Police: Man fights with child's mother, officer

A 25-year-old man arrested for attacking his child's mother faces additional charges for fighting with an officer, a Norwalk police report said.
Annie Zelm
Jun 1, 2011


A 25-year-old man arrested for attacking his child's mother faces additional charges for fighting with an officer, a Norwalk police report said.

Kyle A. Reed, of Norwalk, also attacked the woman's father, then later attacked an officer at the police station, the report said.

Reed attacked Emily Reitzel, 21, on Monday morning after accusing her of having marks on her neck, according to the report.

Reed was charged with domestic violence and resisting arrest — both misdemeanors — and he's also facing an escape charge, after law director Stuart O'Hara reviewed the case.

He remains in the Huron County jail on $5,000 cash bond and two other $5,000 bonds with 10 percent cash provisions, a jail spokeswoman said.



This story didn't make the Reflector?


Another mouth breather taking up our air.


If his father is from Wakeman, that would be par.


He is such a loser...can't stand him at all.  I hope they lock him up for awhile!  Such a good guy, did all of it in front of his son...he's always been a little "different", but he's completely lost his mind.  Wow...


Well at least he is in jail, if he lived in  Perkins Township they would just let him go and say ahndle it through civil court.  Hopefully he will stay there,,,,,and not sure were domestic violence is a misdemeanor. Hopefully this judge will give a protection order and the poilce will enforce it when he gets out...I just hate the local magistrates that handle these issues right away until it gets out of control...and espoecially when kids are involved...shame on all you of you......then everyone wonders why Sandusky area is like it is ...it is the police who do not want to take the time and the pompous magistrates who think they can rule your life based on teir personal opinion and not the law.

Just reading thourgh the last few weeks of posts, almost everyone one is of a domestic violence or attempted murder charge.(estranged husband)..ridiculous....it makes you wonder why these punks think they can get away with it...Oh that's right...police do not get involved with civil matters, and judges and magistrates let them.

Word on the street attorney's are getting really sick of the local courts and the difficulties they are having getting protection orders for their clients and children...time to get people that actually care about people in these positions to protect the kids.  90% of the time the violence will roll down to them.  Look how many have died this year already from a nut case going off mostly in a separation or divorce or marital pronbelms, and I am sure most of them had already tried to get protection...but could not.  Now SR you may want to start poking arounds the courthouse on this one and see the statistics. That would be worth your time....just a suggestions...but also talk to local attorney's and about all the problems they are experiencing.  Maybe even save some lives.