Plane crashes at Huron County Airport

The Cessna approached the Huron County Airport. It touched down. Then it shot over the runway some 200 feet and crashed.
Annie Zelm
May 10, 2011


The Cessna approached the Huron County Airport.

It touched down.

Then it shot over the runway some 200 feet and crashed.

The Federal Aviation Administration and troopers from the Norwalk post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol are investigating the crash that occurred just before 10 a.m. Tuesday.

The pilot of the plane, Thomas J. Farkas, of Middleburg Heights, and his passenger, Steve Giuttari, of Parma Heights, escaped the crash without injuries.



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Captain Gutz

If the drag strip would've got this property this tragedy never would have happened.


Re: Captain Gutz,

And if they stopped serving alcohol, then maybe all those people killed in tragic car accidents with drunks would never happen.


looking around

Preliminary FAA report say's Aircraft landed and went off injury........minor damage. Could have been a lot of things, cross wind,  Brake hanging up on one side, touch down off center line, excessive nose wheel shimmy,just to name a few. Transitioning from flying to ground steering is a practiced discipline and pilot or non-pilot if you were not there you don't have a clue what happened. I know very few pilots who have not made a landing they felt they couldn't improve on from time to time. Only those who have mounted alone into the realms beyond the reach of keewee and modock truly understand.


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