County’s care facility gets new name

Commissioners vote to broaden home’s appeal.
Andy Ouriel
Oct 6, 2013


Goodbye, Erie County Care Facility.

Hello, The Meadows at Osborn Park.

All three Erie County commissioners agreed to change the name of the county-owned nursing home located in Osborn MetroPark off East Perkins Avenue. The change went into effect Thursday.

Commissioners chose the name after they and other nursing home employees brainstormed titles for weeks. “We wanted a name that was more appealing,” Erie County commissioner Bill Monaghan said. “We are going to try and do things that make it more pleasant for our residents out there.”

A name change, however, is hardly the only new aspect occurring at the public nursing home today.

In June, commissioners voted 3-0 to let Continuing Healthcare Solutions, a private firm, run daily operations at the nursing home.

The company manages dozens of nursing homes in Ohio, employing thousands of registered aides, nurses and support staff.

The county is funding $120,000 a year, with mutually agreeable renewals, to provide support staff for nursing home operations.

Commissioners needed professionals overseeing nursing home operations to reverse its financial standing.

The care facility has been among Erie County’s greatest fiscal burdens. Since 2002, the nursing home has lost $3.5 million and borrowed an additional $2.1 million from a county fund, according to financial data.

The nursing home business model is similar to a hotel’s: Finances suffer when beds are empty.

About 110 of the home’s 130 beds are occupied today — up from about 104 earlier this summer.

“There has been a lot of challenges at (The Meadows),” nursing home administrator Lori Opfer said. “I have been aware of the challenges for the last several years. But now you have a corporation that has regional marketing, nurses and other nursing home experts that can lead (The Meadows) in the direction that it needs to be in and make it financially successful.”

By any other name ...
Erie County commissioners changed the name of the Erie County Care Facility to The Meadows at Osborn Park. Here are some other options they considered before settling on a new name:

• The Crossings at Osborn Park

• The Pines at Osborn Park

• The Gardens at Osborn Park



The name is a nice change. I like it.

Clark W. Griswald

Its still a dump no matter what you call it

Fibber Mcgee

A rose by any other.......
So what is the benefit to the county????????

The Answer Person

Why not "Shady Pines"?


The money pit at Osborne! So how much is this going to cost? New signs... changes to stationery...


I guess I would change names because of the ratings they are getting from the State. Changing names does not fix the problem.


You can put lipstick on a pig;
but it's still a pig.


Why change the name, most will probably die under Obamacare long before they need to reside here. Or maybe we will need more due to extended wait times to receive treatments.

The Answer Person

You wouldn't know truth if it spit in your face.


No matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it's still a pig. Sell it for the needed funds for maintaining county buildings and then there is no need to increase the income tax on the working class.


Isnt this the place were a worker was taking money from a patient there? Changing the name isnt going to change the way things are done there.


Las Vegas, huh?


UNBELIEVABLE!! Name changes are so expensive. Isn't it funny how many times the gov't changes the names of their agencies. You don't see a lot of private entities changing their's just because of the expense. Hey what does the government care, they don't earn it, they just steal it from us.

Julie R.

Corrupt Erie County should not be allowed to run a nursing home.


Does anyone who is posting comments even have anyone who lives there? My brother lives there and I have not seen anything but loving, caring, pleasant, hardworking individuals. Everyone I have come in contact with has been very helpful and kind. Don't judge the place because one employee took money. Working with the elderly and disabled is challenging and just plain hard work. I have gone there on many occasions and it is always well-staffed and clean. This place was an answer to prayer for my family to have a safe place for our loved one.

Julie R.

It's not the "loving, caring, pleasant, hardworking individuals" that are at fault, it's the county itself. The jokes at the courthouse (like their attorney friends) have about as much respect for the elderly in this county as they do the law, which is zilch and then some.

Once again, as corrupt as Erie County is, they have no business at all running a nursing home.


And once again, I am thankful my brother has a nice safe place to live. Have you ever tried to place someone? Everything is out of reach pricewise. These people went above and beyond to help us.


It's not just one employee. My dad was also a resident and upon his passing we went to gather his belongings he had a Pittsburgh steelers jersey that disappeared and also he had money that also disappeared amongst other things he always said someone was stealing from him.


Unfortunately these incidents happen everywhere. I doubt you could find one facility where this doesn't go on. People steal from anyone they can, and the elderly and disabled are sometimes easy targets. That is sad.