Vermilion monsters aid preservation efforts

All those bloodstained monsters roaming around in a field near Ohio 2 and Ohio 60 apparently have their hearts in the right place, even if they’re missing a couple of limbs or a few scruples.
Tom Jackson
Oct 15, 2013


Their efforts to scare people wandering through a cornfield maze help raise money for Friends of Harbour Town Inc., which seeks to restore and promote Vermilion’s historic district.

It’s the main fundraiser for the group, particularly as Vermilion’s fire department shut down a previous haunted schoolhouse attraction a few years ago for alleged safety violations, prompting the town’s ghouls to find a new home, said Diane Chesnut, executive director of the group. 

Want to go?
“Terror in the Field” outdoor haunted attraction.
• WHERE: Novotny’s Farm Market, 1809 State Road (on Ohio 60 just south of Ohio 2, across from the Friendship Gas Station), Vermilion.
• HOURS: Dusk to 11 p.m., Friday, Saturday and Sunday the last two weekends of October.

The monsters at the attraction have proven to be loyal supporters of the group, she said. “We just have a fantastic group of volunteers,” she said.

This year’s “Terror in the Field” is bigger and better than ever, said Jonathan Halliday, a Vermilion resident who runs the attraction.

“Our maze is longer,” he said. “We have a lot of dedicated kids. We have a lot of scary things running around, left and right.”

The attraction tries to offer a degree of realism that other attractions don’t have, he said.

“I do not believe in animatronics. All of our actors are real. Nothing is fake,” he said.

He said while some particularly scared visitors can run through in as little as 15 minutes, visitors who take time to savor the experience can get about 40 minutes of frightening fun.




Diane Chestnut's group is the same one that tore out the sidewalk stone on State St. months ago and moved it to "another site". The sidewalk is not useable since that time and it still has not been replaced or repaired. Did this issue get "swept under the rug"? And by the way, the safety violations at the school house are not "alleged". They are multiple real violations that they knew about for years including electrical, structural, standing water in the basement, etc. It was unsafe and a accident waiting to happen. As usual, don't let the facts get in the way of your argument Diane.