350 guns surrendered to police melted

Hundreds of firearms surrendered to Cleveland police during a gun buy-back program won’t ever be used again as they have been melted at a steel plant.
Associated Press
Oct 10, 2013


The Northeast Ohio Media Group reported more than 350 firearms were dumped into a furnace with about 200 tons of molten iron on Wednesday at the ArcelorMittal plant in Cleveland.

Cleveland police collected the guns in June in exchange for gift cards and other incentives. The firearms turned in to police included antique revolvers and sawed-off shotguns.

Police chief Michael McGrath said the steel plant has melted more than 8,000 guns in the last seven years.


getit right be4...

Thats ok the good folks at Ohioans for Concealed Carry, open carry.org, and Northeast Ohio Carry saved almost all the firearms that where in good working condition.

For the most part everything that made it to the police for there gift cards was scrap metal. What a waste of tax dollars.

Darwin's choice

"Cash for clunkers.."


It would have been better if they would have use Wayne LaPierre's hot air to melt the guns...

Erie County Resident

Spoken like a true Bloombooger/Obambot Anti 2nd Amendment sheeple.
You also a member of the idot U.N. Gun Grabbers Club for 3rd World Countries?
As your waiting for the police to arrive and make a report while your laying there being stabbed, shot, and or raped just be thankful you choose to not to be able to defend yourself.

Darwin's choice

Kentucky bred troll. Coasterfan is Obama's biggest cheerleader.


Typical lib gun-grabber hypocrisy.

Self defense killing with a gun= bad

Killing another human being in a blast furnace because of differing ideology= good.

If you want to know what is wrong with American society today, look in the mirror coasternut.

The Bizness

I love how a conservative calls a liberal a hypocrite no matter what the argument.

I don't think Coasterfan ever said that killing people in any way, shape, or form is a good thing.

I think you should look in the mirror knuckledragger, you are spitting out hate just as much as the next guy.


As usual!


As usual, still swinging from the nipple.


How is that? Coasternut is the one advocating throwing Wayne La Pierre into a blast furnace. Show me one hateful part of my post. I look in the mirror every morning and like what I see. I may disagree with you and many others ideologically on this site but one thing is for certain, I have never wished anyone dead regardless of their stance on an issue. Libs throw around the hate word too much. Just because I disagree with you, sometimes vehemently, does not mean I hate you as an individual. I have friends of all stripes, and that includes some of the most liberal people you would ever meet. In fact, we get along great because our differences keep the friendship interesting. LOL

The Bizness

I was using the word hate as a figure of speech, I am sure you don't really hate anyone that is posting on here. (At least I hope not)

I can't speak for coasterfan, but I do not think that he meant literally placing Mr. LaPierre into a blast furnace.


I'm sure he didn't, but let's say I inserted Bloomberg into the sentence instead of LaPierre, I would be relentlessly assaulted as some rightwing nutcase that wishes to see people murdered. I would even go as far as someone making the attempt to insinuate my comments were anti-semetic because Bloomberg is Jewish. See the double standard? Nonetheless, I do enjoy your posts. Even if we disagree, which is often, at least they are logical and well thought out. Unlike some posters, I can at least understand where you are coming from.


You don't have to admit it but anyone and everyone on here clearly knows your views. It's always libs this or libs that and you have made awful comments about blacks, muslims, gays and whatever the topic du jour is. You always twist one's words to the extreme. You put down those that need help yet you have received help. Please don't act as though you joined the military just to go to Irag or Afghanistan. That is just not the case and you know it. I have a friend that is very similar to you and needs to be reminded of his own ways. I just think it is wrong to judge those less fortunate because they are less fortunate. Also there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with being liberal. Look it up! There is also ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with being conservative. Everyone is not rich, well educated or born with the silver spoon thing and we all need to accept that.


Nice rant. Again, you don't have a clue as to what you are talking about. Shall I remind you that you never served and certainly are not in a position to make assumptions as to ones motivations to join, let alone complete a 20+ year career in the military. Since most people join at 18 or 19, I doubt many are motivated by going off to war and defending the country. I can assure you that most people who make it a 20 yr career certainly don't stay because they are motivated by the extremely high salary (LMAO). Most lifer's as we call them stay due to a sense of patriotism and service to their country. Someone who has never served, doesn't know nor understand it. To coin your words, you don't know what it's like to be a career military member when you haven't walked in their shoes. I'm sure your friend enjoys someone putting him in his place that hasn't a clue about military service. Besides what does being less fortunate have to do with gun violence and gun buybacks?


Truth hurts I guess. It is not a rant when it is true. You are right, I have never served and discouraged my kids to serve. The military historically has not been kind to minorities or women. Spare me with the patriotism bull. Nice try, wrong guy! Your military service just does not impress me. So you served, good for you. I am allowed to have my own views about the military and I do. I don't put down those that volunteered or were drafted but it has never been appealing to me. The gun buy back program is suppose to get guns off the streets, NOT all guns! Only an idiot would assume that is the objective. Americans love guns! Why complain when those guns end up in the wrong hands? It's the world we live in but the buy back program is only there to address the problem not solve it. When you are less fortunate some tend to survive the best way they know how. No, it's not right but it is true!

BTW: my friend never served either!


You deserved the rant. Your original post on the subject was baseless. Your comment twisted what coasterfan wrote.


Nice job of editing your post to make it seem as though you said nothing wrong, too late though, you already made it clear that you wished to see LaPierre thrown in the furnace. Hypocrite.


Maybe they should melt the thugs as well.


Good one.


"Guns don't kill people. PEOPLE kill people."

Those words have become so overused that they've become a joke. But that doesn't make them any less true! Please, anti-gunners, show me ONE incident where a gun grew little legs, escaped a house, and shot an innocent bystander all on its lonesome!

The problem isn't firearms. It's a thug culture that's not only growing, but is also growing in acceptance. Rap music glorifies it. Neighborhood kids look up to it. Parents apparently couldn't care less. And yet guns get the blame. No, thanks! Without a gun, how do you protect you and yours from those who DON'T turn theirs in for a Wal-Mart gift card, eh?

At least most of those turned in were effectively junk. What a waste to dispose of a tool and call it done. Next time, let's melt down the burglar's lock picks and pretend we've solved the robbery problem, shell we?


Cleveland has been doing the gun buyback for years and it has done little to nothing to stop gun crime in that city. Just another feel good measure to make people feel like their city government is doing something about the violence.


Rap music does not kill people. Who have you been listening to? You guys are never happy. How is getting thousands of guns off the streets and out of the hands of criminals a bad thing? Do you really think law abiding, legally registered gun owners turned in their guns for a Wal-Mart gift card? SMDH!!!


The guns being taken off the streets in these buyback programs are not the ones in the hands of criminals. In fact the FBI crime statistics show that the number of crimes committed using a gun in Cleveland is increasing. So tell me how well the gun buyback program is working? Have you ever attended a gun buyback? When you turn in a gun not only do they run the serial number to see if it is a stolen gun, the person turning it in has to present ID, which they will run a check on to see if they are legally in possession of the gun. Do you honestly believe a felon is going to show up to a group of police officers and turn in guns? You can't be that ignorant. So yeah, the only ones turning in guns are people who are legally allowed to possess them. SMDH!!!

The fact is gun buybacks don't work, and there are even studies, including one done by Harvard University to back it up. I don't expect you to read any of the links though because evidence means nothing to a person who believes anything they are spoonfed by the left.



The Bizness

Guy buybacks are definetely not the way to go about things, they are just a feel good. I agree with KnuckleDragger on that.

There is nothing wrong with being more liberal or more conservative as long as both compromise and meet in the middle. If we would just work together to reduce government spending, reform the tax code, and pay off our countries debt this whole craziness in the government would go away.


Tell us what is the way to get 8000 guns off the streets! What is the definite way to go about it? I have friends that have been to gun buy back programs and it was a no questions asked policy. Only a clown would show up with ID and a dirty gun! DUH! I agree, we do need to reduce spending, reform the tax code and deal with the debt but not solely on the backs of the poor. Lots of rich people get hand outs too! We did not get in this mess in 8 years so why expect it to be solved in 8 years? It has to be fair or things will only get worse.

The Bizness

I don't like guns as much as the next guy, but the buy backs just do not work. I don't think they do any harm either. I personally want nothing to do with guns, and will never allow one inside my home(Yes I know that may put me in danger, but it is my choice). I wish there was a way to make both sides happy on the gun control debate, but I just don't see it. If there was a way to do away with the gun problem, we would no longer have war or violence.

I agree with you on the other issues, but our debt problem was going on long before Clinton and Bush were in office.

Stop It

Why when you shake your head, do you damn it, deertracker? You hate your head? Bang it into the wall.


Even if the guns collected were damaged I like the idea. Damaged guns could harm people I would suppose.

@The Bizness: Your too rational. The gov fighting is political in nature. It's tough to be anti-government and then turn around and vote for government.


....or run for office!