Norwalk police to ramp up patrols by way of grant

Norwalk police plan to increase traffic enforcement in order to reduce the risk of crashes for the remainder of October, according to a news release.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 19, 2013


A grant will cover overtime for officers who target violations such as speeding, no seatbelt and other driving offenses in the U.S. 250 corridor, and along Ohio 61, Ohio 18 and U.S. 20.

The overtime is funded through a high visibility enforcement overtime grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.




FREE Gov't money

Where is the tea party when you need them?


“Free money,” courtesy of the Federal Reserve’s money printing (QE) and/or the Chinese.

“Course, the Gen Yers will get to pay the bill.


Next the chief will want a park dedicated to the police.Costing the tax payers even more makes a lot of sense.He says he needs more cops.For what so he can write more pointless tickets.During a drug explosion in Norwalk the chief wants traffic cops. Great choice.