Halloween decoration grabs attention

Brothers in Lorain add elaborate pirate ship to house
Associated Press
Oct 5, 2013


Halloween has run aground early at one northern Ohio home where a pirate ship jutting out from one side of the building has passing drivers doing double-takes and stopping to snap photos.

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The builders added peeling shingles, twisted gutters and scattered bricks to create the image of a two-story wooden ship's bow crashing through the Lorain home between the garage and front door. WEWS-TV in Cleveland reports brothers Ricky and Tony Rodriguez spent about two weeks building the elaborate decoration, topped by a pirate's flag and costumed skeletons manning the deck.

Ricky Rodriguez's wife, Marlene, says the rubble was realistic enough to catch the attention of a building inspector who was concerned that the family had damaged the house and was amazed to learn it was all decorative.




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Erie County Resident

Pretty cool setup guys.
Good job.

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They have reignited ship building in Lorain : )