Republican Women sponsor dinner at yacht club

The Erie County Republican Women are sponsoring a dinner at 6 p.m. Oct. 16 at the Sandusky Yacht Club, 529 E. Water St.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 6, 2013


For $19, payable at the door, guests will receive homemade lasagna, house salad, rolls, California blend vegetables, a beverage and dessert.

The group has also scheduled Jeffrey Reutter, director of four programs at The Ohio State University, to discuss Lake Erie’s blue-green algal blooms.

All are welcome to attend. Reserve a spot by Oct. 10:

• Call: 419-626-4395.

• Email:



Global warming, AKA God's Will, won't be addressed.


Nor will robbing banks be addressed. I can probably name thousands of things that won't be addressed.


Yes, thousands of things not related to global warming wont be mentioned. Or, probably, fertilizer runoff. We all know, global warming + fertilizer runoff = algae bloom. For the Republican Ladies its God's Will.


Dinner and algal blooms just don't seem to mix. Also the Republican women are to blame for something; most likely just having a dinner in order to have the chance to dress up and go out. I hope the Fashion Police will be there.


Rob Portman's stance?

There you go again

Wow, what is wrong with bloggers here?

The Big Dog's back

Repubkican women? All 3 of them?


And they are some great looking repub women on Fox who will be there!


Don't be too sure. A lot of the undereducated are Republicans. The states with the lowest HS and college graduation rates are Red states,


You have proven the lack of education for your group, and continue to do so every time you post a comment.


no they're frigid and there are no babies unless adopted from another country.


Are you sure 8ball?


If in fact they only had three members that would be three times the number of friends piddle puppy has....

Kottage Kat

Make that 4

The Big Dog's back

3. I already counted you.

There you go again

I bet if Obama pays for your ticket, many of you nonRepublicans would attend! Am I right? The Democrat dinner is probably Obama-sponsored and no charge........

Peachy Keen

I consider myself a Democrat, and I just ate at the Yacht Club last week. I paid for my own meal. I'm sure the Democratic Women of Erie County don't get their meals paid for by Obama anymore than the GOP ladies get theirs paid for by Speaker Boehner. I don't know why any woman would want to align her beliefs to a party of 19th century-thinking male Neanderthals who seem to think they should control women's health rights, but hey, if the Republican Women of Erie County want to have their meeting at SYC, then why should I care? They have as much right to meet there as anyone else. I swear, the Register only put this little notice online to stir the pot and generate more silly, juvenile comment threads.


I wonder if the Democrat cooks will spit in their food.




barack HUSSEIN obama makes me feel Peachy Keen