Huron students attend classes high, drunk

For the first time in years, administrators at Huron Schools are seeing a few graduating students show up at school drunk or high.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 28, 2011


For the first time in years, administrators at Huron Schools are seeing a few graduating students show up at school drunk or high.

"Every so often, toward the end of the school year, you'll have some seniors who decide to make poor decisions," Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox said. "With the activities winding down for the year, some of them just seem like they can't wait."

About two weeks ago, a 17-year-old boy was called to the high school office at about 8:10 a.m. to explain the previous day's unexcused absence.

When a school employee noticed the teen smelled like alcohol, the boy denied he'd been drinking.

"I'll even take a breath test," he told school officials, according to a Huron police report.

Police showed up and conducted a breathalyzer test, which indicated the boy had indeed been drinking. He was charged with juvenile delinquency by reason of underage consumption.

About an hour later, school employees grew suspicious when a 16-year-old boy appeared ill.

Administrators called the teen's probation officer, who tested him for drugs. The test showed the boy had used marijuana, so he was taken to a detention facility.

This past week, Huron police arrested an 18-year-old girl and charged her for underage consumption.



 must me the administration is showing up sober to notice


Not Huron??    Really?   lol


They must have been open enrolled kids from Sandusky.

Julie R.

Who amongst us didn't do at least one stupid thing when we were teen-agers? Some get caught but the majority don't.


 WOW!!! this is groundbreaking.  Never in the history of modern education have kids ever come to school stoned, until this moment.  We would never do such a thing when I was in school, we came to class everyday clear headed and eager to learn.  Sometimes our eyes were a little glossy, but that was from allergies.


T-B...... A lot of kids had allergies in my school about 15 - 20 years ago ! lol


Sounds like you were one of the dumba$$e$ in your class.  What do you do today?  Shovel horse manure?



Run an import export company from my computer, deposit rent checks, and vacation 8 months out of the year.


A few years ago, three or four seniors came to school the last day intoxicated and bragged about it.  They got caught and did not get to attend their own commencement and I agreed with that decision.  Some zero tolerance policies are ridiculous--this one, on the other hand, is totally appropriate.  Just because some people do it and get away with it doesn't mean schools should let it slide. 

yea right

some students making a bad decision????hahaha what a joke..better start testing the whole start at the begining of the school find out who is..remember them snobs can afford the "best"..lmbo


kids have been doing this for years! you teachers and school officals know what u look like when ur high, but they tend to think the kids just woke up or there having a long day. and god no not huron schools. maybe we should combine huron, sandusky and perkins schools!!!!


Some wealthy mommies and daddies claim no responsibilities for their children's dysfunctions.  If they have major problems with their spoiled brats they cart them off to military academies.  Meanwhile, rich mommy stays at home and is addicted to prescription meds, has a housekeeper and sometimes a nanny.  Some of the most abusive parents I've encountered are among the wealthy elite.  I grew up in a community of these dysfunctional people and feel sorry for kids who grow up with lazy, spoiled, wealthy parents.  Some of these parents are living off the inheritence of their wealthy parents.  It's a cycle akin to the welfare cycle.  These are the folks who abhor taxing the wealthy bcause it will cut into their country club memberships, their Mcmansion mortgages, luxury vacations, etc. 




Glad I grew up when I did, My dad made certain I knew how to drink responsibly when I turned 18, which was the legal drinking age for beer years ago, got a taste of his beer once in a while when growing up, maybe a glass of wine on holidays. By absolutely forbidding something it becomes more attractive, and then when they go to college or turn 21 it starts with binge drinking because they don't know how to drink. I also think that the penalties for this are so high at their age that a teenager will go all out, to the extreme because the penalties for a lot or a little are the same.

Yeah I did a little drinking my senior year, nobody was harmed by it, and I have gone on to be a productive wage earner, husband and father.

Chet Steadman 32

Sorry for partying.