Mailboxes smashed by snow plows get quick fix

Ann Mutz twice noticed a Perkins Township snowplow go postal on her mailbox along East Strub Road.
Andy Ouriel
Apr 25, 2011


Ann Mutz twice noticed a Perkins Township snowplow go postal on her mailbox along East Strub Road.

When the township's highway department learned of the damage, workers immediately rushed to Mutz's house to repair the mailbox.

If a county, township or city vehicle damages your mailbox, you can call the political entity's highway department to request a new one:

* Erie County engineer's office: 419-627-7710

* Perkins Township highway department: 419-609-1433

* Sandusky general services: 419-627-5984

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Sure you can request a new one. A new plain stup looking one even though they damaged an expensive NICE one that you had. This is bullcrap! We bought our mail box paid for a nice one only to have the freaking snowplows break it EVERY winter. We dont want your ugly generic mailbox. If you break one you should have to replace it with what was there or at least pay for the price of it!!! just another way the city can screw ppl over...


They drive too fast, I think some of them just see how many boxes they can tear up!


How about fixing the HUGE pot holes on East Strub Road.  I know of 4 people who have got bent rims in the last week out there.


We even MOVED our last mailbox BACK further from the road just so they wouldnt hit it this year and those a$$holes hit it anyways!!!!


These folks should feel fortunate that the services are willing to replace the box at all! Our township doesn't and we have to replace a box at least once every winter (have learned to settle for the cheapies). Many times it's not the actual plow that takes out the mailbox, it's the force of the snow being pushed by the plow. Not much the drivers can do to avoid that, except not plow the side of the road the mailboxes are on.


I saw a pretty smart idea as I was driving this past weekend. A couple of people took big plastic flower pots and filled them up with concrete and mounted their mailboxes on a 4x4 in the pot. It looks like when the force of the snow hits it, it will lean over or fall over instead of breaking off. It looked like it would work to me. Just an observation.


I understand that if you use concrete or rocks, anything that would injure someone hitting it, you can be held liable for injuries.  Since the wooden poles break they are not as likely to injure someone. 


Good Observation Cracker!!! Also a good Idea so long as it works. Sometimes, as a last ditch effort, you just need to learn how to out think the offenders. I could never do their jobs, nor would I want to but I have witnessed many times as well as been the victim of near accidents due to them plowing snow so fast it throws blinding snow onto your windsheild. Also had a friend whose parked car was side swiped by a plow who never stopped. He was told there was nothing could be done. Damages were his to deal with.

Tool Box

Metal post with spring works for me......................................WINNING!


First off,if you know your mailbox is going to get taken out every winter, then you should know better than to spend a lot of money on one so quit crying because they won`t replace a pricy mailbox.  Mine was either hit by snow , plows ,or was hit with a baseball bat by kids very often throughout the year. So what I did was had a solid steel mailbox made. It was fancy and looked better than any store bought ones. I then had a steel post welded to the bottom of the mailbox and  the other end was welded to a 12 inch heavy duty coil spring  (like the ones that go around a shock absorber). Then   another 12 inch steel pipe that got cemented into a cut down 5 gallon bucket that was buried in the ground.  That was almost 11 years ago and it is still standing and looks great. The plows have bumped it and blasted it with snow. It pushes over but pops right back into place. Kids have broken a few baseball bats on it too. So instead of spending a lot of money on a fancy mailbox that you know will be hit, spend your money wisely and do like I did and never have to worry about it again. 


I understand that the snow may knock over or  break mailboxes, but roads being plowed is a service we receive.  I don't believe the townships/cities/counties should replace them for you.  You always have the option of paying for a PO Box instead of having your mail delivered to you residence for free.