Officer arrested for nude photos of teen

A Cincinnati police officer was arrested Monday on allegations of receiving nude photographs of a 17-year-old girl taking part in a department program for teens interested in becoming police officers, authorities said.
Associated Press
Oct 8, 2013


Officer Darrell Beavers was also charged with improperly using a city apartment and tampering with evidence after the teen’s father complained about him last month.

Beavers was released on his own recognizance. Attorney Carl Lewis said Beavers maintains his innocence and will plead not guilty but declined to comment further.

The teen was a member of the department’s Police Explorer program, which police Sgt. Julian Johnson said Beavers was not involved in. Johnson did not know whether the teen remained in the program.

Beavers was put on unpaid leave following his arrest and would be fired if convicted, Johnson said. Prosecutors said he could face up to eight and a half years in prison.

In addition to the accusations involving the photos, Beavers is accused of using an apartment for free after saying it would be used as a police substation and destroying a cell phone after learning he was being investigated.



His last name is Beavers and his Sgt's last name is Johnson.

Peninsula Pundit

Sad but True,bob.
There's more and more news of late how law enforcement is abusing the trust and goodwill the public has been placing in them this past decade.
It's harder to find heroes in this day and age, so we just make some up.
Soldiers and police and firefighters are no more heroes than the guy who runs the snow plow or stands at the school crossing or operates a refinery.
Any of us could be called on to be heroes in a moments' notice.

What makes a hero is how we decide to act in that moment.

Darwin's choice

Exactly right! Respect is earned, not given!!


Case closed he said he's innocent no need for a trial.