Man exposes himself to girls

A man exposed himself to a group of middle school girls Saturday during a cross country meet in Vermilion, according to Vermilion police.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 4, 2013


Members of the girl’s cross country team were making their way through a wooded area behind the high school at about noon when some of the girls noticed a man standing in the trees, police said. The suspect was in his early 30s and cleanshaven, but that was the only description offered.

When the girls approached, the man allegedly pulled his sweatpants down and exposed himself to the team, officers said.

When the girls finished running the course and told their coach about the run-in, almost an hour had passed. By that time police had little to work with, officers said.

No other similar incidents were reported in recent weeks.


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"By that time police had little to work with, officers said."

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