Bicyclist seriously injured in crash

Sandusky woman suffers life-threatening injuries
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 14, 2013


A Sandusky woman was seriously injured Sunday evening when the bicycle she was riding was struck by a car on Hancock Street near Madison Street in Sandusky, the Sandusky post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol reported.

Unique D. Powell, 24, of Sandusky, was driving south on Hancock Street at about 5:15 p.m. when her 2008 Pontiac G6 sedan struck the bicycle. It is unknown which direction the bicycle was heading, according to the report.

The bicyclist, Carol A. Christie, 39, of Sandusky, suffered life-threatening injuries, the patrol reported. She was taken by Sandusky EMS to Firelands Regional Medical Center, and then taken by Life Flight to St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo.

Powell was not injured. Her car sustained moderate front-end damage and was towed from the scene.

The crash is currently under investigation. Alcohol does not appear to be a factor in the crash, the report said.



Prayers go out to Carol, my aunt. hope she makes it through..


I saw Life Flight come into Firelands late afternoon. My thoughts and prayers are with Carol and her family.


Thank you.


Praying for your Aunt ....barkerb23


Thank you. family that are with her say she might not make it...


What an unfortunate thing to happen! I hope Ms. Christie is doing better today, and that, if this was truly an accident on the part of the driver of the car, she's doing okay, too.

With no details of what actually happened, it's impossible to tell if the car's driver was inattentive, or if the bicyclist was riding in a risky fashion. The truth is that I've seen several bike riders ALMOST hit (I almost hit one of them myself), and in those instances, the bike riders were either oblivious or asking for it (in my case, the bike rider decided to swerve to the other side of the street only feet in front of my vehicle -- fortunately, I'm leery of bikes and since my eyes were on him I was able to stop). On the other hand, how many car drivers are STILL texting? are STILL putting on make-up? are STILL picking something up off the floor?

Whatever happened, there are doubtless lessons here for everybody whether they're on a bike or behind the wheel. I just hope nobody is irreversibly affected because of it.


This is BY FAR the most mature, intelligent, unbiased and true comment I have ever seen on the Registers site. Thank you Sam Adams for restoring my faith in mankind. Prayers to all involved. I do hope Ms. Christie pulls through and makes a complete recovery.


I have to disagree on that one.


I think the Register should do an article about the rules of the road and bicyclists. I think both sides are unaware of the rules. As a bike rider myself, I find it pretty scary sometimes, and when I'm following all the rules, I've been yelled at, screamed at and had things thrown at me by drivers who don't realize the bike has as much right to the roadway as the car. On the other hand, I've seen people on bikes riding on the wrong side of the road, turning illegally, etc. as well. I think this could be a good informative article.


An article would be a good idea. However, I disagree with your assessment. It's called a road, not a bike path, for a reason.


It's a road, for transportation. According to the law, a bike has as much right to the roadway as a car and the Ohio Revised code recommends a person on a bike ride with the flow of traffic in the middle of the lane. Seriously. But that's why the article would be good, because the paper could clarify and the police could discuss it. It would be useful and informative.


roads are for all types of vehicles, not just yours.

Señor Clown

You can print articles all you want, but a good portion of people using the road will still be oblivious to the things around them.


true dat


I know that the rules have changed for autos since I was young, but I don't know about bikes. I remember at one time there was a law stating that if you were under 16 you had to ride on the sidewalk. If over 16, you used the road just as a car. Does anyone know if this is still the law? Prayers to all involved in this accident.


My husband and I were driving in Sandusky we saw a man riding a bike and in front of him his son. They wee on the other side of the street riding the correct way when the son decided to swerve right in front of us to cross the street. They both saw us... We were in a big truck ( hard to miss)... The kid kind of smiled as the thought it were amusing, the dad gave us a dirty look, like we were the ones to blame.
Bikes are going to be be seen a lot more I think because of the economy. I must agree... I think both vehicles and bikers need to be more aware of their surroundings.


Would be nice if they gave us some more information. like if she was crossing the road, or riding on it.


As far as I know the law has not changed that vehicles are supposed to give the right of way to bicycles and pedestrians for the most part and there doesn't have to be a sign. If we look out for each other, whether in a car or on foot or on a bike, we are all better off, don't you think?

Señor Clown

With well over a thousand miles spent riding a bicycle on public roads, I can say that my only close calls have been from people who don't stop at the stop sign / white stripe as required, but rather drive past the stop sign and brake heavily just short of cross traffic. If you understand what I'm referring to, you'll realize that you see it happen all the time. Otherwise, I attribute my survival to giving the right of way to those with the greatest visibility - automobiles. It is always easier for a pedestrian or cyclist to see a 4,000+ pound, 7 foot wide vehicle with halogen headlights approaching than for the operator of that vehicle to see the narrow profile of a pedestrian or a bicycle with a little reflector on the seat post.

Finn Finn

I was driving home for lunch yesterday. There was a man on a bike in front of me riding on the edge of the roadway like he should be. I came up behind him and slowly drifted over the center line to go around him - give me and him plenty of space. It was a residential street, 35 mph speed limit. I was going about 30. As I'm going around the bicyclist, a woman in a mini-van is down the street a ways, coming in the other direction, doing about 45. She sees me going over the center line, around the biker. Do you think she would slow down as she approached so that I could safely go around the biker and get back into the right hand lane with plenty of space for the biker? She didn't even have to step on the brake, just take her foot OFF the accelerator? NOOOOOOO. She just kept on coming. I think people who do this, particularly women, think "That car's over the center line in my lane. I have the right of way. If anything happens it's not my fault. To he!! with the biker, just as long as I don't get blamed for anything. I'm in MY lane."

What the heck is wrong with people who behave like that????