Man insists on helping Nigerian scammer

An elderly man berated Walmart employees Sunday afternoon when they tried to stop him from wiring money to a likely Nigerian scammer.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 15, 2013


Employees were familiar with the 86-year-old Bogart Road man when he approached their counter at about 3 p.m., according to a Perkins police report.

Employees said the man regularly frequents Walmart to wire large sums of money overseas.

When the man stopped by on Sunday, employees lied and told him they were out of the money cards he uses for the transactions, the report said. The man then became irate.

He later told officers he’d been sending money to “Joseph” in Nigeria to help him fix his truck, the report said.

Employees estimated the man has wired $17,000 over recent months.

The man’s daughter said the FBI is investigating the case, as her father has wired more than $100,000 since 2008, the report said.



I guess you can't fix stupid!


Stupid? That's cruel. More like dementia.


Hey, can we get this guy's email address?

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It happened to my father, he almost was scammed, never letting me know what was going on and Western Union stopped him. Thank you Western Union employees, you are unrecognized first line for many that do not realize how these people can manipulate our elderly.

In this case it is sad, when he realizes what he has done he will be broke.


The trouble is that older people have not moved into the modern era. We still trust and want to help people. We still want to give rides to hitchhikers. We still want to feed the hungry. We still pray for all, both good and bad. Some of you are right. We are stupid. Some of us have dementia, and some of us are just naive.

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The Hero Zone

(Said in fun and humor having fond memories of my own grandparents that fit your description!)

This is why you have grandchildren or similar. You teach us how to care for others and be decent citizens; and we teach you not to open emails from banks or foreign princes/lawyers with whom you don't conduct normal business. Tech support for homemade cookies any day!