Inmate attempts to break out of Sandusky Co. jail

Alleged escapee caught in nearby drainage ditch.
Jessica Cuffman
Oct 6, 2013


A Sandusky County jail inmate scaled a basketball hoop Wednesday to enjoy 10 minutes of freedom.

Duncan Moor, 21, was quickly caught and arrested, earning him a charge of escape.

Video surveillance footage from the jail shows Moor, clad in orange jail garb, pulling himself up on a basketball hoop in an outdoor recreation area at about 12:20 p.m., then climbing to the top of the backboard so he could reach a narrow gap between the concrete walls and a fence.

“He was a real acrobat, sliding though a narrow opening,” Sandusky County Chief Deputy Bruce Hirt said.

Moor made it to a drainage ditch next to the facility, where he was spotted by other jail inmates who were working outside as part of a county program, Hirt said. The inmates pointed out Moor to their supervisor, Deputy Shane Kluck, who quickly arrested him.

Detectives are trying to figure out exactly how Moor escaped. The video footage is partially obscured in that part of the outdoor recreation area. Detectives are interviewing other inmates who were outside in hopes of figuring out what happened and whether anyone helped him in his bid for freedom.

Jail workers have sealed off that part of the recreation area to prevent any future escape attempts.

“It’s being taken care of to make sure anything like that never happens again,” Hirt said.

Moor was first booked into the jail Sept. 30 on charges of burglary, forgery and possession of dangerous drugs. He appeared in Fremont Municipal Court Thursday and entered a not guilty plea to the escape charge. His bond is set at $40,000.



Pretty sad that all he had to do to escape was climb a basketball hoop -- sounds like some renovations are in order.


Not with my tax dollars!


LOL who else would pay for it?? We're already paying for their food and entertainment -- might as well pay to keep them locked up ;-)


Yea and the sad part out it , is that the jail isnt all that old , I say take a good look inmates ,cause you wont get the chance if it were up to me , They would be in lock down and stay on lock dow til the Courts release them ,andI would take the hoops out of the jail , Guess this gives a whole new meaaning to playing hoops


well now they do need their exercise. he just took it a bit too far. this will get a new camera installed and they will move the basketball hoop or take it out altogether. and maybe there will be enough $ leftover for grammar lessons for Mr. Hirt:
“It’s being taken care of to make sure anything like that never happens again,” Hirt said.


Don't jump the gun here, it's the SR. The reporter could have put in the wrong word.


Ha ha ha ha ha, the other inmates ratted him out! I love it! What happened to brotherhood?


It seems like he should have been in some sort of lockdown after escaping once. Also, brotherhood among inmates? Crap like that is why jail seems to be pointless. Criminals learn how to get better at breaking the law. Take away the bullshit basketball courts and make them do manual labor. That's exercise. If they wanted to have fun, they shouldn't have broken the law.


Kmf, he has been moved to prison, and he only escaped once.