Getting things done

City of Huron making progress with projects.
Andy Ouriel
Oct 14, 2013


Huron’s vision for the future is beginning to crystallize.

City officials wrapped up a busy construction season this year, completing three projects›intended to offer recreational opportunities or improve safety.

All the initiatives circle back to Huron’s $9 million master plan — a decade-long blueprint aimed at luring businesses while also persuading people to stay and move into Huron.

The plan also calls for linking several city landmarks, parks and neighborhoods, with an emphasis on highlighting waterfront features.

Here’s a look at what Huron officials and area executives completed in 2013:

Lake Shore Electric Railway trail
WHAT: 1.25-mile concrete path for bicyclists and walkers.
• WHERE: The trail runs parallel to U.S. 6, connecting Woodlands Intermediate School to Huron High School.
• COST: $240,000, with $200,000 coming from Huron Township’s budget and $40,000 from Huron’s budget.
• PURPOSE: To create and promote more recreational opportunities for residents and tourists. The city’s new master plan also calls for added pathways.

• WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: “Nothing beats a bike path. (Huron has) created a pathway to ensure the safety of the kids, adults and anyone else riding out there.” — Bob Langenfelder, local bicyclist

Rye Beach Road near Sawmill Parkway
WHAT: Road-widening project to improve safety and accommodate traffic flow.
• WHERE: South of the Ohio 2 bridge, near the railroad crossing by Wendy’s.
• COST: $518,000, with $372,000 coming from grants and $146,000 coming from Huron’s budget.
• PURPOSE: Added vehicle traffic from International Automotive Components created a need for a wider road. In summer 2012, company executives agreed to increase its workforce by 24 percent — from 593 employees to 736 workers — and invest an extra $5 million into the community.

• WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: “The road (back then) isn’t wide enough or accommodating for tractor-trailers. It (had) been a challenge for employees to enter the plant.” — David Ladd, company spokesman

Pathway at former ConAgra site*
WHAT: 600-foot walkway along the water’s edge.
• WHERE: Off Cleveland Road East, north of River Road.
• COST: $146,000, all coming from a $2 million grant to demolish ConAgra and clean up the surrounding area.
• PURPOSE: The former ConAgra site is a key focal point in Huron’s revitalization. City officials plan to market the pathway when promoting the 10 acres to commercial, business or residential entrepreneurs.

• WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: “This represents a major milestone in providing public access and dedicated recreational space for pedestrians and cyclists.” — Andy White, Huron city manager



Nice town to live in.


Yes it is but the Section 8 apartments are attracting more scum than the Lake Erie shoreline...there a lot of druggies moving in & the amount of car / home invasions are escalating because of these dirtbags.


The car and home invasions were not from Huron residents. They were from other areas and have been arrested.

SoldOnAcorns need to get informed ;) 2 punks (Bott & Cherry...both Huronites busted for breaking into cars & garages). Both lived in the apartments on Berlin Road. 2 more junkies were arrested from the Krebs Cove apartments for B&E / receiving stolen property. These junkies moved to Huron & set up residence in these cess pool apartments. Breaking into cars by night & houses by day. The plague has arrived in Huron whether you want to believe it or not.


You are correct about that. I forget about that, my apologies. I was thinking of the ring from Lorain that was doing the same thing.


These guys didn't just move to Huron--they grew up there.


Very true. Noticed the trash upon a recent visit


Nice to see this article make the front page of the hard copy.

Hopefully the current Sandusky City Commission and 2014 City Commission Candidates read the article showcasing how a City Manager properly manages a city.

The Answer Person

Yes, things get done in Huron. They cARE about development. Why? Just ONE reason? How about they do NOT have the Waterfront Watchdogs?

One more thing. DUH...


Something was stolen from our driveway, private property, so we put everything inside. The thief/thieves are here folks and it's time to take off the rose-colored glasses if anyone thinks we are still a safe lake place.

Can anyone list the Section 8 housing locations?


These four dumps are metro housing
Erie Village - 201 Rye Beach Rd.
Krebs Cove - 620 Cleveland Road West
Heron Cove - 224 Welde Drive
Applewood (may have changed names) - 533 1/2 Berlin Road

Not sure on these but they seem to attract their fair share of losers !

Colonial Colony - 518 Cleveland Road West
Sandpiper Cove - 549 Cleveland Road West
Mallard Run - 729 Cleveland Road West
Lakehouse - 1375 Cleveland Road West


There are also the old units by Shawnee school. Don't know what they are called.


Thanks sold and informed. Perhaps this is why we're getting a Dollar General in the township. Have a nice day.


Um, even people with means shop at dollar stores.