Humane Society: Don’t dump cats

Humane Society workers said “Yes” when a Sandusky police officer asked them to take in three tiny kittens, named Kevin, Serena and Daryl.
Tom Jackson
Oct 18, 2013


But they often have to say “No” when people ask them to take in cats immediately, and they’re appealing to the public to understand.

Erie County’s Humane Society has two messages it wants to get out, said Barbara Hargreaves, the agency’s executive director:

One: Please don’t dump cats.

Two: If you see kittens in the wild and they seem OK, please don’t bring them in.

Sandusky officer James Ommert brought in the kittens Wednesday, and the shelter agreed to take them, as it almost always does when the police ask for help.

The 2-week-old kittens have to be fed every two hours. It’s hard to keep them warm, so Amy Wieber, the shelter manager, and Kristi Lovekin, the shelter intern from Bowling Green State University, have been carrying them around in their pockets.

Like most animal shelters, the Erie County agency does not have room for every homeless animal in the area. Shelter workers get frustrated when people dump cats on the doorstep after hours, in an apparent move to try to avoid the shelter’s waiting list, Hargreaves said.

“The people who want to bypass the waiting list, they find a way to get to us,” Hargreaves said. “Usually it involves dumping.”

When that happens, people on the waiting list have to wait even longer. As of Thursday, the waiting list had 105 names. Many are waiting to find room for more than one cat. The current wait is about three months.

“I’m calling people who called us in July,” Wieber said.

The 50-capacity shelter has 45 cats but is waiting for several more to be brought in.

Many people wrongly assume they should always take kittens to the shelter when they discover a group of them.

That’s just not the case. If the kittens have clear eyes and appear to be healthy, leave them alone. The mother cat is taking care of them and can likely do a better job than the shelter.

If the kittens have been crying for days, however, and appear to be in distress, call the shelter. Something may have happened to the mother cat.

If the shelter has a nursing cat, the cat will often can take on additional kittens, Hargreaves said. There are also foster homes that sometimes take kittens, although trying to keep them alive can be a grueling and thankless task.

The shelter lost a good group of foster parents when a batch of kittens died, one by one, despite the best efforts of the hosts. The foster parents told the shelter they could no longer deal with trying to save kittens.


Stop It

Better idea. Keep the cats in the house.


Fellow citizens, please do not feed the cats!! Cats have over-run our neighborhood due to people feeding them. They breed constantly, are sick and crap and die all over the neighborhood. These "feeders" "love" the cats! Really? Then keep a couple and have them spayed/neutered and give them their yearly shots. Be responsible!!

Nobody can help our neighborhood reduce the population. We've contacted everyone. Unless we trap them and haul them in, we are screwed!

Please Sandusky, get the cat population under control! Make people license them like dogs. Take the revenue and control the population!


Stop It is right: If you have a cat, take care of it. That means keeping it inside! If you don't want to take care of a cat, THEN DON'T GET ONE! It's not that hard, people...

LuvsPlant, some of us do the best that we can. We catch and neuter/spay feral cats when we can afford it. We adopt or give away the healthy kittens when we can catch them. But the problem isn't because some of us won't watch a living, breathing creature starve to death before our eyes. It's that for all of those we get off the streets, there's some monster out there who considers animals disposable and tosses them accordingly.

Do you REALLY want to do something? Work with people like me who are trying to put some teeth into animal cruelty laws in Ohio!


Hey, Humane Society, you didn't call ME! I signed up to foster kittens at your Fourth of July event this summer. I'll take these babies 'til they're old enough to adopt (and yes, I have plenty of experience with the really little ones). Please go through your volunteer lists before any more articles talking about shortages are printed!

Stop It


The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Thank you for doing that, Sam. I just took in a stray kitten myself. Now to get the other two to accept it!

Wait, aren't we supposed to be heartless teatards? Hahaha. Sorry, don't want to derail this message with politics. But humor does help situations like this where we feel badly for both kitties in need and a program that is doing what it can to help find them homes.


I know what you mean SamAdams, I have a 21 year old cat and he rules the roost. If I could take these little ones in I would be over there in a heart beat. I can not stand it when they leave kittens out on their own. I mean the people who put these little ones out. They should be shot at sun rise.


Don't hold your breath, Sam. Those people are arrogant. They don't think anyone is capable of helping no matter how experienced you are.


I personally have no evidence to suggest you're either right or wrong about that. But I sincerely HOPE you're wrong! I would note, however, and for the record: Still haven't gotten that phone call!

"The cat-human relationship dates back to ancient times."


I say feed them until more people complain and maybe they will round them up....The dog house in 700 block of Dorn Dr. you know the one that has 6 or more dogs and has a car that has been jacked up for 5 years the only way they can keep the car there he puts new tags on it every year stupid HUH be cheaper to fix it... the one that feeds all the strays that sit out in the middle of the road pooping in the flower bed, garden ECT.

he said she said

I had a cat that was an indoor cat. One day he decided he wanted to see what the big outside was like and ran out the door. He was out for about 4 days when I heard him crying. I went and got him and he didn't try that trick again. I guess the difference is that he was fixed and had his claws but he was so spoiled that his instincts were run to the food bowl every day and not to kill his own food.


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