because he doesn't make enough from his pension, then don't retire!  Simple as that.  I'm sure with all the cuts in teachers in surrounding districts, there are other persons with the necessary qualifications and certificates that could be a principal that don't have the option to retire.  All the districts need to quit hiring back administrators that have retired. 


Hey Gunner, move your family here!



 What the Register fails to mention is that there is someone leaving as one of the curriculum directors, and this new position is taking the place of that.  It's not a new salary that is being paid on top of the existing positions.  The Register seems to do a great job of leaving out important information in order to make things look worse than they really are.  Perkins is a fantastic school system, and I'm happy to have my kids go there.



If I remember correctly, The school system added a second curriculum director last year. There is no need for a second curriculum director or a communications director in this small school system.

It's just added burden to the taxpayers.


Can't Gunner do this job?  More added layers.


 Outsider, wow i was not aware that they created that other curr. position just last year.  Thank you for the information.  i wonder if this was the plan all along.  i do still think that the Register tends to put down perkins in ways that they don't sandusky or other schools in the area.  99.9% of the people that live and work in that school system want the very best for kids, and even with the questionable decisions made at the top,i still think that the excellent education that the kids receive outweighs the negatives.  Every school has some problems and hopefully we can get ours worked out soon.


If you really believe that the Register seems to put down perkins more than sandusky, you are clueless. The Register is a good reason why many kids from Sandusky went to Perkins. The Sandusky Register has done nothing good for the Sandusky School System.


Let me get this straight: People wanted improved communications. Okay, fair enough.

Now to me, that means what you're doing wasn't communicating adequately. It did NOT mean that somebody had to be put into a created position to do the communicating! It simply meant that those who were SUPPOSED to be communicating were either failing to listen or failing to talk.

Perkins has been pleading poverty, and now this? Huh. I wonder if Gunner has figured out yet just why there's so little support for him OR a new levy... Communicate THAT, if you will, Mr. Gasteier!

NOTE: This is no commentary whatsoever on Mr. Gasteier, or his qualification for such a position. I don't know him nor do I know his level of expertise. It's the HYPOCRISY that's killing me, not the man himself.


 Does Mr. Gastier have a degree in communications and PR - or is he just a person that people likes?Would it not be better to get someone whose job it is to do this?  


 Was the old curriculum person they got rid of the one that was an old board member that had a business degree?  What is that salary compared to the new persons?  Maybe it isn't just one person for another.


Sounds a big fishy...




Get rid of the bureaucrats and consolidate with Sandusky and Margaretta.

Give the students the best education possible and the taxpayers the best value for their tax dollar.


 I have worked with both gentlemen at times.  They are both great men, and this move makes Perkins Schools even stronger.  People may not be very informed of what is going on.  Administrative salaries are less next year than they were this past year.  This is due to one of the curriculum directors leaving.  The taxpayers are not paying Dahlman's retirement.  He paid 10% of every paycheck for his retirement.

All in all, a great move by Perkins.



Guess how much the school system would have saved with one less curriculum director and no communication director ?

Guess what new blood could have done at the high school? Nope, lets keep the double dipper and stifle growth by people who have earned a chance for advancement.

Mr. Dahlman earned his retirement. Get out of the way.



 New blood could make the school even blood could also make things much worse.  At least with Dahlman, taxpayers know what they are getting, and with no added cost.  

Which people have earned a chance for advancement?  Who are you referring to?  I cannot think of another principal in any surrounding district that would do a better job than Dahlman.

Quit starting an argument for argument's sake.  You come off as being over-dramatic and you sound rather silly.

You honestly can't believe what you are saying, can you?




Love your logic. Lets keep everyone forever because we might get someone worse.

How about Ms. Smith? She was sleeping on the job and was fired. With your logic the school system should have kept her because we might get someone worse.

So we should keep Mr. Gunner who creates non essential jobs . A extra curriculum director last year and now a communication director.  It's just a couple hundred thousand dollars for taxpayers. What's the big deal.

Lets just keep everyone because we might get someone worse.

I don't like my money wasted. I will continue to voice my opinion. Sorry if this bothers you.





No.  Keep the good ones (Dahlman) and get rid of the bad ones (Smith).  This works for any company, public or private.  Go into any establishment, and within a week you will find out who is doing their job, and who isn't.  

Keep the ones doing their job, and let the lazy ones go.

Remember, you voted for the board that hired Gunner.  Gunner hired these people to these positions.  If you don't like how things are being run, you can run for office.  I am sure you will get the votes, due to your positive attitude and persuasive arguments.


 This is exactly why Senate Bill 5 is needed. Why would you hire someone who will double dip the retirement system and spend tax dollars needlessly? Where do these clowns come from? Why would you hire someone to run your schools who doesn't even live there? We need to take our outrage directly to the Board of Education as well as the ballot box.  Until then, nothing is going to change. Gastier was a joke when I went to high school with him. 


House Bill 5 has nothing to do with administrators. It's collective bargaining for the teachers and non teachers in the system that the Governor wants to screw with.

Erie County Resident

Gunner just needs somebody with a full box of crayons to draw him some pictures so he can understand the meaning of the word NO!!!


to WesTaylor:  No, the taxpayer won't be paying Dahlmann's retirement, but they will be paying his salary as principal.  And you can bet he won't be getting paid less because he is drawing a pension.   The point is that school districts all over the area are cutting staff, people who can't retire but may have the necessary certification or qualifications.  Why not hire one of those as principal instead of bringing back someone who CHOSE to retire.  He wasn't forced out or fired or laid off.  And it has nothing to do with whether he's a nice guy or not.  It has everything to do with the economy.



The people that are being cut are not qualified to become a high school principal of one of the best districts in the area.  The people who are being cut are those with 5 or less years of teaching experience.  

I believe that he will give his 10% to the state, and it will not increase his pension, so essentially, he will get paid less.

He has earned the right to be the principal, and if you ask the "bad kids" of PHS, he isn't nice at all.  He does his job, and does it well.  

Funny how Perkins wasn't affected by the economy.  Maybe they are doing something right.  Maybe that is why they should keep the people they have, until someone better comes along.



If Mr. Gastier is now the communications director and Mark Dahlman is now the principal, then who will be the assistant principal?  As of todays date, the position has not been posted which leaves one to assume that they will hire an assistant principal from within the ranks- likely a well qualified teacher who has earned their Masters Degree in Administration.  If the system chooses to hire someone from within, then that person will need to be replaced.  In any event, Perkins will be hiring someone to fill this position, whether at the lower level, or administrative. 

Captain Gutz

Another compelling argument for privatization.


Hmmm let's see if I can put this together...  The curiculum director's position that's being eliminated was created last year for only one year.  That person was administratively transferred from principal to curriculum director to see out his last year before retirement.  Now Gasteier is being administratively transferred from principal to communications director for, what I understand, is his last year before retirement. 

What's up Gunner?  Are these administrators not on board with your agenda and this is your way of getting rid of them quietly? 



Community comments were that the board members needed to do a better job at communicating!  We elected them and PAY them to be our voice and to communicate and built a positive relationship with the community.  If they can't do their job, well.....  If I can't perform my job to expectations, is my boss going to hire someone just to do the work that I can't?  Heck no!  I'd be out on my rear and they'd hired someone else!

Gasteier, here's a little sweet revenge for you to communicate with the board and superintendent, we don't like the job they're doing and we can't wait for elections in November!  The answer to any vote they put in front of us will be NO!  We don't trust's that simple.

Shame on Mark Dahlman for going along with this shady move on Gunner's part. I don't care what kind of sweet deal they made you. 

I know that the board has to have a public meeting before they can officially hire him back (it's in July) but what can the public actually do to prevent it, or is the meeting just a formality?

Pirate Mom

 Congratulations on your retirement, Mr. Dahlmann, and enjoy your summer.  You served the community well in your assistant principal position.

The school community should be grateful that such a perfectionist will head the high school!  So many changes have been made that you need an organized, intelligent man in charge.  Hopefully they will find someone to balance him the way he balanced Mr. Gasteier.

We look forward to more changes to come.