Minimum wage going up 10 cents

Ohio’s minimum wage is going up 10 cents to $7.95 starting on Jan. 1.
Associated Press
Oct 11, 2013


The Ohio Department of Commerce on Thursday also said the new minimum for tipped employees will be $3.98 — a 5-cent per hour increase.

The state minimum wage is adjusted annually because of a 2006 voter-approved amendment to the Ohio Constitution. Increases are linked to inflation. The minimum wage jumped 15 cents at the beginning of 2013.

The Consumer Price Index for urban wage earners and clerical workers rose 1.5 percent during the period used to calculate wage increases.

The 2006 changes require wages for non-tipped employees be rounded to the nearest five cents.

The state wage for employees at small companies and 14- and 15-year-olds is tied to the federal minimum wage, which is $7.25.




And with the Federal Reserve 2% inflation target, min. wage workers will still be in the hole and losing even more ground.


Go back to school Winnie, and get out of your min. wage job.


@ 44846GWP:

And you would "cure" the loss of buying power of the USD how?


He would only end up with a massive amount of student loans and be in the same boat.


Re: "massive amount of student loans"

So you're OK with U.S. taxpayers being responsible for over $1T in student loan debt why?


Relax, Contago. I'm not ok with it and agree with you! 2% is the target but you have to factor at least 3%, no. Another real problem is students racking up six figure plus loans for worthless degrees that would be impossible for them to repay even with a decent job in their chosen career field......and the schools are the ones allowing it.


$8.00 an hour. 2 people making that in 1 household could get by pretty good. As long as they had their priorities in line.


And never had a car break, had a baby, or wanted to retire some day.


I agree.

Pterocarya frax...

And live with their parents.


.....and get lots of help from the government!


If they have reasonable rent, no car payments or credit cards maybe. If they are extreme couponers or extremely thrifty. If they don't have a house full of kids, don't care about cable or ever going out and enjoying themselves. Then and only then.

2cents's picture

Yep, been there done that! That is what motivated me to better myself. For 5 years I lived out of a envelope book, splitting up my pay check and placing the monies into each envelope to pay rent, cat, electric and so on. I typically have $25.00 in play money left each week. Today people just wait for assistance!

Dr. Information

So when is cable or having kids or running up credit cards a must? Priorities and the ability to support them. That is what is lost in this nation, hence the huge "entitlement" attitude.


Let me guess, you have none of the above?


so true eriemom


Find a couple of folks making the minimum and donate your extra money to them. They will appreciate it. Step up and help them.

Dr. Information

yeah kurt you constant complainer. give some of your money to someone making min wage, help them out or are you unAmerican?


Here' a thought, why not "give" them a good job?


If your telling me $16.00/hour at 40 hours a week is bad. Thats 2 people at 8 bucks. The people at KBI and Ford seem to be doing OK on that. Keep working and put a little away every week. If your car breaks take the bus. I think the city charges $1. And there is nothing wrong with getting more education even at a trade school.


Guess you've never taken the bus. You probably are among the "greediest generation". Enjoy your government backed pension and ample inheritance, er uh, thanks for working so hard.


That is only little over $33,000 before taxes and other deductions (like insurance, 401K). If you are just taking care of yourself and live in a dump and have no car, then yes, you can live okay on that. If you have a child or two, you can't even afford braces on that, let alone a car, college, etc.


woohoo! $4 more a week! Let's get half a pizza!


Well grump, did what you told me. Sort of. So far I only helped 1 out. Spent the night with a single mom......wait for the delete. 10,9,8,7......


Congratulations on doing something right. Makes you feel good doesn't it? the more you do things like that the less you will feel the need to advertise the fact.


Re: "So far I only helped 1 out. Spent the night with a single mom......"

He hired her for minimum wage? :)

Min. wage IS the topic right?


She probably does ok if you consider time spent!

KURTje got me on alert here? Read between the lines. She & I didn't sleep much......


"She & I didn't sleep much...." Only because it took her most of the night to pluck all of the hair on your back ;)


So you gave her some extra money and spent the night, wonderful, I am sure you paid more than minimum wage... did you spring for paying a "living wage"?


Speak for yourself - bet you're cheap. She & I both got the maximum + she got a bonus! Don't be mad because your last time was during the Kennedy Administration......durrrr

Dr. Information

her bonus was what 4 inches? pathetic.


"Speak for yourself - bet you're cheap. "

Don't know if I am or not. What is the going rate?

"Don't be mad because your last time was during the Kennedy Administration."

Since I was 5 when JFK was elected and 8 when when he was killed...


Damn you old! No offense.


None taken. I have done much with my time so far, family, travel, work, hobbies, military, charity, learning, reading, hunting, friends, building, still doing... hope you do what you want with your life. You only get one.


I see both sides of the coin. On one hand, $7.95 an hour isn't a lot. However, it all depends on where you are working. If you are in New York, doing fast food, you won't make it. If you are in Mississippi, doing the same job, you might. However, I also see that a lot of younger people just want the good things in life at an early age. I remember just being married and eating baked, boiled,and fried potatoes every night. Meat was for a Sunday dinner, and then you got one slice. There was no such thing as "eating out". Then the kids started coming and we had to pay for our hospital bills ourselves. No SNAP, no WIC, no child care credit, no nothing. We made it.


Good luck staying healthy. A crainiotomy costs a little over $100,000 without insurance.

dorothy gale

Ten whole cents? Wow!

AJ Oliver

I'm glad I worked hard back in 2006 gathering signatures to put the min wage increase on the ballot. A decent min wage is overwhelmingly supported, even a majority of republicans. I'm just sorry it was not more - Min wage in Australia is $ 15, and New Zealand $ 13. When people work hard, they deserve a living wage plus health care & retirement. A better world is possible.


Dont spend all that in one place. What a freak'n joke!


Hmmmmmm a 10 cent raise and your Obamacare insurance just went up $300 a month, some how don't think that is gonna equal out.


Grump...check who was being addressed & check the time I posted. S.R. changed the post order but not the time. A Clowntango was being addressed. And to the Dr. Your female relative knew I was 4" thick?


I don't feel the need to try to sort out your posts when you won't use reply and only answer using Add new Comment when you reply to someone. I just don't feel you are special enough to bother doing the extra to do that. The only way to do so would be to pay attention to the times of the replies and then hope no one edits their posts. You are not worth that much effort.