Unemployment dives into spring

Things are looking better in the Sandusky area for people looking for a job.
Tom Jackson
May 24, 2011


Things are looking better in the Sandusky area for people looking for a job.

New unemployment figures released today show that Erie County's unemployment rate fell to 8 percent in April, down from 9.6 percent in March and 11 percent in April 2010.

Ottawa County's unemployment rate is now 12.6 percent. It's fifth in the state in unemployment, but that's an improvement over March, when the rate was 16.2 percent, highest in the state.


County              April 2011       March 2011          April 2010

Erie                         8.0                   9.6                      11.0

Huron                     11.6                13.5                      13.9

Ottawa                   12.6                 18.2                     13.7

Sandusky                8.6                   9.5                      10.8

Seneca                    9.4                 10.3                      12.1


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Taxed Enough Already

All this means is that more people are off of unemployment...doesn't necessarily mean they have jobs.


Many of those jobs are summer/seasonal jobs. Still good for those who "need" a job and "want" to work. When you need a job, anything will due, even if it is only for a while. NOTHING wrong with that.


make Adrienne's cookies to buy, and eat, dog food ...... good exchange?

Sue Meredith

2 words Cedar     Point


To the couple grumpy naysayers who have commented thus far:  Clearly nothing on this topic could ever be construed as good news to you.  You're in a very interesting and unusual position. You're venting the same negative comments as you would if this article reported news that was 180 degrees to the opposite (i.e. if unemployment rates had risen). 

One can almost imagine you grunting the following in classic Cave Man voice: Unemployment up? Bad!!! Unemployment down? Bad!!!   Of course, if the current rebounding economy would have happened while your party was in control, you'd be pulling up all sorts of "facts" and "links" to prove how the lower unemployment rate is a good thing.  Doesn't it bother you to be devoid of credibility?




Who cares who is in office when you are out of work?

Only you!

Thes rest of us know that $180 a week for 5 months is NOT going to support our families!

You are the one turning a blind eye to the situation because of your obama love!

Geez, get over yourself!


Great job Gov. Kasich for improving the unemployment slump in this liberal state!  You can turn this state around from a liberal, UNION, entitlement, welfare, reparations, crybaby state so business and manufacturing will RETURN instead of RUNNING away.  Of course, the usual liberals and UNIONS want more success exactly like Detroit and Cleveland.  If liberals can be totally miserable, they want everyone to be just as miserable and retched as they are.  If you liberals and UNIONS want success, MOVE to Detroit and Cleveland to SHOW them how it is done!   Obviously, the nation is WATCHING such outstanding leadership and FAILURE!  Ha Ha!


Taxpayer..I don`t believe the drop in unemployment is due to anything the Gov. has done. This is summer and that means many summer jobs.  I`m sure there are many people who wish YOU,,TAXPAYER would stop blaming the liberals for something BOTH parties have done..or not done.  And it would be nice if you would stop with the name calling.  YOU seem to have a big problem with excepting responsibility  for  ANYTHING.  Even when it comes to the Republicans or Tea Party. You don`t seem to ever see anything wrong with anything they are doing or have done.  ALL of  CONGRESS  is screwing Americans and America as a whole.  Congress has become the 21st century slaves to big corporations and the very wealthy.  They no longer work for "The People".

Captain Gutz


It was "summer"  at this very same time last year:

Erie                April    2011     8.0                              April  2010           11.0

What do you attribute a 3 point drop to?

brutus smith

 Obama's stimulus plan. 3.5 million jobs created or saved kept us from the 2nd Great Depression. People now are more confident because of this. 

Captain Gutz


Changed your name to FST?

Actually, these jobs are a direct  result of Kasich being elected. You keep asking where all the promised jobs are, well here they come.


$180.00 a week for 5 months isn`t much money at all,but it is more than a person would get sitting around the house earning NOTHING and living off somebody elses dollar while they try to convince those around them that they won`t work for less than $15.00 because they are worth more than that and you can`t support you family on less.   So I say, if you are a good parent/provider , and you need money to support your family, you will take that $180.00 a week job, do the best you can at it, and be thankful you were able to find a job. Period !  The days of getting something for nothing and getting paid good for doing little, are coming to an end fast.