OGT preparation concerns parents

School officials field questions at community forum about state tests.
Alissa Widman Neese
Oct 4, 2013


 A crowd of high school parents grilled Sandusky Schools officials Wednesday night about the district’s ability to prepare students for state-mandated graduation tests.

The Ohio Graduation Test, a five-part test all students must complete to graduate, dominated the 15-minute question portion of the hour-long gathering. It was the fifth of seven planned community forums with Sandusky Schools officials this fall. About 50 people attended.

Some parents said many students don’t know they haven’t met graduation standards until just weeks before the district’s graduation ceremony.

Sandusky Schools offers tutoring and a summer “boot camp” to help students pass the Ohio Graduation Test as early as possible, starting in 10th grade, superintendent Eugene Sanders said. If they’re still taking the test the final time it’s offered, however — in March of their senior year — the state doesn’t typically finalize results until mid-May.

State officials first instituted the Ohio Graduation Test in 2005, replacing a ninth-grade proficiency test. Students first take the five-portion exam in 10th grade. If they don’t complete a section with a high enough score, they can retake those portions two to three times per year before graduation.

Sanders stressed his staff doesn’t “teach to the test,” but instead strives to teach students valuable skills to prepare them for college and their careers. Those skills should also allow them to pass the Ohio Graduation Test if they take it seriously and seek help when needed.

He suggested parents monitor their child’s grades using PowerSchool, an accessible online grade book. The district’s leaders plan to host future meetings to teach parents how to use it effectively.

The district’s 2012 graduation rate was 85 percent, while the year prior it was 77 percent.

In 2009, the state approved an education reform bill declaring the Ohio Graduation Test needed to be replaced. A new evaluation system is expected in the 2014-15 school year, through a gradual, phase-in process.



Hate to criticize, but this article needs proof read. I'm not trying to bash the SR, just want to understand the entire article.

"About finalize results until mid-May."

"the state doesn’t typically should also allow them to pass the Ohio Graduation Test if they take it seriously and seek help when needed."


Much better. Would be nice if they edited before they posted, though.

Jason Werling

brassman, somewhere between putting it online and it posting the words were jumbled. Alissa fixed it, but the blame lies with me on the original posting. If this happens too many times in the future we will start to issue Secret Society decoder rings from Little Orphan Annie. 


LOL A decoder ring would have been helpful.




Poor Ralphie

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

Somehow when this article was transferred online a few sentences became mixed up. I've edited it to reflect the print version, which doesn't contain these errors. I apologize for the confusion. I'm not sure how that happened.

And yes — I passed my OGT on my first try. Thanks for the concern.


"If they’re still taking the test the final time it’s offered, however — in March of their senior year — the state doesn’t typically should also allow them to pass the Ohio Graduation Test if they take it"......WHAT???????? Come on, I KNOW you write better than this. I think you took out something and forgot to edit properly.

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Alissa Widman Neese

Please see the above explanation.

My Opinion is...

Proof reading issues aside - my husband attended this forum and had questions regarding other issues and he couldn't ask his questions because the OGT obsessed parents wouldn't let up


My question was always if they pass it the first time as Sophomores, why do they continue to require them to take it. Seems a waste of MONEY in cash strapped schools. You need to pay for the tests these kids take. They take these tests SO MANY TIMES! If they pass it why do they continue to take it???? I also question why are they still taking it when they KNOW that in the 14/15 school year the requirements are going to be changing and it will more than likely not be used anymore? Another waste of money? If this will be a non-issue come next school year why bother ? Better tell the teachers to change the lesson plans....because this is ALL they worry about..the OGT.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Once the student passes a section, the student does NOT take that section again. There are some students who don't pass a section/sections and keep taking it every time it is offered until they do.

44870 South

what are you talking about????? The school doesn't require students to keep taking the test once they pass it? There are 5 sections to the test. Just because they pass one, doesn't mean they don't have to pass the rest. To answer your question, they are STILL TAKING IT because until it is replaced by the new mandated test, the state REQUIRES them to take it. Teachers have to continue preparing students for the OGT until it is completely phased out.


What district does that? At Perkins, once you pass you don't have to take them again. Some don't pass all parts of it and just have to retake the parts they failed.

44870 South

No district does that. Ladydyedye is obviously clueless.


Does this surprise you after all her husband was in the military.


OH BOY..... Wait until next year! Apparently in the 2014/2015 school year a sophomore student will be administered the PSAT in October, the OGT in March, and the 'pilot' PARCC End of Course exam for certain core classes in May ....