Ohioans can now enroll in Obama’s health care plan

Ohioans can now start shopping for health insurance that’s a key piece of the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 2, 2013

The new law requires almost everyone to have health insurance. With Tuesday’s launch, consumers are able to search for health coverage options.

Ohio is leaving it up to the federal government to run the state’s health insurance exchange where people can buy coverage.

Health care providers and other organizations that serve the poor will be out promoting “Obamacare” to 1.5 million uninsured Ohioans. But some groups in the state that received federal dollars to hire people to walk applicants through the process say it will be weeks before they’re ready.

Consumers have until mid-December to sign up if they want coverage by the first of the year.


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Step away from the urinal! You're being polluted!


Re: "For the LAST time"

Good thing for you that Obama☭are hasn't affected Medicaid YET huh?

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The Hero Zone

If I remember correctly, deertracker, this law (which probably wasn't even read thoroughly by those who passed it due to its massive scope) was along strict partisan lines, rushed through with all kinds of closed-door antics like Kucinich's flight on Air Force One that magically convinced him to vote for it, and on top of that in order to squeak it through it was resolved as a budgetary item - not a traditional law. Well, what happens when a budget hasn't been enacted in years? On top of that the Supreme Court upheld it as a tax.

So it is a budgetary/tax law and by no means are those safe. Look at the "Bush Tax Cuts", etc. How many people constantly tinker with the budget and taxes? But, it is subject to it because that is how it was passed. Rushed through, misunderstood, and not wholly explained to either constituent or Congress member.

I, for one, wouldn't be as opposed to it if it wasn't done in such a shady-deal kind of way. If this legislation was TRULY historic, groundbreaking, and actually good for the "millions of uninsured" then there should have been no problems taking time to make it right. Instead, we are left with this lemon of a law that, even if it DOES benefit people, has them scratching or shaking their heads.



The point is Hero is that like it or not it is the law. If the Cons had their way there would not have ever been enough time to get it right because they were and are against it. Do you want your employees to be healthy or sick and unable to work? Do you want them to have access to care that will in turn benefit you or your business? Nothing to my knowledge is perfect but for a country that claims to be no.1 in everything I think it is time to act like a no.1! This law is helping people. Americans claim to be so intelligent and brilliant yet sometimes they can't even see the forest for the trees!

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The Hero Zone

Deer, be very careful about your first sentence. I remember but months ago the rage some had over the legal innocence that George Zimmerman obtained after his trial. I also know there have been many lemon laws passed over the years. Prohibition wasn't just a law, it was a part of our Constitution for a while until people realized how horrible it was.

I am way more upset at how this tax was implemented instead than I am about its content. You just don't sneak legislation that affects 310+ million people through at the eleventh hour through non-standard procedures. Doesn't that seem shady at all to you? Aren't you upset that there is so much ignorance about a tax/law that WILL affect EVERYONE in this country?

Why don't we just help people by giving every American citizen $100,000? That certainly helps people. That's rhetorical, of course. I'm trying to make a point without using contrived examples because I know you and I are capable of a good conversation.

As for us being Number One? Here's my reaction. The whole clip is worth watching, but I want you to especially focus on 3:10-7:38 if you would like, in others' words if I can't be taken at my own, what my general point of view is. I will warn that there is a f-bomb in it, but it isn't (in my opinion) untasteful:


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hzero, the debate about healthcare has been going on for 40+ years. There were no surprises.


"Under the law, health insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to someone with a pre-existing medical condition and cannot impose lifetime caps on coverage. They also must cover a list of essential services, ranging from mental health treatment to maternity care."

Only in Obama☭are economic fantasyland is it possible to have no pre-existing, expand covered benefits, increase the number of insureds and have lower premiums!

Premiums for health ins. will eventually rise for everyone.


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This is all about racist CONservatives trying to destroy President Obama's signature legislation. Think I'm B Sing, watch this.


Liberals are so butthurt about the shutdown. :)


JudgeMeNot is another dumb ass who has nothing to say but repeating stupid slogans.

America is being hurt , dumb ass.

Ned Mandingo

BObama care is a scam that the insurance companies paid a lot of money for. Enjoy the screw job sheeple, you wanted it.


Proof ?

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Democrat Harry Reid tells reporter "why would we do that" when questioned about helping a cancer stricken child! Coasterfan's brethren!!

You should be proud of your party.



You should be proud of YOUR disgraceful party.

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Azzhat. Unlike you suckling's, I don't "belong" to either.

Again, dodge, deflect, defer. Reid is an old fool, and another of your leaders. Can't dispute that video though, eh azzhat? You are proud of failure.


What party do you belong to ?

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It doesn't matter what "party" I do or don't belong to, your party fool has put all of your party's feet in their mouth's! Reid is another sorry assed, sour old bat, who needs to go! Your non-answer and deflecting the question is so typical of you! By the way, suck azz, have you signed yourself up for the "affordable insurance" yet? All you loud mouth democrat's extolling the benefit's of "Obamacare" should shut your mouths until you have!


" Your non-answer and deflecting the question is so typical of you! "
..................Same to you, idiot troll.

You haven't evolved much.
How does that taste ?
Is that " choice" to you Darwin ?


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Ever the azzhat. You can lick under big dogs tail forever, and never get the taste of Obama out of your mouth.

So, again, what about Harry Reid?


Trying to lure me into a useless and irrelevant argument?

I knew that was Contango's ass that you have your nose buried in-- you sound just like him.

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see the post's below for you....

Read that coasterfan, big dog, deetracker, and shizzle, you're a bunch of turd polishers,trying to convince everyone how to pick one up by the "clean" end......

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"On the first day of the “shutdown” of the federal government, when members of the U.S. Senate were going to the well of their house to point out that the shutdown would prevent the National Institutes of Health from starting clinical trials for cancer patients and others facing possibly terminal illnesses, the administration was giving $445,000,000 to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, according to the Daily Treasury Statement.

That means PBS NewsHour, National Public Radio and Sesame Street got a taxpayer subsidy during the shutdown, but not would-be cancer patients at the NIH.

The $445 million the Treasury handed over to CPB was more than the $119 million the Treasury paid on the first day of the shutdown in interest on U.S. government debt that is held by the public. It was also more than $171 million in Social Security benefits the Treasury paid that day."

Go democrats!!! Keep polishing!!

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You can dispute the video because it wasn't shown in it's entirety. Hmmmmm, imagine that.

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Ok, clingon, play it any way you'd like, the man is a democrat moron.

So, get your family signed up yet, hypocrite?


Like the commie symbol....always thought he might be 1.

Concerned For A...

Ha, lower "affordable" premiums...Has anyone thought about the ridiculously high deductibles? What about all the extra tax involved? There are nurses being laid off everywhere, private practices being shut down, jobs being lost by the minute, but Obamacare is such a great addition to America. Do people think its crappy of these doctors shutting down, yes, but it don't change that it is happening, and that it affects the availability of healthcare across the globe people!!! You are now going to wait much longer for care you need. It may not be immediately, but you will see it happen. People paying for private insurance are feeling the pinch already by higher premiums. They may not be able to deny you coverage for a pre existing condition, but boy I bet you'll pay for that condition! It isn't just about people making 250,000 plus a year, that is lies. The middle class is going to suffer horrible from this. Our chief is acting like a 5 yr old refusing to talk to the republican party. While the shutdown loomed, he goes golfing. While he sits back and laughs at everyone trying to struggle paying for a 5,000 dollar deductible before their coverage begins, and the government rakes in money from these low premiums. This doesn't seem so affordable to me. Good luck finding the level of care you need, and have fun jumping through hoops trying to get medically necessary procedures without giving up your first born. Out of pocket cost for medical devices is going to be higher now, so hopefully mom, dad, or grandma can afford that pacemaker they need to stay alive. I bet a majority of people who support Obamacare either already receive Medicaid, or have private insurance that won't be affected, so they think. Or they are in denial, that they have elected the worst president in the history of America. Some people just can't stand to be wrong!


I don't know if my low premium, very high deductable umberlla heath care policy will even be offered when the ACA takes affect. I do know that my wife's Platnum insurance, that I tag along on will be tagged with an additional tax, same as many trade and other unions policies. That is why many unions have changed their minds about obamacare... they don't want to pay on their quality insurance policies... You see them trying to get exemptions and/or trying to get gov't to give them money to pay the taxes. We are seeing more and more about what is in it.

Pelosi was right you have to pass it so we can see what is in it... but like when you pass a turd, you really don't want to be tearing it apart to see what all is in it. It is enough to simply know it is a turd.

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My insurance is also going to take a significant hit, around 35% from what I'm told. All these unions are laughable, trying to un-ring the bell! Sorry boys, you asked for it, you've got it!

Your Pelosi/turd comment is spot on.

Read that coasterfan, big dog, deetracker, and shizzle, you're a bunch of turd polishers,trying to convince everyone how to pick one up by the "clean" end......


Best analogy of the year!!!


Read some of the comments on the Obam☭are Facebook page.

The posters (using their REAL names) don't seem very happy.


Democrat-Progressive-socialist-Obamabots, this boondoggle is goin' down in FLAMES.