Sandusky Transit shelters not on schedule

Riders prepare: Bundle up and stay warm when you’re waiting for a public transit bus in Sandusky this winter.
Andy Ouriel
Oct 14, 2013


Sandusky Transit administrator Thomas Schwan said shuttle shelters at four popular stops along the Sandusky-Perkins Area Ride Connection, or SPARC, won’t arrive until January at the earliest.

Various delays pushed back the shelters’ debut. Officials first projected the shelters would arrive in summer 2012.

The shelters should resemble bus stops found in metropolitan areas, such as Cleveland or Toledo.

A $68,000 grant will cover expenses for all four 5-foot by 12-foot shelters, each offering concrete floors, seating, a skylight roof and a trash receptacle.

To read about funding difficulties for the SPARC click HERE

“You want to make public transportation as good as possible for the public,” Schwan said. “There are a lot of times I see people standing out in the snow and rain, waiting for a bus. They need something to stand under.”

People can find the shelters at:
• City Hall, 222 Meigs St.
• Lawrence and West Madison streets, near Central Park.
• 1319 Tiffin Ave., near the Erie County Juvenile Justice Center.
• Buchanan Street and Hayes Avenue, near Firelands Regional Medical Center South Campus.



There is no excuse for the delay of shelters. It is a shame that projects cannot be monitored more closely. Allowing the general fund to cover the transit expenses is not acceptable and there should have been more planning to avoid taking $210,000 from the general fund. The city is robbing Peter to pay Paul all the time and coming up short on the budget.


maybe ard needs to get involved hey i have an idea let the city managers wait in the cold!!!! hey register how many cedar point empolyees utilized this bus during the yaer can you do a story on that maybe then we can actually see how many residents of sandusky utilize this bus


Why doesn't the article explain the delays?

If memory serves, the City has been talking about advertising on the side of the buses well before the announcement of the shelters in 2012. Talk but no action.