Paving the way at Lions Park

Pathway should be completed by the end of the month.
Luke Wark
Oct 9, 2013


Employees of Newcomer Concrete Services, Inc. out of Norwalk work swiftly as a group to lay, distribute and smooth out the cement path around Lions Park in Sandusky on Tuesday.

The bicycle and pedestrian walking path is part of the ongoing Lions Park improvement project which has included the new playground, splash pad and restroom facility.



All that concrete and still the worst entrance drive and parking lot in the county.

I like the idea though.


Ed you are doing a nice job watching other people work.


Can't wait to watch people swim in the raw sewage.


Kind of like Birchwood Dr. when it rains too much!


Now if they can figure out how to get rid of all of the mosquitos down there, it will actually be a nice place to picnic!


Anybody know if this job is done yet? I wish the city would fix the driveway at the splash pad. Something has to be done with the drive and make a larger parking lot at the splash pad.