Resident: Child thieves stole 50 pounds of apples

Some thieves target scrap metal, some target jewelry and some go for cash.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 19, 2013


One local thief was apparently driven by a voracious appetite.

When a Wayne Street resident awoke Wednesday morning to find his unlocked garage had been entered, he noticed some miscellaneous change and a Schwinn mountain bike was missing, according to a Sandusky police report.

Also missing: 50 pounds of apples, two frozen pizzas and four bottles of Gatorade, the report said. The homeowner blamed neighborhood children, citing previous incidents in which bicycles went missing.


Colonel Angus

How do ya like them apples? Lock your $hi+ up genius.


you would think somebody would notice someone walking away with 50# of apples!! The other grocery items you could maybe say they were just coming away from the store but again - 50# of apples???? Come on!!! Not sure I buy that one


I'd not only lock up the garage but I'd keep a guard dog in there when I wasn't home or at least overnight. If you're going to keep valuable stuff in your garage, it's wise to keep it locked nowadays. Some people steal for a living.


I live in a town 1/4 of the size of Sandusky...we always lock our garage at night. That is what kids do in the middle of the cars and open garages. Wonder what SIZE the neighborhood kids are to haul off a 50# bag of apples!


Sooooooooo. Ladydye we lock our garages, but we don't lock the doors of our homes in our 1/4 the size of Sandusky town? So what I'm getting out of this is we value objects more than the safety of our families. and how many criticized others when they said "locking a door will help prevent people from walking into your home" Or and unlocked door is not an invitation to come in, ask any thief an unlocked door is their invitation.


They open up sheds and campers , too. there are always reports that vehicles have been entered and purses or cell phones or change stolen.

Leaving your stuff unlocked is like an engraved invitation. Lock the stuff up.

They will normally not try to break a window; it would attract to much attention.

This stuff goes on in every town.