Teen gun violence plagues Ohio cities

On average, a teen in Ohio’s capital city is a victim of gun violence every day.
Associated Press
Oct 14, 2013


The Columbus Dispatch reported state records for 2012 show more than 400 cases of Columbus residents under the age of 20 being shot, robbed, kidnapped or threatened with a gun. Columbus police statistics show half of the offenses were committed by other teens.

Dispatch interviews with youths found that guns are part of the fabric of some neighborhoods. In some, nearly everyone knows someone who has been killed by a gun. The sound of gunshots is common, as is the sight of guns tucked into waistbands.

“It’s expensive to let this problem just continue to go on and on,” said Deanna Wilkinson, an Ohio State University professor who has studied youth violence. “Maybe you don’t have to drive through this neighborhood or know any of these kids personally, but you’re paying for societal neglect of a problem.”

The violence is most frequent in areas of the city with issues such as poverty and vacant housing.

Young people across the state are at risk of gun crime, but it’s particularly a problem in its biggest cities. Statewide, 2,355 teens were victims of a gun crime last year.

The Dispatch reported Cleveland has the highest rate at 97 gun incidents for every 10,000 youths. Cincinnati was second at 95 per 10,000, followed by Toledo at 67 and Columbus at 39.



The only cure for this is more guns, right NRA?????

Erie County Resident

@rottedbrain if you actually read this article you'd see what it was saying.
The NRA?
Just when did they say all kids under 21 should have a gun?
This is one of the stupidest things you've said.
It says TEEN violence not adult violence.
TEENS can not legally own a handgun. You have to be 21.
Go back and whine to Bloomingidiot and the Brady Bunch about this to get some more propaganda they have to spread.

Señor Clown

Who wants to be the first to state the obvious and cite the FBI's uniform crime tables of age, race, and gun crime statistics?


16-19, black and living in the ghetto. Sound about right?


Sounds right!


I'm from Sandusky live and work in Columbus now. A coworker of mine was eating lunch in his car a couple months ago and a group on teenage kids were fighting outside. He said he watched for a couple minutes then saw a kid pull a gun out and shoot in the air. The kids are being involved in this type of violence because they can't handle things with their mouths or fists. This kid was willing too take a life over a dumb fight his friend got in too. Life means nothing too this kids/thugs down here. It is so sad.